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Subject: Re: Applewhite

>From: "Jonathan Dunn"
>Marshall Applewhite (heaven's gate cult)
>17 May 1931 3:20a CST Spur TX

Thanks, Jonathan, for this data. I have always been curious about him, feeling that the centaurs must be around. So I take the opportunity to check them:

Chiron = 19,11 Taurus
Sun = 25,31 Taurus
midpoint = 22,21
Moon = 22,31 Taurus

This fits with the "close encounters" paradigm of Chiron.

there is an interesting grand trine:

Mercury = 4,08 Taurus
Neptune = 3,00 Virgo
Pholus = 5,26 Capricorn Rx.

I have found grand trines to be powerful, and not necessarily positive. Anyway this one fits well with the language of the cult. Pholus here stands for the "jump" to another reality, or the "invasion" of the mind by alien mythology. The suicide was really a "flight".

The mass suicide was March 27, 1997:

Venus = 5,01 Aries (superior conjunction)
Sun = 6,26 Aries
Saturn = 8,58 Aries
Pholus = 8,16 Libra Rx.

This speaks for itself. It is a description of the event (I'm taking the positions from Riyal's transits with a precession of 55.3' in case someone wants to check the ephemeris.) The Moon that night was around 20 Scorpio, in opposition to the Sun/Chiron/Moon incubator.


p.s. This is something I found, if you want to get amused:


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I found that the mass suicide did not happen March 27th. They were found after a call received by the deputy sheriff at 4 p.m. Wednesday 26th, and the 39 people had been dead for several days. There is some discussion of this, together with the Lous Rodden birth data from the birth certificate of Marshall Herff Applewhite, in the "CHAOS" site (

So, using 4 p.m. March 26 as the time in which the bodies were found:

Venus = 3,46 Aries
Sun = 5,27 Aries
Saturn = 8,50 Aries
Pholus = 8,20 Libra Rx.

The bodies were identified within the next 2 days, as the news were spread all over the world. It seems that the Sun/Saturn/Pholus axis is describing the world's --and especially the US-- awareness of this event. The involvement of Venus, to me, has to do with the fact that some men in the group were castrated (no testicles). As the Sun and Venus approached Saturn/Pholus, the event took hold of the nation and the world.

I had never studied this case before, and wish somebody who knows more could share ideas and details with us.



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Subject: Re: Applewhite - Heaven's Gate

Since centaurs go beyond boundaries of all kinds and "do not belong", just like comets, they have a strong affinity to "Heaven's Gate".

In 1997 we can be confident that the positions of the newest centaurs are accurate. So, I look again at the positions of March 26 1997 at 4 p.m., when the bodies were found (this time without the precession from the time of Applewhite's birth as in my last post):

the lunar signature:

QM107 = 6,37 Aquarius
TF35 = 6,57 Taurus
Uranus = 7,46 Aquarius
Moon = 7,56 Scorpio
BU48 = 9,06 Leo

--this seems to be the "death" signature, the corpses, the mass suicide.

the solar signature:

(first a Venus aspect:)
Venus = 4,42 Aries
CU26 = 4,35 Leo
Pluto = 5,30 Sagittarius Rx.

--this may be the surrender to death motivated by ideals of mystical transcendence (grand trine)

Sun = 6,22 Aries

--trine Pluto applying to the sextile with Uranus/QM107. It is interesting how this Uranus acquires an alien perspective through the centaur.

BU48 = 9,06 Leo
Pholus = 9,15 Libra Rx.
Saturn = 9,45 Aries

--It is clear to me that the Pholus/Sun opposition is the main axis and the key to the event. Who wants to say what Pholus is saying here, apart from "how Pholish!"?



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