Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 20:02:39 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] U.S./Iraq, Bush, and Nessus

Although Noel Tyl uses the chart for the "Kingdom of Iraq" (1921) and many astrologers prefer the chart of the "Republic of Iraq" (1958), the chart of the Baa'thist coup of 1968 is often mentioned.

The date for this chart is July 17, 1968, in Baghdad. The time was "just before dawn":

<<In a lightning and apparently bloodless coup d'etat just before dawn on 17 July, a group of Iraqi army officers - mostly youngish men of middle rank - unceremoniously ousted the regime of President `Abd al-Rahman `Arif and Premier Tahir Yahya...>> [ref.:]

The baa'th party, lead by Hussein, has been in control of the country ever since. This chart, then, seems to be the one most directly linked to the regime of Saddam Hussein.

There is one aspect that describes very well the USA/Iraq relations (the positions are all sidereal Fagan/Bradley):

      USA Sun = 22,40 Gemini (Boyd "War" chart)
      Iraq Mars = 22,54 Gemini (Saddam Hussein's regime)

NOTE: for the significance of the Boyd chart, see "Notes on the US Boyd 'War' Chart"

Also, although less exact or direct at first sight:

      USA Sun = 21,42 Gemini (Sibley)
      G.W. Bush Sun = 19,47 Gemini
      G.W. Bush Moon = 22,43 Virgo

Now consider transiting Nessus...

- Nessus opposition G.W. Bush Sun (sidereal): 05 Jan 2002
- Nessus opposition US Sibley Sun (sidereal): 01 Feb 2002, 27 Jul 2002, 16 Nov 2002
- Nessus opposition US War Sun (sidereal): 17 Feb 2002, 06 Jul 2002, 04 Dec 2002

This aspect is very strong and very direct technically speaking. It is, in my opinion, the main significator of the present campaign that attempts to justify or give legitimacy to the war against Iraq. In other words, we are seeing dramatically how the US responds to Nessus, how Nessus "acts" in that country, how "the US Nessus machine" works. The following comes to my mind:

1-) demonize the other
2-) hurt the other
3-) justify your behavior
4-) abuse your power


These are primitive defensive attitudes, the most negative manifestations of Nessus.

If this is the opposition, when was the conjunction? What happened then? What was starting then (conjunction) that is now coming to "maturity (opposition)?

Nessus conjunct USA "War" Sun = 13 Aug 1979, 11 Jan 1980, 01 Jun 1980

which, as you recall, is that last period of Carter and the "Iran" crisis, when "America" was being "abused" and humiliated and its "military might" and prestige reached a lowest point, when someone else was being demonized and blamed again for the situation that they themselves had caused by their abusive interventionism...

... and then the coming of Ronald Reagan and the largest peace-time military expenditure of all times, followed by the commitment to give military and mass destruction power to Saddam Hussein...



Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 12:26:13 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] U.S./Iraq, Chiron, TL66

U.S. Government's violation of the Geneva convention in the case of Iraq during and after the Gulf War is well documented. The clearest violation is in the case of the destruction of Iraq's water supply, done with full knowledge of the consequences on the civil population.

Several official reports by the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), have been made public in the last 2 years. These documents prove beyond doubt that the US Government, acting with malice aforethought, is responsible of large-scale genocide in Iraq.

The UN estimates that an average of 5000 children die each month in Iraq, and a total of about half-million children have died since 1991, as a direct result of US-imposed "sanctions" aimed at thwarting efforts to purify contaminated water.

NOTE: all the references on this are very easily found in the Internet. See for example:

My aim here is to see if it is possible to find astrological indicators for this feature of US/Iraq relations. My first thought was the chart of Iraq as a nation (e.g., the "kingdom of Iraq") instead of the Baa'thist Coup of 1968, which seems to be more related to Hussein himself.

