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Kevin Carter and the Sudanese Girl
Astrological commentary by Juan Antonio Revilla

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 14:26:29 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Kevin Carter and the Sudanese girl

On March 26, 1993, the New Yor Times published a picture that was soon to be in newspapers all over the world: an emaciated Sudanese girl, almost dead of starvation, and a vulture waiting behind. The photographer was Kevin Carter, born September 13 1960 (from Britannica Book of The Year 1995) in Johannesburg. After receiving the Pullitzer Prize, Carter killed himself on the night of July 27 1994 in Johannesburg, around 9 p.m.

In the following, positions are based on the March 26 1993 date, and precessed accordingly. I use for reference 5 a.m. EST (10 GMT). There are many connections between the 2 dates, and I can mention only some of them. There may be others more interesting that I haven't seen.

He was born with an exact Sun/XX143 semi-sextile:

      Sun = 21,08 Virgo (12h GMT)
      XX143 = 21,41 Libra

When the picture was published in the New York Times the 2 were in perfect square:

      Sun = 5,46 Aries
      XX143 = 5,43 Cancer

As if the picture of the dying girl and the vulture waiting in some way triggered (square) his recognition and gave the mark for which he became famous and is now remembered.

Obviously a lot of people asked him what had happened to the girl, or if he had tried to help her. He hadn't done anything, and didn't know anything about the girl's fate. The following are extracts from an article written by Scott MacLeod entitled "The Life and Death of Kevin Carter":

<<Seeking relief from the sight of masses of people starving to death, he wandered into the open bush. He heard a soft, high-pitched whimpering and saw a tiny girl trying to make her way to the feeding center. As he crouched to photograph her, a vulture landed in view. Careful not to disturb the bird, he positioned himself for the best possible image. He would later say he waited about 20 minutes, hoping the vulture would spread its wings. It did not, and after he took his photographs, he chased the bird away and watched as the little girl resumed her struggle. Afterward he sat under a tree, lit a cigarette, talked to God and cried. "He was depressed afterward," Silva recalls. "He kept saying he wanted to hug his daughter.">>

Unfortunately, I don't know anything of XX143, but I think the centaurean moral dilemas or paradoxes show themselves strongly here. Without considering Carter's birth planets, one sees the Sun/XX143 square representing the picture itself and everything it implies, including the work or the role of the photographer and the type of personality that is required for specializing in this type of photographs, as Carter did.

XX143 connects Saturn with the Uranus/Neptune middle region, and the picture was published during the Uranus/Neptune conjunction, in exact square with the XX143 at Carter's birth:

      Uranus 26 Mar 1993 = 21,47 Capricorn
      Neptune 26 Mar 1993 = 20,57 Capricorn
      Carter's natal XX143 = 21,41 Libra

Since he had his natal Sun in 21 Virgo, the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in trine to it seems to have been part of the world recognition he received for his photojournalistic work, but the XX143 square is the "centaurean crack" or challenge that can be seen expressed in his suicide a few months after receiving the Pullitzer Prize:

<<It should come as no surprise that he found it difficult to reconcile the peaks and valleys of his career with the suffering and violence upon which it was built. It disturbed him, as it should have. By embarking on a career in photojournalism, Carter set himself apart from the lives of the people he photographed. He chose to be an observer rather than a participant. Carter opted for a moral detachment that most of us cannot achieve and that I would not want to have. Though I can admire his work and courage in the face of danger, I cannot imagine witnessing such violence and human suffering without trying to intervene. Perhaps, in the end, Kevin Carter could not either.>> [from the same source above]

Of course this is just an outside opinion that may not reflect Carter's real way of dealing with it, but it shows the moral and ethical issues involved, which I think are the centaur's territory.

The "detachment" mentioned above is very well represented, in my opinion, by the positions at death:

      Sun at death = 4,31 Leo
      TD10 at death = 5,00 Aquarius

TD10 may be seen as the torturing detachment (opposition) and the ultimate suicide (remember Silvia Plath had them in exact conjunction). In this sense, it is interesting to note that the photograph (26 March 1993) had Damocles in 4,08 Aquarius, so at his death this Damocles represented by the photograph was "shining". How much the death can be symbolically related to the picture can be seen with:

      Moon at death (approx.) = 4,35 Aries (conjunct the super-Damoclian 2001OG108 in 4,31 Aries)
      Sun of the photograph (26 March 1993) = 5,46 Aries.

Unfortunately, I don't know where the birth Moon of Carter is. At 12h GMT 13 Sept 1960 it is in 27 Gemini

<<It is ironic that Kevin Carter won the Pulitzer for a photograph which to me is a photograph of his own soul and epitomizes his life. Kevin is that small child huddled against the world, and the vulture is the angel of death. I wish someone could have chased that evil from his life. I'm sure that little child succumbed to death just as Kevin did. Both must have suffered greatly.>> [same reference above]




Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 09:47:39 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] Kevin Carter and the Sudanese girl

Another useful angle surfaces from this when we examine Venus. We can think of the photograph as a work of art, a combination of the proper angle, framing, illumination, distribution of light and shadow, contrast, etc. These are all things that the photographer has in mind when taking the picture and are an expression of his "composing" eye or imagination.

The little girl that made Carter think in his own daughter is another aspect of Venus, as well as the great "prestige" and financial gain (the increase of his acquisitive power and of his fame as a photographer). All 3 are aspects of Venus. But what are the qualities shown by Venus in this case?

