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   Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 09:23:45 -0600
Subject: Rudolf Hess

Trying to find some "centaurean explanation" for the life of Rudolf Hess, I found the following:

Moon = 16,19 Capricorn
Ascendant = 17,16 Cancer
True Black Moon = 16,16 Capricorn

In other words, he was born at the exact hour and minute when the Moon was at its apogee, in exact conjunction with the true Black Moon. (The birth data is April 26, 1894, 10 a.m., Alexandria, Egypt and comes from Richard Nolle who cites Janey Bessier, 1988 D=AAA. Louis Rodden AstroDatabank has 10:00 AM LMT with source of: 'Heinz Specht quotes Hess' astrologer, Serge Wronsky.')

Now, quoting myself here:

<<the apogee or the empty focus of the lunar orbit is a purely lunar realm.  It is not in contact with anything.  It is only the Moon per se, in isolation from everything else...>>

It is interesting to see how well this describes the last 45 years of Hess's life, living alone in a large prison where for the last 21 years he was the only inmate. I would like to use the biographical sketch from Louis Rodden's Astrodatabank, which she posted to another list a few months ago:

<<Hess was imprisoned and tried in November 1941, given a life sentence.>>

---This came as a result of his secret flight on his own initiative to Scotland, out of his delusions (Hitler called them "pacifist delusions") . The flight took place at 5:45 p.m. on May 10, 1941, from Augsburg. This was exactly the midpoint or main axis of his life. The mathematical midpoint dividing his life in 2 halves happened December 21, 1940. At the time of his flight, the Moon was almost exactly at perigee, inverting the pattern at birth:

Moon = 10,52 Scorpio
Apogee = 12,54 Taurus

continuing with the bio sketch:

<<After 21 months in a Nuremberg prison, he spent 41 years at Spandeau.  He wrote prodigiously about the Nazis and the war, convinced that he would play a leading role in the "Fourth Reich. He initially goose-stepped down the corridors of Spandeau, snapping the Nazi salute.  After an initial period of rages and bouts of persecution mania, Hess settled into a routine of numbing regularity.>>

--The Black Moon as the place of fantasy and dreams can be seen here. From my notes that I wrote here some time ago:

<<As part of the "emptiness", this empty focus is also the place of dreams, the garden of desires, the pot at the end of the rainbow, the "impossible dream", the "primal mate", the twin-soul, etc... but this place is very, very dangerous... it can devour you like a whirlpool!...>>

Apparently, this impossible dream for Hess was related to the utopic "Third Reich". Now let's finish L. Rodden's summary:

<<His days started with an hour of calisthenics, breakfast, a walk in the prison garden, lunch, an afternoon of reading and television (he was banned from news programs).  For a half hour each month, he was allowed a visit from his wife and son; no touching was permitted.  For the last 21years, he was the sole inmate of Spandeau.  After four suicide attempts, he strangled himself with an electric cord on 8/17/1987, age 93.>>

At the time he was found dead (14:10 GMT):

1181 Lilith = 18,06 Cancer
Black Moon = 19,52 Cancer
Ascendant at birth = 17,16 Cancer

From any angle that we see it, this is a dramatic case.



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