Regarding the data for this chart, this is what Noel Tyl says:

<<The Kingdom of Iraq Chart is well-timed and reliable: August 23, 1921 at 6:00 AM in Baghdad. [An Associated News Dispatch from Baghdad reported in the August 24, 1921 edition of the NYT, describes the formal recognition of the kingdom of Iraq, the assumption of the throne by Faisal on August 23, 1921 at 6:00 AM. A great gathering was witness to the event, and Sir Percy Cox read the proclamation of the kingdom and brought personal best wishes from England's King George. -Sunrise is very important to Islam, the symbolic renewal of life very day. Sunrise that day was at 5:34 AM in Baghdad. British civility prevailed for ceremonies at 6:00 AM. See research in Tyl, "Prediction in Astrology," 1991.]>>

Remember, I use the sidereal zodiac to make the comparisons

      Iraq's Moon = 25,25 Pisces
      Iraq's North Node = 25,21 Virgo

The Moon is important here, because it represents the people, particularly children. In the USA Boyd chart one finds:

      US Boyd "War" Chiron = 24,50 Pisces

So, apparently, we could say: the US Chiron "wounds" Iraqi nation's Moon. If we consider at least the Gulf War and its aftermath, then this description really fits. On January 17, 1991 (beginning of the bombing of Baghdad), we find:

      TL66 bombing of Baghdad = 25,12 Pisces

which confirms what has been found of TL66 in many other cases.



Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 19:59:46 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] U.S./Iraq, TL66

>N. Tyl's Iraq's Moon = 25,25 Pisces
>N. Tyl's Iraq's North Node = 25,21 Virgo
>TL66 bombing of Baghdad = 25,12 Pisces

As a confirmation of the significance of this Moon/TL66, I find the following coincidence:

The Baa'thist Coup of 1968, which according to the source I mentioned happened "just before dawn" and which represents Saddam Hussein's regime, has the Moon in 26,59 Pisces (sidereal) if calculated for sunrise, which means that it was closer than this to the Moon of the Kigndom of Iraq...

When the Amiriya bombing shelter in Baghdad was destroyed by 2 successive "surgical bombs" as part of Mr Bush's "collateral damage", instantly incinerating more than 1000 civilians --mostly women and children--, TL66 was in 25,37 Pisces. (NOTE: as I mentioned last year when I presented this case above (22 Sep 2001), the destruction of the shelter shows the following: Sun of the bombing = 29,13 Capricorn, Nessus of Islam = 28,28 Aries).

This transit makes me want to explore in future posts the possibilities of the chart of the "Kingdom of Iraq" that Noel Tyl advices. He cites Nicolas Champion: <<this "horoscope [Kingdom of Iraq] for this date deserves to be taken as a national chart in view of the fact that an entirely new state was being recognized for the first time.", and adds that <<this chart allowed me to publish the predictions about the start (and end) of a war with the United States (the Gulf War), exact to the days, long before the fact [see Tyl, Prediction in Astrology].>> [ref.:, posted September 22, 2001]

To gain some perspective on the meaning of the Moon/TL66 contact here, consider that

<<Between 16 January and 27 February some 88,000 tons of bombs were dropped on Iraq, an explosive tonnage judged equivalent to seven Hiroshima-size atomic bombs. Thus for the period of the war Iraq was subjected to the equivalent of one atomic bomb a week, a scale of destruction that has no parallels in the history of warfare.>> [ref Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum, extracted from "The Scourging of Iraq" by Geoff Simons, Published by MacMillan, London. -- lost the url!]

and consider also that

<<According to reports verified by the UN, more than a million Iraqi civilians - over half of them children - died as a direct result of the US bombing of water and sewerage plants during the Gulf War and sanctions ever since. 4500 children per month continue to die, according to UNICEF.>> [ref.:]

Some examples of exact (less than 1-degree) Moon/TL66 contacts in the tropical zodiac from notes found in my website:

Moon = 7,09 Capricorn
TL66 = 7,02 Capricorn

Augusto Pinochet
Luna = 19,04 Cancer
TL66 = 19,51 Capricorn

Clint Eastwood
Moon = 1,43 Leo
TL66 = 1,31 Aquarus
Node = 2,12 Taurus.

Bhopal chemical accident
Moon = 7,46 Aries
TL66 = 8,27 Aries Rx.
(killed more than 3000, 3000 critically injured, 15000 needed treatment)

Anglo-Boer War
Moon = 10,16 Cap
TL66 = 10,34 Cap
(26000 women and children died in the British concentration camps)



Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 21:19:22 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] U.S./Iraq, more TL66

Saddam Hussein's regime, charted by the 1968 Baa'thist Coup, has the following:

       Baa'thist regime Sun = 0,15 Cancer (sidereal)
       Kingdom of Iraq TL66 = 0,04 Capricorn
       G.W.Bush Pholus = 0,15 Capricorn (the vulture, see my "Political Predators")

an indication apparently of totalitarianism and of Hussein's ruthless and genocidal dictatorship, specially if we consider that this is exactly square Saturn:

       Baa'thist regime Saturn = 0,52 Aries

It is also very interesting the involvement of the US Moon:

       US Boyd "War" Moon = 29,17 Virgo

forming a tight square (orb=0,47') with TL66 of the Iraqi nation.

