Torture at Abu-Ghraib and the death of Nick Berg
astrological commentary by Juan Antonio Revilla

Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 20:40:45 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Torture at Abu Ghraib: Pylenor

Humiliation, torturers, butchers, cold-blooded murder, nakedness... I think these are pylenorian matters. I discussed this aspect of Pylenor before, for example in April 2002 when I examined the rising Pylenor of Hugo Chavez:

"... of course Pylenor has also some very negative features, such as cold-blooded murder, torture, cynicism... A "sick" Pylenor can be gruesome, dark, even 'gothic'. Chavez, like Pylenor, can become a blister that exposes something rotten..." ref.:

Let me quote from my old set of keywords:

deprivation, humility [or humiliation]
dirty, immoral
flesh, exposed wound, nakedness
defoliation, slaughter
butcher, rivers of blood


These keywords accurately describe the situation at Abu Ghraib that has been shown in the photographs and the reports on the torture and killing of POW's. As a matter of fact, these acts are not restricted to the Abu Ghraib prison, nor to POW's; they have been reported since the beginning of the war and have been perpetrated against civilians as well. The Pentagon lies blatantly and cynically, while it accuses Al-Jazeera of "inventing" what they themselves knew to be true and was documented.

The CBS "60 Minutes II" documentary that first showed the photographs to the public aired April 28 at 8 p.m. EDT.

I use the sidereal zodiac:

Sun = 14,13 Aries
Pylenor of Islam = 15,53 Aries

Moon = 28,49 Cancer
Pylenor of Rumsfeld = 28,41 Aries
Pylenor of Baghdad = 28,20 Aries

Pylenor = 8,33 Taurus
Pylenor Rumsfeld answers the Senate = 9,01 Taurus
Iraq M.C. (1921) = 9,16 Taurus
U.S. Boyd ("War") Pylenor = 9,14 Scorpio

It is not unreasonable to assume that the scandal begins the next day, when the Solar conjunction with the Pylenor of Islam is exact. There is also a relatively small but unknown margin of error in the position of Pylenor in the Islam and Baghdad charts...

Also significant is:

Pluto of Iraq (1921) = 15,58 Gemini
Pylenor of G.W. Bush = 15,50 Gemini

Transiting Saturn has been in conjunction with this point since September last year and is about to make its last contact before it reaches the natal Sun of Bush and of the U.S.:

Saturn    15,50 Gem     0°00' Pylenor of G.W. Bush  31/ 8/2003
Saturn    15,58 Gem     0°00' Pluto of Iraq   2/ 9/2003
Saturn    15,58 Gem     0°00' Pluto of Iraq  19/12/2003
Saturn    15,50 Gem     0°00' Pylenor of G.W. Bush  21/12/2003
Saturn    15,50 Gem     0°00' Pylenor of G.W. Bush  18/ 5/2004
Saturn    15,58 Gem     0°00' Pluto of Iraq  20/ 5/2004

I think this is very important...



Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 20:40:45 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Torture at Abu Ghraib: Pylenor, 2

Pluto of Iraq (1921) = 15,58 Gemini
Pylenor of G.W. Bush = 15,50 Gemini
Transiting Saturn has been in conjunction with this point since September last year and is about to make its last contact before it reaches the natal Sun of Bush and of the U.S....

Here we must add:

Pylenor of United Nations = 16,01 Gemini!

The transit of Saturn over Iraq's Pluto is active from late August 2003 to early June 2004, effectively describing the occupation, the insurgency, the fall of Hussein, and the so-called "handling of power" to the Iraqis. Since the last contact happens on May 20, it can be said that its defining characteristic (a characteristic of Saturn/Pluto) is the scandal over the abuse of POW's, in other words, the abuses, the criminal acts of the American and British Armies.

One manifestation of Saturn approaching the Sun of Mr. Bush and of the U.S. chart is the efforts toward the social rebuilding of Iraq, the construction of a new --actually the first and only-- secular Islamic democracy, a goal that, according to the polls, at least half of the U.S. population wants to see achieved. Another face of this Saturn/Sun transit is the issue of "security" for the American people, the so-called "fight against terrorism", the effort to "make America safe", which was the main reason (?) to invade and occupy Iraq.

But despite the assumption that it was America's "holy mission" to defend freedom and lofty human values (those described in the Declaration of Independence) and represent them to the world, what Saturn is doing, what it will actually do, is to expose the reality in contrast to the lofty dreams. This, by definition, is what Saturn always does: face your own issues and work hard in order to fix them . This, at least, is what it does at the individual level; we know that at the mundane level the negative issues will be stronger than the positive ones.

