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Subject: Nietzsche

>Asbolus conjunct Sun:
>Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche - 23' orb, in Libra

Today is his birthday... he was born October 15, 1844, at 10 a.m. in Rocken bei Lutzen, Saxony (51n15/12e08)

  Sun = 22,07 Libra
  Asbolus = 21,45 Libra
  Pluto = 22,58 Aries Rx.

Hylonome and Neptune form a Grand trine:

  DW2 = 22,38 Gemini Rx.
  Neptune = 21,01 Aquarius Rx.

He also has the Moon and 1994TA-Pylenor in applying conjunction rising in the 1st house:

  Asc. = 29 Scorpio
  Moon = 9,03 Sagittarius
  1994TA = 11,56 Sagittarius

To which we can add Nessus in 7,32 Gemini in the 7th, forming a symmetry 7-9-11.

So he was a centaur. But he was also strongly Plutonic, so I feel it is a great problem to separate Asbolus from Pluto here... like a whole book could be written on how to isolate Asbolus from Pluto in Nietzsche's case.

I don't know much about him, but I feel that some of the images I gave months ago about 1995GO (now Asbolus - they are at my site) fit him well:

 --The light that shines in the darkness.
 --The eagle and the serpent.
 --Whirling, penetrating.
 --profundity, abyss. The beyond.

what the Britannica says of him is worth quoting:

<<The history of 20th-century philosophy, theology, and psychology, are unintelligible without him... [a long list of thinkers influenced by him]... Freud, who said of Nietzsche that he had a more penetrating understanding of himself than any man who ever lived or was ever likely to live... certainly one of the most influential philosophers who ever lived; and this is due not only to his originality but also to the fact that he was the German language's most brilliant prose writer.>>

Now follow quotes that may help to understand his centaurs and/or Asbolus:

<<... His attempt to unmask the root motives that underlie traditional Western religion, morality, and philosophy deeply affected generations of...>>

<<... He thought through the consequences of the triumph of the Enlightenment's secularism, expressed in his observation that "God is dead"...>>

<<... Although he was and ardent foe of nationalism, anti-SEmitism, and power politics, his name was later invoked by Fascists to advance the things he loathed.>>

<<... His father died before his fifth birthday, and he spent most of his early life in a household consisting of five women: his mother, his younger sister, his maternal grandmother, and two maiden aunts.>>

<<... He began military service... sustained a serious chest injury while mounting a horse... and resumed his studies while on extended sick leave from the military.>>

<<... serve as a volunteer medical orderly after the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War. Within a month, while accompanying a transport of wounded, he contracted dysentery and diphtheria, which ruined his health permanently.>>

<<... N. first book marked his emancipation from the trappings of classical scholarship... fusion of what he termed Apollonian and Dionysian elements --the former representing measure, restraint, harmony, and the latter representing unbridled passion... "a work of profound imaginative insight, which left the scholarship of a generation toiling in the rear">>

at 35, he was <<seriously ill, half-blind, in virtual unrelenting pain, he lived in boarding houses... with only limited human contact>>

<<...N. collapsed in the streets of Turin, Italy, in January 1889, having lost control of his mental faculties completely... spent the last 11 years of his life in total mental darkness>>

The rest is his philosophy and is more complicated, but I think themes of 1994TA, Asbolus, and Pluto, can be discerned in the above.



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