Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 11:26:34 -0600
Subject: [crp] Tutankhamen I

I would like to study the role of centaurs and tnp's the case of the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb.

The scattered disk objects in particular have a type of motion or orbit that suggests such a thing, since they seem to reach into "this universe" when at perihelion, as if coming from the invisible and the unknown, or from epochs long gone. Like comets, they "disappear" for long periods of centuries or millennia and reappear briefly as they reach the realm of Neptune and Pluto. They look like reincarnations from another world or of very remote things, like mummies risen from the dead, like King Tutankhamen who reappeared after being sealed from human eyes for 3000 years.

Before proceeding, I must clarify the data and the sources used. There are several dates which can be chosen for this study. The less controversial ones are the birth and death of Howard Carter, mentioned in another message: 9 May 1873 and March 2 1939 (from the Britannica, I use 12h GMT). For the dates and times pertaining to the discovery, I use the notes written by Howard Carter where he gives many important details (found in The coordinates of the Valley of the Kings are 32e49/25n44 (2h ahead of GMT). I use 2 dates:

1- November 5th, 1922, around or after sunset. The first step of the staircase sunken in the sand was found the day before at around 10 a.m. Around sunset of Nov. 5, the first sealed door was reached, showing the royal inscriptions and evidencing that it had not been opened since the times of ancient Egypt. It was then that Carter sent a wire to England announcing the discovery, the news of which soon spread all over the world. At this time it was not known that the tomb belonged to Tutankhamen.

-- This discovery happened the exact day that Venus turned retrograde in 9,50' Sagittarius (Nov. 4th). Must have been a spectacular sight seeing Venus in the West after sunset next to the heart of the desert Scorpion in the sky... (Antares 8,41 Sagittarius), while the full Moon was rising in the East.

2- November 26th, 1922, around 2 p.m. (12h GMT). This was the time when the second sealed door leading to the ante-chamber was cleared enough to open a small hole from which Carter and Carnarvon were able to see a large part of the treasure for the first time in 3000 years.

-- The door had been reached the day before, Nov.25th, exactly the day when Venus reached its inferior conjunction in Sagittarius 2,12' (as Melanie pointed out) and was closest to the Earth.

The door of the burial chamber behind the ante-chamber was opened February 16, 1923, and the actual sarcophagus was discovered January 3, 1924 (this last date according to the Britannica). This was the culmination of the excavations, when archeologists finally reached "the heart" of the tomb. But these events were consequences of the above, and were much less personal, in the sense that "the treasure" belonged now to the world: those were public and "scientific" events that didn't have the supreme intimate feeling of the lonely moments of discovery.

Recapitulating (using precession-corrected positions):

The significance of Venus is enhanced when one considers that the transiting Sun the day of the discovery was applying to the opposition with the radical Venus of Carter (orb=1,13', also opposition to the radical Uranus at death). Venus stationary the day of discovery in 9,07' Sag was square to Uranus in 9,04' Pisces. This transiting Uranus had advanced to 11,54' Pisces when the burial chamber was opened Feb.16 1923... Now, if we consider that The Sun at death was at 10,05 Pisces (approx., for 12h GMT), it is clear that Uranus marked a very "stellar moment" of Howard Carter's life (i.e., transiting Uranus conjunct the radical Sun at death). The position of Uranus at death over the natal Venus (orb=0,53') corroborates this Uranus/Venus connection in his life.

The significance of Pluto becomes clear noting that:

1- Carter had them in applying conjunction at birth (orb=1,22' approx. for 12 GMT).

2- The day the staircase was found (Nov.4th 1922 at 10 a.m.), the Sun and Pluto were in perfect trine (orb=0,00') in 10,27 Scorpio/Cancer

3- The day the sarcophagus was discovered (Jan. 3 1924) they were in opposition (orb=0,33' at 12h GMT)

4- The day of the discovery announcement the transiting Moon was in conjunction with Carter's natal Pluto (orb=1,03' at sunset).

5- This lunar transiting position (21,18 Taurus precession-corrected), conjunct natal Pluto, is at the point of a total lunar eclipse that happened 2 or 3 days after Carter was born, in 21.46' Scorpio.

This makes the Taurus/Scorpio axis, Pluto, and Venus the main traditional significators. I will now proceed to examine the role of the centaurs and tnp's.


