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Subject: Nicholas and Aleksandra

Nicholas II was born May 6 (od style), 1868 at 12:02 p.m. near St. Petesburg. His wife Aleksandra was born June 6, 1872 "early in the day" in Darmstadt, Hesse. They and all their children were shot the night between the 16th and the 17th of July 1918 in Yekaterinburg.

Aleksandra (usually calculated for 9 a.m.) was born under an annular solar eclipse:

Sun = 15,52 Gemini
Moon = 18,12 Gemini
1994TA = 20,00 Gemini

Here, 1994TA looks a little "Rasputian"...




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Subject: Re: Nicholas and Aleksandra


Nicholas has 1995GO in 19,35 Geminis, good as a description of the common destiny he and his wife shared (blood), and reminiscent of the hemophiliac Alexis. (conjunct the "Rasputian" anular solar eclipse of Aleksandra in 15,52/Sun, 18,12/Moon, 20,00/94TA)

The other common axis they have is:

Nicholas 1994TA = 5,22 Gemini
Aleksandra Venus = 4,58 Gemini




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Subject: Raputin

According to a biography written by his daughter Maria, Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin was born late at night of Jan. 10, 1870 --old style--, in Tobolsk, 58N15, 68E12. (Britannica gives 1872? in Pokroskoye, no day or month). He died at dawn on December 17 (old style), 1916, in Petrograde. We can take the data at death as a radical and see what we find:

Moon = 19,17 Pisces
Chiron = 22,08 Pisces

This can be related to the czarina Alexandra, from my previous post (accounting for precession), while the czarievich Alexis' involvement is also expected. The chart appears in Alan Leo's Notable Nativities #265 and is reproduced in Sabian Symbols #24, which gives August 12 (new style), 1904 at noon:

Alexandra Sun = 16,30 Gemini
Alexandra Moon = 18,50 Gemini
Alexandra 1994Ta = 20,38 Gemini
Alexis Pluto = 21,26 Gemini

also, at Rasputin's death:

Mars = 21,48 Cap
TL66 = 21,00 Cap
Node = 19,55 Cap
Alexandra's Saturn = 20,41 Capricorn.

Jupiter = 25,34 Aries
CU26 = 26,44 Aries
Alexandra's Neptune = 26,13 Aries
Alexis Chiron = 26,03 Capricorn

Saturn = 28,38 Cancer r.
Alexis Mars = 28,14 Cancer
Alexandra's Jupiter = 29,33 Cancer
Alexandra's Uranus = 29,25 Cancer

The Mars involvement is not surprising considering the way in which Rasputin was killed. It is worth mentioning that, the day Alexandra's was shot with all her family, at midnight July 16/17 1918, the Sun was in 23,27 Cancer, making the opposition to TL66 in 22,12 Cancer, and probably pointing to TL66's involvement in all the gruesome events.

Regarding Alexis, it is interesting that his Sun is in 19,14 Leo and 1995GO in 21,43 Leo, which may describe, for example: his hemophilia, the relationship with his father, with Rasputin, and the general tendency of his life until he was shot at age 11. But, regarding the radical at Rasputin's death, the most direct and personal link in this karmic soup seems to be:

Rasputin Sun = 8,02 Capricorn
Alexis Neptune (prec.corr.) = 7,25 Cancer

This is the alleged "mystical" powers with which Rasputin "saved" Alexis, and also how Alexis spiritual strength is taken away by a false "father"... But this is too long already.



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From: (Juan Revilla)
Subject: [crp] Pylenor

Czar Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, and all their children were executed in the night between July 16 and 17, 1918, in Yekaterinburg. Probably all of us would agree in principle that their destiny and fatal end is very "centaurean", and was marked by blood, rivers of blood...

