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Subject: Alexander Skriabin

I have always been interested in Alexander Skriabin, and love his "tristanesque" music a lot. When considering him as a centaur subject, I was discouraged by the strong Pluto and 8th house:

Sun = 15,31 Cap (8th house)
Saturn = 12,38 Cap (8th)

This is the same aspect and position that is found in the chart of "Tristan und Isolde" (though in different sign). If one takes:

Moon = 18,00 Scorpio
Pluto = 18,02 Taurus Rx.

then it comes as no surprise the way he died: streptococus-staphylococus blood poisoning and bacteremia (age 43). It is also not a surprise his erotic and mystic obsessions and delusions (he considered himself some sort of messiah of a new form of "total" music composition and performance that enclosed smells, colors, etc, in addition to sound...

Perhaps this is where the centaurs are significant: Pholus "overflowing", going out of himself and engulfing the other in a state of mystical and erotic bliss. His 4th symphony, "The Poem of Ecstasy" I feel as very strongly pholusian, with the tristanesque ecstasy at the end, which is a marvelous pholus rapturous spreading of wings.

this could be related to the aspect:

Midheaven = 12,54 Aquarius
Pholus = 12,49 Aquarius

but, considering how dark and tormented his music may sound, like a mystery of light and darkness, the following nay be indicative:

Ascendant = 25,11 Gemini
1995GO = 27,41 Gemini Rx.

1995GO(=8405) is to me related to darkness and depths, to "the light that is in the darkness", as in the Gospel of Saint John. I mentioned once that, to me, Pholus is Peter, Paul is Nessus, and John is 1995GO, while Chiron, as in Wagner's Parsifal (conjunct Pluto), is the Holy Grail.



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   From: (Juan Ant. Revilla)
Subject: Re: Alexander Skriabin

Considering the idea (or experience) of rapture and ecstasy in relationship to Pholus, something that is evident in the chart of Tristan and Isolde (you can check my article in my web page), here is the signature in the case of Scriabin, taken from the chart of death (April 14, O.S., 1915, Moscow, 8 a.m., from a biography by Faubion Bowers, 1969):

Venus = 29,52 Pisces
Neptune = 27,08 Cancer
Pholus = 29,55 Scorpio

This water grand trine can be compared to the one of Tristan (Moon/Venus - Nessus/Neptune, triggered by a Pholus opposition to Venus-Nessus), also in water signs, although it is less "pure" here: Nessus is not so directly involved, and instead we have:

Pluto = 29,53 Gemini
Saturn = 27,54 Gemini

These planets give a more negative tone to Venus (square), comparable maybe to the fact that he died of venereal disease. Finally, there an interesting partile "Finger of God":

Moon = 5,16 Libra
HD12 = 5,25 Sagittarius Rx
and at the focus:
Sun = 5,29 Taurus

To me, the more cometary centaurs: SN55, 1995GO, Nessus, Pholus, and HD12, have "wings" and are more savage and far-out.

Converse transits at the time of death are also very revealing:

natal Sun = 15,31 Cap
tr.Mars = 15,05 Cap
tr. Neptune = 16,14 Cap

in the natal 8th house. As I write this, I am listening to his 4th Symphony, "Poeme de l'extase"... it is devilish and ecstatic, wildly enrapturing and frightening, supposedly describing a sort of liturgical sexual act, full of wild eroticism and sexual tenderness, and you can feel the final orgasmic apotheosis in the end.

Now let me partake of the tremendously beautiful ending...



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Subject: Re: Alexander Skriabin

Scriabin was born Dec. 25 1871, old style calendar, January 6 1872 new style, in Moscow. the time, 2 P.M., appears in page 20 of a biography by Fabion Bowers "The New Scriabin", David & Charles, 1974. I took the data directly from the book when I was in California many years ago (in 1980!)



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Subject: Re: Asbolus

<<... came across Scriabin's birth data but didn't see if he had Asbolus near any major point in his chart. His music is most definitely "out there" enough to be in the Asbolus category.>>

you must have seen this:
Ascendant = 25,11 Gemini
1995GO = 27,41 Gemini Rx.

<<Also what about Debussy, which centaurs does he have aspecting his chart?>>

Moon = 21,03 Cancer
Qm107 = 22,22 Cancer
Venus = 0,58 Leo
Pholus = 0,08 Leo
Sun = 28,47 Leo
Hylonome = 26,18 Leo

<<would be curious to see also Webern's positions...

Anton Webern, b.3 Dic. 1883 at 3 a.m. (need confirmation)
Pluto = 0,02 Gemini
Chiron = 0,26 Gemini
Ascendant = 18,39 Cancer
Asbolus = 19,58 Cancer


BTW: Stravinsky hated Scriabin's music, and couldn't stand what he called its voluptuousness" and "gross orchestration", <<those very severe cases of musical emphysema that were his symphonic poems>>, to which his mother would say <<I see, Igor, that you haven't changed all these years. You have always been like that, deprecating those who were better than you!>>



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