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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 16:01:46 -0600
From: (Juan Revilla)
Subject: [ACT] Re: Tutankhamen

Here is the chronology, from Carter's notes:

Nov 4, 1922, 10 a.m. the first step of the sunken staircase is found.

Nov 5, 1922, around sunset the first sealed door with Royal inscriptions at the end of the staircase. A hole reveals a passage leading to another sealed door. The announcement of the discovery of a royal sealed "untouched" tomb is made.

Nov 26, 1922, 2 p.m. the second sealed door is reached. A hole is opened from which Carter and Carnarvon are able to see inside the chamber full of wonderful objects 3000 years old from the reign of Tutankhamen.

Nov 29, 1922, after an official lunch and before 3 p.m.: <<a sort of official opening>> of the tomb with some Egyptian government representatives.

Feb 16, 1923 (at 12:30 p.m. according to Charles Harvey): the third sealed door leading to the burial chamber is publicly opened for the first time in front of all the national and international representatives.

Jan 3, 1924 (almost a year later, this date is from the Britannica): the famous sarcophagus with the mummy inside is found and opened.


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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 18:45:08 -0600
Subject: [crp] Re: Tutankhamen I

LORD CARNARVON (Britannica): b. June 26 1866 Highclere Castle in Berkshire/ d. April 5 1923 Cairo <<from infections and complications that arose after he was bitten by a mosquito while in Thebes to visit the just-opened burial chamber of the tomb.>>

--> this refers to the opening of Feb.16 1923

Note also that the 'official' opening data as above is right after the Inferior Conjunction of Venus and the Sun.

The inferior conjunction was 25 Nov. 1922 at 5h57m GMT, in 2.11'34" Sagittarius. That day the second sealed door was reached, but it was not cleared until the next day (nov.26 at around 2 p.m.), when Carter opened a small hole where the two of them could look into the dark interior with the aid of a lamp. The there was an <<a sort of official opening>> of the tomb on November 29th after lunch and before 3 p.m. But this apparently was only the ante-chamber; the burial chamber seems to have been opened in a public ceremony for the first time Feb. 16 1923., and the sarcophagus was not found until Jan 3 1924, months after Carnarvon was dead.


Melanie Reinhart's pointing to the Venus synodic cycle is certainly interesting.

I think the first time I read this explanation of thought forms was in Paul Brunton's "Secret Egypt", which by the way was contemporary of Carter (Carter mentions a "Mr. Brunton" in his notes)...

Whatever it was, the way Carnarvon died certainly "looks" like a curse. It would be interesting to check this astrologically. Asteroids are in a way like mosquitos or mosquito swarms. Every time someone brings the prejudice that because of their size they are insignificant, I like to say: yes, but you can die of a mosquito bite!

The Venus/Mars mutual aspect is separated by 2.50', too wide to include it in my study, but his Mars positions at birth (10.06' Taurus) and at death (22,01 Taurus, precession-corrected to Carter's birth) are very revealing. On the other hand, if we take Mars (10 Taurus) and Pluto (14 Taurus) together, we have Carter's Venus (12 Taurus) "surrounded", actually "raped" by the excentric Carnarvon's Mars/Pluto conjunction (Carnarvon was born with an exact Sun/Juno/Uranus conjunction). The day of the discovery the Sun was in opposition to this point.

I think the radical of the discovery is Nov 5th 1922 at or after sunset, although the most significant moment for Carnarvon must have been the first time he was in the tomb and looked inside at the treasures aided by a lamp, on November 26th.

For example:

discovery Saturn = 13,49 Libra
Carnarvon's death Sun = 13,59 Aries (done for 12h GMT)

discovery Moon = 21,17 Taurus
Carnarvon's death Mars = 22,01 Taurus

Nessus at discovery, Carnarvon's "window" and opening of the burial chamber:
10. 38' -- 10.16' -- 10.39' Aries
(conjunct tr. QM107 9.33' -- 9.00' -- 10.14' Aries)
(square tr. Pluto 10.25' -- 10.09' Cancer)
Mercury at Carnarvon's death = 10,32 Aries