TL66 is also dramatically present in the overthrow of the monarchy, if we take its position in the chart of the Republic of Iraq, mentioned in my first post (July 14th 1958, 4:00am GMT, Baghdad):

       TL66 Iraqi Republic = 5,29 Aquarius (sidereal)
       Sun Kingdom of Iraq = 5,46 Leo
       Mercury Kingdom of Iraq = 5,25 Leo

We see here a clear indication of TL66's involvement with political absolutism. Of note, too, is the position of the Sibley US Moon:

       US Moon 4th of July (Sibley) Moon = 5,21 Aquarius!

in exact conjunction with TL66 of the Iraqi revolution of 1958.

Now let's check Saddam Hussein's alleged birthdate of April 28, 1937; I will use 6h GMT:

       Saddam's Sun = 13,40 Aries (sidereal)
       Saddam's TL66 = 13,40 Capricorn

and with the US:

       Saddam's Mars = 10,30 Scorpio
       US Boyd "War" TL66 = 11,07 Scorpio
       US Sibley TL66 = 11,18 Scorpio

Finally, I note that, although the birth time of Hussein is not known for sure, most of the alternative times are pre-dawn or early morning, which puts his natal Moon around 10 or 11 Scorpio (remember, these are sidereal). If he really has the Moon near 11 Scorpio, then it is easy to understand why he is presented to the American public as the incarnation of evil, the Anti-Christ, etc., in spite of the level of callousness and the staggering facts about US terrorism against the people of Iraq.

As it often happens in synastric contacts, the role of the contacted planets is mutually reversed or projected to the other.



Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 10:55:19 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] U.S./Iraq, TL66, Quaoar

Let's examine now the time when George Bush signed the Iraq "War" resolution. The time is given by Noel Tyl as Oct 16 2002, 11:32:11 a.m. EDT.

       Mars = 5,48 Virgo
       US Boyd "War" Mars = 5,47 Virgo

Yeah! ... it's a 0,01' orb in the sidereal zodiac.

       Jupiter = 19,44 Cancer
       Mars of Iraqi Kingdom = 18,59 Cancer
       Sun of Islam = 19,53 Cancer

Venus is exactly conjunct TL66 at the moment of the signing:

       Venus = 20,09 Libra
       TL66 = 20,33 Libra

In the past, when examining the role of Venus in US/Islam relations, I had suggested that Venus stands for the oil assets, the cultural and religious riches, which seem to be here zapped by TL66. This happens in exact square to the Sun of Islam in 19,53 Cancer (see my compilation of what I wrote on US/Islam in my site for details on the chart of Islam).

NOTE ADDED 29 Oct 2002: I made a mistake. It was not a conjunction but an opposition (TL66=20,33 Aries). I called the conjunction "zapping"... the opposition looks more like having Venus as target, etc.

Nessus is, as already mentioned, opposing George Bush's Sun:

       Nessus = 20,34 Sagittarius
       GW Bush Sun = 19,47 Gemini

and I already commented what it means to me. I must add that at the beginning of Desert Storm Nessus was in 21,03 Virgo, establishing with clarity the importance of its role.

a note aside:

Quaoar is exactly on the Ascendant (0,08') in this chart, over the south lunar node (also 0,08'). This is revealing, but is the subject of a more careful analysis. Right now, the only thing I could say is:

Quaoar must represent something that was not there before, something quite unique, as the discovery of Varuna very accurately coincided with the US presidency being decided by the US Supreme Court in defiance of the Florida Supreme Court, instead of by the people, as in any democracy. This "question of High Courts" reveals a key element of the "supreme sanction" or authority that Varuna represents, so now:

... what "question" is the affair of wanting to wage war on Iraq in total disregard for international law? Exactly the same as Hussein once invaded Kuwait? What is the meaning of this?



Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 14:27:34 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Mars

In the past (21 Oct 2002) I mentioned a very striking "coincidence" regarding the U.S. "War" (Boyd) Mars:

       Mars U.S. Boyd chart = 5,47 Virgo (sidereal, rising)

and when president Bush signed the war resolution by Congress (Oct 16 2002,  11:32:11 a.m. EDT):

       Mars U.S. war resolution = 5,48 Virgo.