Venus is like a little princess, "the treasure", and is dramatized in the picture by the emaciated innocent little girl,  deformed and crippled by starvation, with the vulture behind as her shadow or "guardian angel". What a violent and painful way of dramatizing beauty! Like the expression used by Angelo Badalamenti to describe his "Blue Velvet" and "Twin Peaks" music: it is "tragically beautiful".

But the music of Badalamenti can fall under the Venus/Hylonome or Venus/Nessus signature. What we have here is something that is deeper into the dark, like death itself, while at the same time, also like death, "shines" openly and gloriously all over, like the vulture, an image that I have often identified with the "shadow" side of centaurs.

Here, more specifically, the vulture has been identified with "the angel of death", an image that makes me think immediately in Alastor-BU48, or generically in the demon-steeds of Pluto's chariot that orbitally can be identified with the quasi-centaurs:

       2000 QB243 (="Abathos"?)
       - from mid-Saturn/Uranus to past Pluto's perihelion
       1998 BU48 (="Alastor"?)
       -from Uranus to Pluto's perihelion
       1999 OX3 (="Aethon"?)
       -from Uranus to Pluto's perihelion

At the time of Carter's death, the Sun and Alastor were in a loose conjunction:

      Sun = 4,31 Leo
      Alastor/BU48 = 2,47 Leo

and also

      Mars at death = 16,37 Gemini
      Alastor at birth = 16,09 Pisces

However, returning to Venus, specifically in this case the following centaur, tentatively called "Cyllarus" (the lover-husband of Hylonome)

       1998 TF35
       -from mid-Saturn/Uranus to mid-Neptune/Pluto

gives its mark to the photograph published 26 March 1993:

      Venus = 15,32 Aries
      TF35 = 15,25 Aries

That same date, "Aethon", which could *orbitally* be considered like Alastor an "angel of death" (like a Tolkien's "nazgul"):

      Neptune = 20,57 Capricorn
      Aethon/OX3 = 21,08 Capricorn
      Uranus = 21,47 Capricorn
      (remember the natal Sun of K. Carter = 21,08 Virgo)

In my previous message I had mentioned the significance of XX143. This significance is enhanced when we see that

      Venus at birth = 13,36 Libra
      XX143 at death = 13,02 Cancer

The day he received the Pullitzer Prize at Columbia University, 23 May 1994:

      Venus = 2,55 Cancer
      Abathos/QB243 = 2,10 Capricorn

We then have Venus/TF35 (the photograph was published), Venus/QB243 (received the Pullitzer Prize), Venus/XX143 (killed himself).



Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 17:32:27 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Kevin Carter and the Sudanese girl

In January of 2002 I wrote 2 e-mails examining the case of Kevin Carter, who won the Pullitzer Prize in 1994 and killed himself soon after, in July 1994, at the age of 33.

I was adding the pictures today to my notes, and thought it was worthy taking a fresh look. When he shot himself on the night of July 27, 1994, one finds:

   Sun at death = 4,07 Leo (at 9 PM GMT)
   TD10 at death = 4,32 Aquarius

At that time, I had not studied TD10. My comment was:

<<TD10 may be seen as the torturing detachment (opposition) and the ultimate suicide (remember Silvia Plath had them in exact conjunction).>>

Now I can see that the at the time of death the Sun was in exact conjunction with AW197:

   AW197 at death = 4,50 Leo

Leaving AW197 aside, TD10 here shows --in my opinion-- how Carter was haunted by the atrocities he dedicated himself to photograph, and especially by the picture of the girl (remember TD10 is found in cases of death of children...).

But what motivated me to take a new look at the positions was the feeling of a Black Moon involvement in the case. If you read what I wrote before, you will see that a stronger astrological case could be made if one focused on Venus instead of the Sun. Carter was born September 13, 1960, with an exact Venus/Black Moon square:

   Venus = 13,09 Libra (at 12h GMT)
   True Black Moon = 12,36 Cancer

The Black Moon at birth adds another dimension to his case. I think the Black Moon takes precedence according to Occam's razor: if it is there, it is a stronger and more clear significator of the astrological determinations of Venus. In fact, in this case, the Black Moon is making Venus focal.

The role of the Black Moon (and of TD10) can also be seen when we consider its position at death:

   True Black Moon at death = 16,26 Taurus
   TD10 at birth = 17,13 Scorpio

The role of AW197 also comes to the surface. The day the picture was published world-wide (26 March 1993) we find:

   Sun of photograph = 5,23 Aries (at 12h GMT)
   AW197 at birth = 5,24 Cancer

Hylonome enters the picture if we consider the 1992 solar return, which rules the time when he took the picture and it was published:

   birth Sun = 20,41 Virgo
   solar return Hylonome = 20,52 Virgo

The transit of Hylonome over the natal Sun covers January 1992 to September 1992. The precession-corrected natal Sun in 1993 is 21,08 Virgo (this is assuming that birth took place at 12h GMT), and we see transiting Hylonome stationary direct in 21,48 Virgo in May 1993. We can therefore assume that Hylonome was conjunct the Sun when took the photograph and when it was published.

In conclusion, we have Hylonome, AW197, the Black Moon, and TD10 all focal in some way. Hylonome and the Black Moon reiterate here the meaning that was found in relation to Vatican II, while TD10, based on past evidence, can be related to "the hunger" and the death. AW197 is probably the impact of this case on the history of journalism and on the big moral questions of our age.



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