---but I am leaving the centaurs for the next message. I will start with the scattered disk objcet 1999CF119, which I think is an important key for the whole thing:

discovery Sun = 11,43 Scorpio (precession-corrected to Carter's birth)
discovery CF119 = 11,14 Taurus (this is the main axis at the discovery, apart from Venus stationary)

Carter's death CF119 = 20,51 Taurus
discovery Moon = 21,17 Taurus
Carter's birth Pluto = 20,15 Taurus
Carter's lunar eclipse at birth = 21,46 Scorpio
Carnarvon's death Mars = 22,01 Taurus

CF119 at Carnarvon's first visit (opened hole to the ante-chamber) and official opening of the burial chamber = 10.57' -- 10.35' Taurus
Carnarvon's natal Mars = 10.00' Taurus

CF119 introduces the "contact" between the 20th century archeologists who raped (Mars-Pluto) the tomb and the sarcophagus (Venus), and the very ancient and mysterious "scorpionic" past. It is very similar to TL66, with a period of 884 years. It gives a clue or a "window" about the involvement of other sdo's in this case.


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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 21:10:32 -0600
Subject: [crp] Re: Tutankhamen II - geodetic angles

It is a great challenge organizing all this information and making sense of it, so these e-mails are really like experiments.

We already saw the role of Pluto (the subterranean tomb, the underworld, the ancient magic, the power, the dead, etc), of Taurus/Scorpio (ancient Egypt and "desert" archetype), and of Venus (the treasure, the helpless and priceless "bride"). So far I have also mentioned --in passing-- Nessus and QM107, which I plan to deal with later, giving a separate treatment to the role of each centaur so that a suggested direction as to its meaning can be made... and I also mentioned the prominence of the scattered disk-object CF119, which I am relating to the discovery of the tomb by analogy with the orbital symbolism, the "resurrected mummy".

Before going into some other sdo's, I want to examine the Johndro geodetic angles. They are always very revealing in mundane matters, and I find them so important and basic that don't doubt in using them while I restraint myself from using other revealing techniques like converse transits. The probable reason is that the geodetic angles allow to establish a link between the planetary positions and the "telluric" qualities of the place, as opposed to the swiftly changing transiting Ascendant and Midheaven. The geodetic angles in the Valley of the Kings are:

Asc. = 9,21 Leo
M. C. = 5,06 Taurus

-- Immediatly the following appears:

H. Carter birth UG5 = 9,19 Leo
H. Carter birth Chariklo = 10,13 Leo
when the sarcophagus was found Venus = 9,26 Aquarius (Venus is the "treasure", the over-abused and priceless mummy of the young King)

-- look at the I.C positions:

Carnarvon birth Saturn = 5,52 Scorpio
Carnarvon's first visit "window" Jupiter = 5,52 Scorpio
Carnarvon's first visit "window" OX3 = 4,48 Scorpio
Official opening of the burial chamber OX3 = 5.34' Scorpio.
H. Carter's death sdo (period=1030 years) 1999RZ215 = 5.20' Scorpio
Moon when the first step of the staircase was found = 5,31 Taurus

(all positions are precessed to the time of Carter's birth)


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Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 18:21:58 -0000
From: "Juan Antonio Revilla" <>
Subject: Tutankhamen III - the sdo's

When an outer planet or asteroid is in opposition to the Sun, it becomes the focus of consciousness or the focus of awareness, since confronting the Sun it manifests fully. The dark and sunken crypts to Tutankhamen's tomb being excavated and illuminated by the light of the lamps is a good metaphor of this solar opposition: the archeologists are confronted face to face with the "light" that is reflected by the objects after being buried in mystery for thousands of years, especially the golden objects. This happens with the sdo's of larger period that are near perihelion, and is an exact description of one them being in opposition to the Sun.

(NOTE: Riyal includes all of these larger period sdo's that have reasonable well-established orbits calculated after 2 or more oppositions. Those that do not go beyond 100 AU or that are poorly observed are discarded. This list presently includes 1999TD10, 1996TL66, 1999CZ118, 1999CY118, 1996GQ21, 1999CF119, and 1999RZ215. The supercentaur TD10, by the way, has an orbital uncertainty of "0", much better than TL66 ("3"), which means its positions are as accurate as those of Chiron... or Pholus).