In my notes on the U.S. Boyd chart in my site you will also find:

       Neptune Pearl Harbor attack = 5,47 Virgo

Note the orb in both cases. (There is also, within the 1-degree orb: Mars WTC attack 9/11/2001 = 6,41 Sagittarius)

Today, I note that at the time of the "decapitation" attack aimed at killing Saddam Hussein, officially called "preliminary" to the full-blown invasion of Iraq (March 20 2003 02:30 a.m. GMT):

       Sun preliminary bombing = 4,17 Pisces

As I am writing this, the terrestrial operation or invasion by land from Kuwait is underway

       Sun full-blown invasion = 5,00 Pisces

One could say that the "preliminary" operation is described by the applicative opposition of the Sun. The exact opposition with the U.S. "War" Mars will be tomorrow at about 15h GMT.

I note also that, if we forget about Saddam Hussein's regime and concentrate on the people of Iraq or Iraq as a nation (The Kingdon of Iraq, as used by Noel Tyl), we find:

       Pluto Iraqi nation = 15,58 Gemini
       Mars right now = 15,20 Sagittarius

Saddam came to power 17 July 1969, the "Baathist Coup" chart:

       Mars Baathist coup = 22,54 Gemini
       U.S. Boyd "War" Sun = 22,40 Gemini
       G.W. Bush Moon = 22,43 Virgo



Dates: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 20:40:45 -0600 and
            Sun, 30 Mar 2003 21:49:00 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Mars - Nessus

As expected, today the Sun (conjunct Mercury) has glorified (Sun) the U.S. "war" Mars throughout the world thanks to the massive and extensive coverage by the media (Mercury?). To me, this is a confirmation of 1-) the critical, focal, dramatic meaning of an exact solar conjunction (this war "incarnates" the national Mars), and 2-) the validity of the Boyd chart in  cases of war. This inspires me to examine the contacts made by this chart more closely.

I want to mention 2 facts first about the "Declaration of Take Up Arms",  for which the Boyd chart is made. The first fact is that the date of this event (July 6) is also the date of birth of George W. Bush. The second fact is that, as is evident for anyone who reads the text, there is a remarkable similarity between its language and the language used by George W. Bush after the 9/11 event that has been the absolute axis of his presidential image.

NOTE: Ed Kohout, from another list (who for the record rejects the validity of the Boyd chart) has pointed out a 3rd fact that establishes still another link between Bush and the Boyd chart:

Bush Sun and Moon = 19,47 Gemini / 22,43 Virgo
Boyd Sun and Moon = 22,40 Gemini / 29,17 Virgo

Using the tropical zodiac the link looks stronger:

Bush Sun and Moon = 13,47 Cancer / 16,42 Libra
Boyd Sun and Moon = 14,16 Cancer / 20,54 Libra

This repetition (same date, same Sun/Moon positions) is happening because Bush was born exactly 9 metonic cycles (9 times 19 years) after July 6 1775. I will take the liberty of quoting Ed Kohout:

<<The Metonic cycle is a major vibration of our immediate cosmos, and part of a balanced rhythmic matrix that (I feel) helps life flourish here. Without going into too much detail about why I think this, I would simply say that the Sun/Earth/Moon dynamo has settled into this19-year cycle, and stabilized there over the last millions of years, and is a big part of why things are the way they are on the planet and how we behave in mundane ways -- calendars and other such behaviors come to mind.>>

These facts establish a strong affinity between G.W. Bush and the U.S. Boyd chart. I already mentioned several times the warlike exact contact between this chart, Bush, and the present Hussein regime of Iraq:

      Boyd Sun = 22,39 Gemini
      Hussein regime Mars = 22,54 Gemini
      Bush Moon = 22,43 Virgo

to which is added the Fatwa of Bin Laden (Feb 23 1998), which has Saturn in 22,48 Pisces, and Afghanistan (July 17 1973) with Mars in 22,12 Pisces. A lot of very basic bad feelings and hostility...

We can begin by paying more attention to the contacts between Bush and the Boyd chart. Still focusing ourselves on Mars only, one finds:

      Bush Mars = 15,19 Leo
      U.S. Boyd Nessus = 15,30 Aquarius

We can say that Bush "martializes" the national Nessus, it makes Nessus more aggressive, it puts it on the defensive like an attacked animal. This describes what Bush has done aggressively since 9/11: exploiting to the maximum the nation's deepest wound since Pearl Harbor.