Nicholas' chart is in Alan Leo's Notable Nativities #282, reproduced in Sabian Symbols #721. It is made for 12:02 p.m. May 6 (old style) 1868, near St. Petesburg (59n55/30e15).

true node = 0,59 Virgo
TF35 = 0,46 Gemini

Aleksandra was born "early in the day" of June 6, 1872 (usually cast for 9 a.m.), in Darmstadt (49n53/08e40)

Sun = 15,49 Gemini
TF35 = 16,31 Gemini

From this, considering TF35's role in the siege of Leningrad, I think that at least we can say there is something very Plutonian about TF35... But it is 1994TA I want to check.

(please be aware that I will be working with precession from the time of Nicholas' birth in all positions I will be mentioning)

Aleksandra was born the near the time of an annular solar eclipse:

Node   = 12,34 Gemini
Sun    = 15,49 Gemini
Moon   = 18,09 Gemini
1994TA = 19,56 Gemini

Note the Moon applying to the conjunction with 1994TA. There is another connection:

Nicholas Pylenor  = 5,22 Gemini
Aleksandra Venus = 4,54 Gemini

When they were shot, there was another exact Venus/Pylenor conjunction:

Aleksadra 1994TA = 19,56 Gemini
t.Venus at death = 19,51 Gemini
Nicholas Asbolus = 19,38 Gemini

If 1994TA is Pylenor, which I feel is related to bloodshed, then we should find some material in what was the incarnation of this in their lives: little hemophiliac Alexis, and also in their sinister "friend", Rasputin.

Alexis is NN#265, SS#24, done for Agust 12 1904 at noon:

Alexis Pylenor = 9,52 Libra
Nicholas Moon  = 9,16 Aries

As we can see, Pylenor "was strong in the family". There is no agreement about the birth data of Rasputin, but it is well-known when he died: Dec.17 (old style) 1916 at dawn, Petrograde. Sunrise was at 7h14m UT, so I use 3 hours before that:

Moon   = 20,30 Pis
Chiron = 21,27 Pis
Alexis Nessus = 19,48 Pisces
Alexis Pluto  = 20,55 Gemini

This conjunction is making a square to the family axis in 19-21 Gemini, as if from outside... (except for Alexis' Nessus, which was the link). When the imperial family was shot less than 2 years later, the tr. lunar node was in 21,06 Sagittarius. Now check the other positions (remember they are precessed to the time of the Czar's birth):

Imperial family's execution (calculated for 0 UT July 17 1918 new style):
TL66 = 21,29 Capricorn
Sun  = 22,54 Cancer!

Raputin's death:
Mars    = 21,13 Capricorn
Pylenor = 23,57 Capricorn!

--All contributions as to how to interpret these aspects are welcome.



Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 16:10:41 -0600
From: (Juan Revilla)
Subject: [crp] Re: Pylenor - summary

Here is a summary for more clarity:

Aleksandra Moon    = 18,09 Gemini
Nicholas Asbolus   = 19,38 Gemini
t.Venus at death   = 19,51 Gemini
Aleksandra Pylenor = 19,56 Gemini

--this Venus/Pylenor signature is emphasized by:

Nicholas Pylenor = 5,22 Gemini
Aleksandra Venus = 4,54 Gemini

--the Rasputin "crack" from the outside (square) comes through Alexis' Nessus:

Alexis Nessus   = 19,48 Pisces
Rasputin Moon   = 20,30 Pisces (time of death, approx.)
Rasputin Chiron = 21,27 Pisces (time of death)
Alexis Pluto    = 20,55 Gemini
t.node at death = 21,06 Sagittarius

--the "Pylenor/Venus axis between Nicholas and Aleksandra is emphasized by:

Alexis Pylenor = 9,52 Libra
Nicholas Moon  = 9,16 Aries

--Alexis' bleeding, Rasputin... are "Pylenorian"...?

Imperial family's execution Sun  = 22,54 Cancer
Rasputin's assassination Pylenor = 23,57 Capricorn


p.s. positions are precession-corrected to the time of Nicholas' birth.

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