For example, in my notes on TL66 you will find such an opposition in the case of the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

Hiroshima: Sun=13,08 Leo /TL66=14,14 Aqu
Nagasaki : Sun=16,07 Leo /TL66=14,11 Aqu
(Hiroshima/Nagasaki Sun midpoint is 14,37 Leo)

The meaning of this can be seen from different perspectives. One of them probably is the words of the Bhagavad Gita that came to J. Robert Oppenheimer at the time of the trial explosion at Alamogordo in New Mexico: <<I am become Death, the Shatterer of Worlds>>. This meaning is confirmed over and over again in the examples of Sun/TL66 (and Moon) events I have seen, which is the reason why I suggested long ago the name "Typhon" for it (a dragon, son of Tartaros).

CF119 needs not be like TL66, but it seems to have at least the sting of the scorpion in it, and it definitely is related to death. Out of the dead came King Tutankhamen. Pluto perhaps can account of this, such as at the moment the sarcophagus was finally found January 3 1924. So, let's think for a moment about the different meaning of finding the tomb on November 4th-5th (CF119), and finding the coffin a little more than a year later (Pluto).

(I am open to suggestions here)

For example, Pluto is "the King" of all kuiperoids, centaurs, and sdo's, so it is fitting that even though one of its "many wings" (CF119) announced the discovery of the tomb, the finding of the King's body itself in his golden coffin is represented by him (Pluto).

another take: if the finding consisted only in the coffin and the mummy (Pluto), there would not have been such a stir... but CF119 represents the tomb itself, the passages and chambers full of inscriptions, the ante-chamber with its many objects from 3000 years ago when Egypt was at the peak of its power... CF119 represents the "reincarnation" of all that into modern man's awareness. If it were not for the many objects in the tomb there would not have been the impressive atmosphere and the possibility of "meeting" what came directly from the ancient and magical scorpionic past.

So the meaning of this Sun/CF119 opposition is the coming face to face with the sealed tomb, like a capsule from 3000 years ago. This "capsule" is CF119. It is also death, or the environment of death. It is also fear, fear of the Pharaoh's curse. It is like "violating death", trespassing it, or simply entering its realm in a symbolical way through the many objects and the atmosphere of the tomb. The solar opposition is the awe, the amazement, the consciousness being taken or suspended for a while into another world, into something that is not of this world but which in a mysterious way says to us: "this is also part of you".



Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 20:58:29 -0600
Subject: Tutankhamen IV - more sdo's

The day of discovery we find (this time positions are not precession-corrected):

Uranus= 9Pi46
Venus = 9Sa49
CY118 = 9Ge57

This T-cross is significant considering the suggestion that Venus represents the "treasure" and Tutankhamen as a "bride" and the sdo's represent the mummy "resurrected", or at least are related symbolically to the event (CY118's period is 857 years).

Now let's consider the following Sun/1996PW (period=5000 years) relationship, happening practically at the focus of the above cross:

Sun at Carter's death = 11,01 Pisces (approx.)
1996PW at discovery = 10,53 Virgo
1996PW at death = 12,13 Virgo

This Sun/96PW opposition is a dramatic expression of the symbolism mentioned in my last message.

Now let's consider the position of 1999TD10 (period=1021 years) at the time of discovery:

TD10 = 1,44 Sco
Jupiter = 2,08 Sco

and when the sarcophagus was found 1 year later:

Saturn = 1,04 Sco
TD10 = 2,37 Sco

These curious complementary conjunctions are not as representative of "resurrection" as the solar oppositions, but they show that TD10 is significant. It is very difficult at this point, however, to say what "they are saying" about the events charted. I am open to suggestions.

But in terms of scattered disk objects of very long period, those that go beyond 100 AU and disappear physically from the known world to reappear only after many centuries have passed, I think one can see a clear relationship, as if they are "sounding", or "playing their music" in this particular case of the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb: CF119, TD10, 96PW, CY118... and RZ215, which we saw was exactly on the geodetic I.C. of the tomb at the time Howard Carter died.

I hope there will come a time soon when we can distinguish and translate their voices.


