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Subject: Greta Garbo

We know that Garbo's "glamour" may have been only an image, something made up by cameras and film. Maybe. But she became an enigma when at 36 she retired completely from the world and lived a secluded life until she died at 84, in 1990. Britannica says of her: <<Her talent, her great beauty, and her indifference to public opinion made her career unique in the history of the cinema.>>

Her Sun is in 25,09 Virgo (Sep.18,1905 19:30 CET, Stockholm), while Pluto, in 22,44 Gemini, could be considered "rising" from the cusp of the second house, since she she has the Ascendant in 5 Gemini and no more planets in that sign. So maybe this separating Pluto/Sun square has something to do with how she handled her life and decided to live in seclusion.

But when the centaurs are included in the chart things become more clear. Her natal Pholus is in 27,57 Virgo, so that the Sun is half-way between the separation from the Pluto square (2,25) and an applying conjunction with Pholus (2,48). Such a lone-wolf she was.

Nessus is in 20,51 Pisces, a little farther, but still in opposition to the Sun. However, if we use the "true" Nessus point with latitude, we find that the opposition is exact. Greta Garbo's Nessus and the Sun culminate simultaneously, only 0.8 minutes of time from one another. When one is above the other is below and viceversa. And when Pluto culminates the Sun rises with a difference of only 0.9 minutes. This is what the "parans" or "paranatellonta" are about.

Nessus is then a very important part of Greta Garbo's enigma.

I find it shining that when she retired in 1941, the progressed Sun was making the conjunction with her natal Venus (35.77-36.49 yrs). So she was able to let her own most intimate values rule her life.

There are also some revealing midpoints in her chart:

Mercury/Chiron = Moon (0,13)
Moon/Chiron = Sun (0,04)
Sun/Jupiter = Chiron (0,49)

(this Chironic aspects may have to do with her very special talent, and also with the unexpected talent for comedy she had shown)

Sun/Pluto = DW2 (0,11)
Sun/Nessus = Pluto (0,16)

(the "dark side" of Greta, a great profundity, a deep inner conflict, seld-denial, isolation, self-defeat, but also the will to live beyond all triviality and superficiality, to face and hold her primal "I" whatever the consequences)

Neptune/Pholus = Venus (0,05)
Pluto/94TA = Venus (0,31)
Chiron/CU26 = Venus (0,23)
Venus/Pholus = CU26 (0,06)

Venus at birth is in 19,56 Leo, in exact square with the Moon in 19,58 Taurus. This was her special "erotic" charm and sensuality. But look at the centaurean overtones of her Venus! And since she retired when the progressed Sun was conjunct her Venus, I wonder what her love life was. She never married or had children... this is not a happy thing for someone with Moon/Venus in exact square, such a charming little child!

What centaurean light and darkness... Anybody can illuminate?



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