This national Bush/Mars/Nessus contact is directly linked with Bin Laden's Fatwa:

      Uranus of Bin Laden's Fatwa = 15,28 Aquarius
      Lunar Node B.L's. Fatwa = 15,50 Leo

and to the al-Jazeera news network (1 Nov 1996) through CY118 in 15,32 Leo (more on al-Jazeera later).

Here are other eloquent Mars/Nessus contacts along the same vein:

      Mars of Islam = 14,48 Virgo
      Nessus WTC = 14,40 Sagittarius

      Mars Bin Laden's Fatwa = 28,09 Aquarius
      Nessus Bin Laden's Fatwa = 28,24 Scorpio
      Neptune Boyd chart = 28,41 Leo

The Mars/Nessus/Neptune contact repeats the Mars/Neptune contact of Pearl Harbor.

Remember that Nessus has been in opposition to the U.S. and Mr. Bush's Sun during the whole campaign for the war in 2002:

      - Nessus opposition G.W. Bush Sun (sidereal): 05 Jan 2002
      - Nessus opposition US Sibley Sun (sidereal): 01 Feb 2002, 27 Jul 2002, 16 Nov 2002
      - Nessus opposition US War Sun (sidereal): 17 Feb 2002, 06 Jul 2002, 04 Dec 2002 002

Note that the second (retrograde) contact with the U.S. Sun happens exactly the day of the Boyd chart anniversary -- Bush's birthday, strengthening the link between the 2, this time critically mediated by Nessus.

Right now, transiting Nessus is in exact square to the U.S. "war" Moon:

      transiting Nessus = 29, 08 Sagittarius
      U.S. Boyd "war" Moon = 29,17 Virgo

Nessus is also about to "close" the opposition to Saddam Hussein's regime (17 July 1968):

      transiting Nessus = 29,08 Sagittarius
      Sun of Hussein's regime = 30,15 Gemini (0,15 Cancer)

However, this opposition is not closed in 2003. Nessus goes retrograde at the end of April in 29,50 Sagittarius, and closes the opposition only until 19 January 2004.

This transit of Nessus (as well as the U.S. "war" Moon and Saddan Hussein's regime) activates the TL66 of the Iraqi nation:

      transiting Nessus right now = 29,08 Sagittarius
      U.S. "war" Moon = 29,17 Virgo
      TL66 Kingdom of Iraq = 30,04 Sagittarius (0,04 Cap)
      Sun of Hussein's regime = 30,15 Gemini

The Hussein/TL66 connection is right on the spot. We can also say that Bush's obsession with Iraq is related to Nessus very clearly.



Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 10:17:35 -0600
Subject: Re: [act] astrologer in the White House

... A Baath regime had started after a coup in 1963 but lasted less than a year; it was the second coup of 1968, ever since which the Baathist party has ruled the country uninterruptedly, that put Saddam in power, even though he became president until 1979.

What is coming or has come to an end today in Iraq is not Sadam's Hussein presidency of 1979, but the era of the Baathist regime with Hussein in power that started in 1968. This historical day is celebrated as Iraq's national holiday, called "Revolution day".

The coup of July 17, 1968, was bloodless, and was perpetrated "just before dawn". The reference is given in my notes here:

Unfortunately, on checking, the pdf file is no longer available. But Saddam Hussein himself gives the time in a discourse found here:

<<It is not possible to describe the effect of the act accomplished between 3o'clock at the dawn of July 17, 1968 and...>>



Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 21:24:02 -0600
Subject: Re: [act] astrologer in the White House
Saddam, in his speech, indicated that the 'revolution' was between dawn on 17 July and 3 pm on 30 July 1968. Which date do you think is more valid?
I personally think the day that they celebrate, July 17. It is (was) called "Revolution Day" and it is (was) their national holiday.



Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 12:34:32 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Iraq and TL66

Here is a summary. These are sideral positions (Fagan/Bradley) that I use in order to account for precession.

TL66 Naciones Unidas = 19,20 Capricornio
Sol del Islam = 19,52 Cancer
TL66 is the main astrological key of the relationship between Islam and the political aims of the world powers at the Security Council that were victorious in WWII, called "United Nations".

Now if we consider the "Kingdom of Irak" as representative of the Iraki people as opposed to the Ba'ath or any other regime:
Marte nacion Iraqui = 18,59 Cancer
Neptuno nacion Iraqui = 20,27 Cancer
The midpoint of this conjunction (19,43 Cancer) falls exactly on the Sun of Islam, giving it a more warrior-like or aggressive and martyrdom-prone character, which directly confronts TL66 of the Security Council.

