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Subject: Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy is considered one of the greatest writers of fiction that has ever existed, an eminence that is due mainly to his "War and Peace" (1865-69) and "Anna Karenina" (1875-77). His fame is not only as an author, but also as a social reformer and moral thinker: he was one of the most influential moralists of the 19th century. 

As to why he is attractive to me as a possible centaur case, take a look at this introduction in the Britannica:

<<A deeply contradictory man, Tolstoy was an individualistic aristocrat who in his later years tried unsuccessfully to live the life of a poor peasant, a sensualist who ended up as an intransigent puritan, a man of singular vitality who feared death at almost every step. This extraordinary duality of character led him in middle life to abandon his career of a mere writer of fiction to become a radical Christian; in a stream of essays, pamphlets, and largely didactic short stories and plays, he propagated his belief in a life of love and faith and his rejection of property and such man made institutions as government as churches.>>

Centauran overtones can be perceived here: "contradictory", "duality", "singular vitality-death", "radical", "rejection of property and man made institutions...". One can perceive also Uranian and Neptunian influences, in addition, of course, to the extension of his abilities as a writer of long novels.

He was born August 28 [Sept.9 new style] 1828, at his family property in the Tula province near Moscow (37e37/54n12). I have seen 2 birth times: 11:52 p.m., and 10:30 p.m., both of them without source. "11:52", in 1828, is obviously a "rectification", in which I don't believe at all, so I'll take 10:30 p.m. as a starting reference:

Sun     = 17,03 Vir
Mercury = 19,55 Vir
QM107   = 20,39 Pis r.
Moon    = 22,22 Vir

Here the writer is evident, and QM107 stands as the clue to his character. But his spiritual character is probably much better described by his horoscope of death... He died at 82 of pneumonia in a remote railway junction in Astapovo (Ryazan), November 7 [Nov.20 n.s.] 1910, at 6:05 a.m. (the time is in a biography by Henri Troyat, pp.335-336, Barcelona, 1984):

TO66    =  24,05 Sco
Venus   =  24,13 Sco
Nessus  =  25,25 Pis r
94TA    =  25,36 Sco
Sun     =  25,48 Sco
Midheav =  26,11 Leo

Mars    =   8,00 Sco
Ascend  =   8,22 Sco
Pholus  =   9,35 Sco

So we see that the exact Sun/TA-Pylenor conjunction is rising and focal, and that Venus/TO66 are very tightly together, so that the Sun/Venus conjunction is "explained" or qualified by Pylenor and by TO66 (precession is 1d 08.5').

From this, I think we can say that Tolstoy character is defined by QM107 opposing the Virgo Sun-Merc-Moon at birth, but after middle life he began to respond more to the death pattern: Sun/Venus/Pylenor rising in Scorpio!

Of course, a lot of development and demonstration is still needed, so that the characteristics of these 2 centaurs could be discerned.



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Subject: Re: Leo Tolstoy

<<... One can perceive also Uranian and Neptunian influences, in addition, of course, to the extension of his abilities as a writer of long novels.>>

I forgot to mention that he died under a Uranus-Neptune opposition...



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