Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 13:37:13 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] "Born Free" - Joy and George Adamson

Centaurs and similar objects are very good significators of wild animals, especially when they get in touch with us.  I would like to explore this case, with the little information I could gather in the Web

On February 1st, 1956, after having had to shoot a wild lioness that attacked him, George Adamson brought home 3 female cubs; he and his wife kept one whom they named "Elsa" and sent the others to a Dutch zoo.  When Elsa was 3, they decided to teach her to live by herself in the wild.  She gave birth to three cubs: Jespah, Gopa (male) and Little Elsa (female).  Elsa died January 24, 1961.

Her wife, Joy Adamson, wrote the best-selling "Born Free" trilogy (1960-62) that told the story of her relationship with Elsa and her cubs (made into a movie in 1966).  She was born Joy Friederike Victoria Gessner in Troppau [now Opava], Silesia on January 20th, 1910, and was murdered in Northern Kenya on January 3rd, 1980, by one of her collaborators over a question of money.  Her cremated remains were scattered on the graves of Elsa and the cheetah "Pippa", whom they had raised after Elsa died.

Her husband, George Adamson, on whose diaries the book was based without recognition according to his friends, was born in Etawah, India, in 1906 (sorry, couldn't get the date), and was murdered August 20, 1989 at Kampi Ya Simba (camp of the lions) in Kora, by Somali poachers.  ("Kora" was an isolated and almost uninhabited region of desert 402 kilometers North of Nairobi, the only place where the Kenyan government would allow them to keep their lions).

Although their relationship had been strained some time before Joy's death (they separated in 1977), they never abandoned their life in the wild and their work with the wild cats.  I would like to quote the following commentary in this respect:

<<Even with the offers and opportunities that came with fame, Joy and George Adamson chose to remain in the wilds of Kenya.  They continued to care for and study the animals that had become their life's work, living in this harsh and isolated environment amidst wild and untamed predatory cats.  Their unfortunate deaths at the hands of humans, motivated by simple greed, makes for an ironic contrast.>> -- taken from: - Vayu's Cave [Profile - Joy & George Adamson]

I would like to comment very briefly on some specific Venus positions that come out examining this. Venus is the "treasure of the heart", the object of affection, and it seems to indicate Joy's very personal and intimate bond with Elsa and her cubs.  As was the case of Dian Fossey of "Gorillas in the Mist", it was said that she got along better with animals than with humans, and like her, she was murdered.

All dates are taken as noon GMT (no angles and no Moon), and precession is calculated for convenience from the date of Joy's birth.  Only the conjunction and the opposition and 1-degree orbs are used.  I will use 4 dates: 20 January 1910 (Joy's birth), 01 February 1956 (she meets Elsa), 24 February 1961 (Elsa dies), and 03 January 1980 (Joy dies):

Venus at birth = 0,50 Pisces (12h UT)
Varuna at birth = 1,11 Pisces

This position may relate to their pioneer work of protection of endangered animals and re-adaptation of wild animals to the wild.  Consider how strong is the bond of affection between the animals and the people who raised them, and how hard it is to "let them go", as when you have to severe bonds with a loved one.  Joy was a painter of wildlife and a musician, an artist.  The strong bond of love between a human and an ill-fated species can be seen when the centaurs enter the picture:

tr. BU48/Alastor when she met and adopted Elsa = 1,16 Pisces
tr.  TL66 when Elsa died = 0,46 Pisces

The feel that I get from this position of TL66 is related to what I call "a higher synthesis of life and death".  You are blasted or devastated by the death of a loved one, but this loved one is not a person or a pet animal: it is the representative of love and nobility united with the cruelty of wildlife.  This, I think, is the BU48 signature, while TL66 "takes it away" and potentiates (expands, "spirals" ) the pain as well as the bliss of having had that gift of love fulfilled.

The retrograde LE31/Melanippe (Jupiter-Saturn crosser) has an interesting presence:

LE31 at birth = 1,58 Virgo
LE31 when she met Elsa = 0,51 Virgo (at its own return)

This suggests that LE31 is the smaller-scale cub herself.  The retrogradation of LE31 suggests the dynamics: from the wild, Elsa was taken as a little cub-lioness to Joy's home after her mother had been killed, but was returned after she grew up enough to have her own offspring.  Her death-stricken short life --something normal in Africa's wildlife (the transneptunian world)-- had "touched" Joy Adamson (Alastor-Venus), the artist, painter and conservationist of the wild (Venus-Varuna).

comments, additions, and corrections are welcomed.



Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 17:13:20 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] "Born Free" - Joy and George Adamson

<<it is conj Asbolus within minutes and square the node:
2001kx76 5:30:10 Virgo sr
Asbolus 5:31:24 Virgo rx
Node 6:10 Gemini>>

This natal picture includes TF35 in 6,05 Virgo.  When the lioness Elsa died, we find:

Node = 6,03 Virgo
Pluto = 6,55 Virgo

And when Joyce died, the large plutino EB173 was there, in 6,44 Virgo.  I was leaving this for later, since I am not sure how to interpret the lunar nodes.

If someone has experience interpreting the nodes, the help will be greatly appreciated.

We have therefore that the death of Elsa marked Joyce's planets like this:

tr.  TL66 and Vesta conjunct natal Venus
tr.  Node/Pluto conjunct TF35 (square Node).

It is always so difficult to separate the different objects and find out what each of them is doing... which is why it is so important, as far as I am concerned, to differentiate between the way of acting of an orbit (e.g. TL66 and Vesta above), so their meaning will not overlap.  For example, Vesta could be seen as the emblematic sphinx-like figure of Elsa, to whom a sort of altar in Joy's life is built, as if she became the symbol or the incarnation of something sacred, of a "consecration" in her life.  But it is TL66 what sweeps Venus away unto the boundless and the highest...


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