The reality --so far-- has been that the U.S. Congress and the Bush Administration, and half of the U.S. population, are seeing how far away they are from their ideals. Because of the U.S. actions in Iraq, the danger of terrorism has augmented 10-fold, and Iraq is a disaster and a shame in front of the world. The United States (not just the Bush administration!) has shown moral and administrative incompetence; it set up to itself a goal it cannot achieve.

Let's keep in mind that the 4th July 1776 chart --in whatever version--, the chart of the popular and largely mythical United States, the chart of the lofty ideals of freedom and of the "cosmic" (or moral) mission in the rest of world, the Sun is in applying (1,30') square to Saturn. As a matter of national identity, the U.S. always overestimates itself and underestimates the "other", showing at the mundane level the reversal of what one would expect at the individual level. This underestimation is part of the "father complex" that was analyzed brilliantly by Liz Greene in "The Outer Planets and their Cycles" (1984?), and it always has disastrous consequences, especially for the "other" who must endure the authoritarian impositions and inhibitions of the U.S. saturnian Sun.

In this context, and because a transit of Saturn is always a period of "constriction", of checking and correcting, facing and solving, etc. (exactly what we are beginning to see now thanks to the scandal over the "moral debacle" -Pylenor- shown by the photos), it would be interesting to compare with what happened 30 years ago, in 1974 and 1975 (end of Vietnam?, Watergate?), which was the last time transiting Saturn made a conjunction with the national Sun... even though the situation now has the Varunian overtone no present then.

In other words, speaking astrologically:

Pluto of Iraq (1921) = 15,58 Gemini
Pylenor of G.W. Bush = 15,50 Gemini
Pylenor of United Nations = 16,01 Gemini

==> this is where transiting Saturn has been from September 2003 to May 2004.

Bush Sun = 19,47 Gemini
U.S. Sibley Sun = 21,42 Gemini

Note how Pluto(Iraq) and Pylenor (Bush, U.N.) set the stage for the subsequent transit over the Sun which opens the process called "the Varunization of America", the transit of Varuna. This transiting Saturn/Varuna chronological combination deserves further analysis...


Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 09:31:49 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Torture at Abu Ghraib: Pylenor, 3

Judy Johns, of the "Political Astrology" group, has provided the date of birth of Brig Gen Janis Leigh Karpinski, who had been in charge of the Abu Ghraib prison. The source is:

"Janis Leigh Karpinski." Marquis Who's Who TM. Marquis Who's Who, 2004. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich.: The Gale Group. 2004.

She was born May 25, 1953 in Rahway, New Jersey

Sun = 9,53 Taurus (12h GMT, sidereal)
Jupiter = 9,37 Taurus

This is a striking confirmation of the role of Pylenor in the scandal!

Pylenor CBS documentary = 8,33 Taurus
Pylenor Rumsfeld answers the Senate = 9,01 Taurus
Iraq M.C. (1921) = 9,16 Taurus
U.S. Boyd ("War") Pylenor = 9,14 Scorpio
Islam Venus = 9,45 Leo
Bin Laden's Fatwa Jupiter = 9,51 Aquarius
Bin Laden's Fatwa Sun =  9,57 Aquarius



Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 12:20:25 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Nick Berg

"Family spokesman Bruce Hauser said that Nicholas Berg was buried sometime between 8:30 and 9:30 this morning... Chester County Commissioner Andrew Dinniman said Berg was buried at a family plot at the Montefiore Cemetery in Jenkintown, just north of Philadelphia."

I feel that this date and time, when he is laid to rest in the intimacy and love of his family and friends in a private ceremony, and not the sensationalistic hiper-publicized execution that nobody knows when exactly took place, is probably the best or most consistent, or his true "spiritual", date and time of death. There will be a memorial service at the Synagogue at 3:30 p.m.

The tomb at the cemetery should be a goof source for his date of birth. Someone in another mailing list gave "April 2, 1978", no source, no reference, no credit (and I add: no credibility!).

Friday May 14, 13h GMT. I am waiting to find confirmation of the "April 2, 1978" date.



Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 12:37:49 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] Nick Berg

Just got the confirmation from Lenore Canter in the "PoliticalAstrology" list. The source is a news release by the New York-based Associated France-Press (AFP), dated May 12, 2004.

it says:

"[ ... ] Depuis sa ville de West Chester, non loin de Philadelphie (nord-est), ceux qui ont connu Nick Berg, qui avait eu 26 ans le 2 avril,...[ ... ]"



Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 18:52:09 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Nick Berg: the suspects, rev.