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Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 09:35:24 -0600
Subject: [crp] Tutankhamen V: Asbolus

I feel that the radical for the discovery is Nov. 5, 1922 at or around sunset. Let's see what Carter himself writes:

<<Towards sunset we had cleared down to the level of the 12th step, which was sufficient to expose a large part of the upper portion of a plastered and sealed doorway... (...) <<I noticed at the top of the doorway, where some of the cement-like plaster had fallen away, a heavy wooden lintel. To assure myself of the method in which the doorway was blocked, I made a small hole under this wooden lintel - the R. hand corner, about 35 x 15 cms in size. By this hole I was able to perceive with the aid of an electrical torch that a passage beyond was completely filled with stones and rubble up to its ceiling, which was again evidence of something that had required careful closing. It was a thrilling moment for an excavator, quite alone save his native staff of workmen, to suddenly find himself, after so many years of toilsome work, on the verge of what looked like a magnificent discovery - an untouched tomb. <<It was getting late, the night had fast set in, the full moon had risen high in the eastern heavens, I refilled the excavation for protection, and with my men selected for the occasion - they like myself delighted beyond all expectation - I returned home and cabled to Ld. C. (then in England) the following message:- "At last have made wonderful discovery in Valley a magnificent tomb with seals intact recovered same for your arrival congratulations ">> [Howard Carter's personal diaries of the first excavation season in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Part 1, October 28 to December 31, 1922.]

As we have seen this happened when the Sun was in exact opposition to CF119, which seemed to "unearth" what had been buried in the sands for 3000 years. Even more precise is the symbolism of 1996PW, which was then in exact opposition to the radical Sun at the time of Carter's death 16 years later. The period of PW is nearly 6000 years, and when Tutankhamen died at the young age of 18 (maybe murdered by his vizier Aye), PW was (presumably) at aphelion, at a distance from the Sun of more than 20 times the distance of Neptune, gone from Earth to his Egyptian afterlife as a sun--God, "lost" and forgotten by history as the memory of King Tut was obliterated by his successors, until the XXth Century, with PW at perihelion, when he became the best-known Pharaoh of all times.

We have also seen how the Moon at the moment of the discovery, rising full in the East in Taurus, was in conjunction with the natal Pluto of H.Carter, and how Pluto as King of the underworld precisely described the finding of the mummy inside the beautiful mask of gold hidden in the sarcophagus, when Pluto was in exact opposition to the Sun.

But in the days of Carter's discovery, in addition to all this, we find the centaur Asbolus in an interesting position. Let's remember Carter's natal Sun/Pluto conjunction:

Sun = 18,53 Taurus (approx. at 12h GMT)
Pluto = 20,15 Taurus
Moon at discovery (Sunset) = 21,13 Taurus (precession-corr.)

Precession-corrected Asbolus at the moment of discovery (Nov.5th): 17,08 Scorpio. Asbolus when Carter together with Carnarvon reached the second sealed door and opened a "window" through which they were able to see all the untouched "wonderful things" in the ante-chamber: 20,06 Scorpio.

So Asbolus was making opposition to Carter's natal Sun/Pluto conjunction. This fits well Asbolus association with an "oven" (the hot air inside the sealed chamber), with mystery, mist and fog, and especially, centaur-wise, with the image of THE DOOR TO OTHER REALITIES, as Zane has phrased it. When commenting on Asbolus, I had written: <<... the feeling of unfathomable depths and seeing-through the fog, or coming from it.>> and <<... a magical figure coming from "the fog of time", from another world or reality.>>

I wrote that last phrase after internalizing the messianic symbolism of Emiliano Zapata. Now it seems like an intuition of Tutankhamen's tomb that was to come to focus in my mind weeks later.

The ancient Egytians used the symbolism of the wings a lot. We have the symbol of the winged Sun, the wings of the god Horus --a falcon--, the vulture-wings (of the extended astral body), etc. There is an association between wings and immortality and resurrection --e.g.the Phoenix... This is the world of large-orbited "winged" centaurs, and particularly, the after-death flight of the solar spirit, that we can identify with the "winged" transneptunians: the sdo's. So, even though they may represent "death" and very scary or destructive things, they seem to contain what is expressed in the sentence I quoted here days ago and that I like so much: "a higher synthesis of life an death, full of the mystery of the eternal spirit."

(it seems that my mind is hooked to the tnp's... hard to jump to the centaurs world...)



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