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Subject: Kahlil Gibran

Khalil Gibran was born in Bsharri, Lebanon, the 6th of January of 1883 (time unknown). At noon GMT, I find:

Sun = 15,53 Capricorn
1995GO(=8405) = 17,18 Cancer

Mercury = 25,57 Capricorn
Nessus = 26,25 Cap

Clearly, from his writings, one doesn't perceive anything remotely related to revenge or the like, but an extreme delicacy and awareness of the vulnerability of existence, very Moon-like. His Moon, at noon GMT, is 11 Sagittarius, probably conjunct Venus in 8 Sagittarius, which would account for the sweetness and lyricism of his style.

Some quotes from a biographical sketch of his translator Anthony R. Ferris (1953) might help us understand the above aspects:

<<Sometimes one has the feeling that the emotions expressed were almost too deep for words, which seem to be wrenched from him reluctantly at the agency of some compulsive force within him>> [could this be Mercury/Nessus?]

<<The note of sorrow that appears so frequently in the poems, stories, and letters of Kahlil Gibran can be traced to the frequent misfortunes that befell him in his youth. In April, 1902, his sister Sultana died; in February, 1903, his brother Peter passed away while in the spring of life; and three months later he lost his mother whom he loved to the point of veneration.>>
[transiting Chiron conjunct his Sun - opposition 1995GO in 1902-1903. He had left Lebanon forever in 1902 and had come to live in the U.S.]

<<Gibran was rather timid and unsociable; he shunned the company of his friends and neighbors in order to be left alone to devote himself to reading and meditation. As a boy, he spent most of his life reading, writing or drawing. If the other children succeeded in engaging him in conversation, he would tell them strange things which they could not understand and led them to believe that he was an odd child.>> [could this be 1995GO?]

He died in New York April 10, 1931, without being able to return to his beloved Lebanon, when the Sun was in 19 Aries conjunct Nessus in 20 Aries. In his letters of 1930, when he was already sick, he had written:

<<I am unable to shout, and this is my very ailment; it's a spiritual ailment whose symptoms have appeared in the body... And I say to you that I shall be cured, and I shall sing my song and rest later, and I shall cry out with a loud voice that will emanate from the depth of my silence.>>

<<I was born to live and suffer and to say one living and winged word, and I cannot remain silent until Life utters that word through my lips...>>

<<Pain, my brother, is an unseen and powerful hand that breaks the skin of the stone in order to extract the pulp.>>



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Subject: Re: Odp: [Centaurs] Kahlil Gibran

>From: "Piotr Piotrowski" <>
>Time: 04:30 LMT (02:06 GMT)
>Bsharri (36E01; 34N15)
>Quelle: Lexikon von Taeger, Band 2, p. 637

Thanks a lot for this time. This puts the Moon in 6,18 Sag applying to Venus in 8,47 Sag, which fits well his mellowness and "venusian" style, as well as his abilities for drawing Nadia mentioned. It also puts this Venus exactly on the Ascendant.

However, until I know where the information really comes from, this time is just a speculation to me. Astrological collections that do not state the source are notoriously untrustworthy, unless of course one knows exactly the documentary source of the time information.



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