Here is a revised, expanded version, with some sketchy interpretation

2 April 1978, 12h GMT:
Sun = 17,57 Pisces
1181 Lilit = 17,24 Pisces
==>He "wants to help" the destitute Iraqis, he commits himself to help a society that has been abused and raped by what he doubly represents as a Jew and as an American, creating a double-bond: he projects himself unto lilitian people, but he is himself lilit (what 1181 Lilit represents was sketched in a previous post)

1181 Lilit of Rumsfeld = 17,58 Virgo
==>Why Rumsfeld here? - Keep in mind that, according to testimony of reporters in Baghdad, the Iraqi Police, and documentation provided by his father, the Administration is lying about his 13-day detention in Baghdad.

Nessus of Iraq (1921) = 18,14 Pisces
==>This is a very fragile, very vulnerable, and potentially very destructive or morbid contact. The Sun underestimates Nessus, considering it inferior. Nessus knows that and becomes hostile or destructive.

TD10 USA-Sibley = 17,12 Virgo
TD10 USA-Boyd = 17,07 Virgo
==>The American people (the Sibley chart) witness his execution, which becomes a reflection of their TD10. Remember what I just wrote in my analysis (still unfinished) of "Snow Falling on Cedars":

"The conviction, but also the convict. Privation of liberty... the death sentence... or death itself in the symbolical sense, but especially fratricide, parricide, etc., death in the family, genocide... Not war itself, but the fruits of war: hate, prejudice, death of the father or of the children, passed on from generation to generation. As I mentioned in my previous analysis, the film (and presumable, the novel) reinforces the role of the father in the spiritual sense..."

The role of TD10 is enhanced by:

natal Lunar Node = 11,27 Virgo
TD10 of Baghdad = 11,17 Virgo

natal Black Moon = 17,33 Gemini
==>since the Black Moon is an axis, I always consider the square aspect. This Sun/Black Moon square shows his struggle against his ancestry or primitive identity, which ends up devouring him.

Hylonome = 22,06 Gemini
Sun USA-Sibley = 21,42 Gemini
Sun USA-Boyd = 22,55 Gemini
==>this powerful focus speaks by itself...

Venus = 5,05 Aries
solar eclipse 19 April 2004 = 5,01 Aries
==>His experiences during those weeks help him establish contact with his inner self. He was having an encounter with himself. He had realized that he had to come back home.

---burial ("spiritual-symbolic" death) May 14, 13h GMT:
tr. Sun = 29,16 Aries
natal Pylenor = 29,11 Libra
natal Saturn = 29,41 Cancer
Pylenor of Baghdad = 28,20 Aries
Pylenor of Rumsfeld = 28,41 Aries
==>Saturn is even not needed here... Rumsfeld is again involved significantly. His father thinks that he died for the sins of Bush and Rumsfeld. We can safely say that he died for the Pylenor of Rumsfeld and the Pylenor of Baghdad.

tr. Pholus = 29,44 Libra
==>this describes the burial and the memorial today. There are many things that are not clear about his last days and his death. The Government is lying and hiding the truth. The Pholusian trickster dominates the scene.



Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 09:35:47 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Torture at Abu Ghraib: Pylenor, 4

"... of course Pylenor has also some very negative features, such as >cold-blooded murder, torture, cynicism... A "sick" Pylenor can be >gruesome, dark, even 'gothic'. Chavez, like Pylenor, can become a blister >that exposes something rotten..."

This was written April 16, 2002. Just to keep my own record straight, here is the extract of an older post in Spanish where I mention this aspect of Pylenor:

NOTE: The "astro_club" group no longer exists.

Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 06:36:16 -0600
Subject: Re: [astro_club] ESP  - Pylenor
"... siento a Folo, en este contexto, como el depredador que esta al acecho. Pilenor es el "carnicero". Tal vez, en lugar de "sanguinario", uno podria decir "carnicero". "... personalmente, veo a Pilenor mucho mas frio y desapasionado que Folo. Por ejemplo, el "hijo de Sam" (serial killer) --Luna conjuncion exacta Folo-- caza y mata a sus victimas pero no las tortura. Pilenor seria aqui el torturador... "Pero me parece a mi algo terrible caracterizar a los centauros de esta manera (por ejemplo, "Pilenor el carnicero" o "el sanguinario"), pues significa poner una etiqueta totalmente superficial sin adentrarnos en la DINAMICA psicologica que conduce al comportamiento patologico. "Como es que que los sentimientos llegan a distorsionars tanto que conducen al asesinato o a la tortura? Cual es el proceso que ha llevado a esta distorsion monstruosa? Si entendemos ese proceso, entenderemos que es Pilenor, sin necesidad de etiquetarlo como "el sanguinario". Pilenor (o caulquier otro) a veces se muestra "sanguinario", pero no es "EL sanguinario". "... es una metafora util comparar a Pilenor con el jefe mafioso que no se ensucia las manos, como lo podras comprobar examinando las palabras-clave. Sin embargo el asesino mafioso mata friamente, entierra el cuchillo y luego se lava las manos o la ropa, como un cirujano. "La diferencia entre el asesino "clinico" y el cirujano sirve para demostrar lo absurdo de las etiquetas. Ambos pueden relacionarse con Pilenor. Creo que si podemos entender la semejanza entre los dos, podremos entender UNA de las manifestaciones patologicas de Pilenor.


... I feel Pholus, in this context, like the hunting predator. Pylenor is the "butcher". Maybe, instead of "sanguinary", one could say "butcher" ... personally, I see Pylenor much more colder and dispassionate than Pholus. For example, the "Son of Sam" (serial killer) --Moon exact conjunction to Pholus-- hunts and kills his victims but doesn't torture them. Pylenor here would be the torturer. But it seems terrible to me to characterize centaurs this way (for example "Pylenor the butcher" or "the sanguinary"), because it means putting a totally superficial label without going into the psychological dynamics that leads to that pathological behavior. How is it that feelings become so distorted that they lead to murder or torture? What is the process that has led to this monstruous distortion? If we understand this process, we will understand what Pylenor is, without the need to label it as "sanguinary". Pylenor (or any other) sometimes shows itself as "sanguinary", but it is not "the" sanguinary. ... It is a useful metaphor to compare Pylenor with the mob leader who doesn' let his hands get dirty, as you can corroborate examining the keywords. However, the mob assassin kills coldly, pushing the knife and later washing his hands or clothes, like a surgeon. The difference between the clinical murderer and the surgeon is useful to demosntrate how absurd labels are. Both can be related to Pylenor. I think that if we can understand the similarities between the two, we will understand ONE of the pathological manifestations of Pylenor.



Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 07:54:07 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Bush speaks about Iraq, 2

I felt Bush's speech (May 24th 19h CDT) should bring forth some of the main significators of the Iraqi crisis:
May 24, 24h GMT (sidereal):
Sun = 9,20 Taurus
Chaos = 9,11 Taurus
Pylenor = 10,02 Taurus
(this is the focus of the Abu Ghraib scandal)

In retrospect:

Gen Karpinski Sun = 9,53 Taurus (12h GMT, sidereal)
Gen Karpinski Jupiter = 9,37 Taurus

Pylenor CBS documentary = 8,33 Taurus
Pylenor Rumsfeld answers the Senate = 9,01 Taurus
Iraq M.C. (1921) = 9,16 Taurus
U.S. Boyd ("War") Pylenor = 9,14 Scorpio
Islam Venus = 9,45 Leo
Bin Laden's Fatwa Jupiter = 9,51 Aquarius
Bin Laden's Fatwa Sun =  9,57 Aquarius

The Sun is still in conjunction with Pylenor. Right now:

tr. Sun = 10,50 Taurus
tr. Pylenor = 10,07 Taurus

The exact conjunction was yesterday, the birthday of Gen. Karpinsky (who was in charge of Abu Ghraib) , a few hours after Bush gave his speech the day before. What happened yesterday (or the day before) in this context? -The Pentagon announces the replacement (or removal) of General Ricardo Sanchez as commander in chief after the Press informed of a witness in one of the upcoming court martials who said he would testify Sanchez was present during some of the torture sessions.

Mars = 16,22 Gemini
Saturn = 16,29 Gemini
Jupiter 9/11 = 16,50 Gemini
natal Pylenor of Bush = 15,50 Gemini
natal Pluto Iraqi nation (1921) = 15,58 Gemini

Here it must be added:

Pylenor of United Nations = 16,01 Gemini.

Bush's speech coincides with the U.S. officially facing the U.N Security Council again in search of their involvement in Iraq. This involvement seems to be critical in helping Bush get out of the mess in which he is right now... but   the nasty signature of this initiative (Mars/Saturn/Pylenor... a perfect description of torture and murder) promises more war and destruction rather than peace.



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