Iside the recent history of Iraq, we find::
Sol del regimen Ba'ath (1968) = 0,15 Cancer
TL66 Reino de Iraq = 0,04 Capricornio
Sol Reino de Iraq = 5,46 Leo
TL66 Republica de Iraq (1958) = 5,29 Acuario
TL66 leaves a very deep mark on Irak's history. Now consider the 88,000 tons of bombs --equivalent to 7 Hiroshima Atom bombs-- dropped between Jan 16 and Feb 27 1991:
Luna nacion Iraqi = 25,11 Piscis
Nodo Norte nacion Iraqi = 25,21 Virgo
TL66 "Tormenta del Desierto" = 25,13 Piscis
And today we have seen the human spectacle of "Liberated Baghdad"
TL66 en abril del 2003 = 20,25 Aries
Luna ciudad de Baghdad = 20,03 Libra
created by the "Kings of War":
TL66 natal de G.W. Bush = 21,47 Capricornio
TL66 eclipse lunar del 8/9 nov 2003 = 22,05 Aries
Sol natal de Tony Blair= 21,17 Aries (6 de Mayo de 1953, 05h10m GMT)
(thanks to Roy for pointing to Tony Blair's Sun position)



Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 18:52:05 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] Bush in iraq
Bush lands at 9:31 EST (27 Nov 2003)
This visit "closes" on the TL66 of the "American people" (the Sibley chart):

Sun when Bush landed = 10,08 Scorpio (sidereal)
TL66 Sibley = 11,18 Scorpio

But if one uses the Boyd chart, which has a doubled importance here (it is the US "War" chart and the Soli-lunar "twin" chart of G.W. Bush):

TL66 = 11,06 Scorpio
Pylenor = 9,15 Scorpio
midpoint = 10,10 Scorpio

So the Sun when Bush landed on his new puppet state, the Sun was exactly in their midpoint, within less than 1 degree from each other, and in exact square with the Fatwa of Bin Laden:

Sun of the Fatwa = 9,57 Aquarius

Note that the Fatwa is in exact square with the TL66/Pylenor conjunction of the U.S. This conjunction, dramatized by the Fatwa but specially by today's visit, is reiterated in the Fatwa's chart itself, but more exact:

Fatwa Pylenor = 9,33 Aries
Fatwa TL66 = 9,15 Aries

That is, both the Fatwa (Bin Laden's manifiesto) and the U.S.A. Boyd chart (U.S. open war manifiesto), have this conjunction, which has today been glorified: the Empire (TL66) and the humiliation (Pylenor), the desolating humiliation... of what?

... take a look at the position of the Moon (sidereal) at the time of the landing:

Moon Bush landing = 0,53 Capricorn
TL66 Kingdom of Iraq (the Iraqi Nation) = 0,04 Capricorn

This position of the Moon, in conjunction with the natal Pholus of G.W. Bush in 0,15 Capricorn, is consistent with both the "vulture" (or in this case, the hawks, the invading/occupation army) and the feasting, celebrating at the house of their prey.



Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 21:24:33 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] Bush in iraq

... What you say about Hillary Clinton's visit to Afghanistan makes sense, but I don't see how the Bush electoral counter-maneuver (if I understand you well) changes what I wrote. The utter humiliation of the Iraqi people (TL66) is the same, as well as the political/military vultures having a banquet (Pholus), feasting on their prey (Baghdad), no matter what the tactical reasons for doing it might have been.

Unless someone thinks that Astrology deals with cause and effect instead of "signs", this visit is very symbolic or "radical", i.e., it will prove to be a significant reference point in the future; it brings to focus the TL66 both of the U.S. and of Iraq. It looks as the culmination of the Nov. 9th lunar eclipse that was a laser pointing to TL66 (Sun/Moon conjunction-opposition), TL66 of Bush in particular (square), and the Sun of his political sweetheart, Mr. Blair (conjunction).

TL66 seems to be describing the civilian bombings and deaths and the American casualties, and also the very violent "counter-insurgence" operation conducted last week by the U.S. Army against the population, breaking into their homes and violating the intimacy of their families. This no doubt only strengthens their resistance and hate.

This seems to be "the TL66 way", Bush and Blair's (and Ariel Sharon's) way, two idiots who the only peace they can conceive is the peace of cemeteries.


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