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   Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 20:44:56 -0600
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Subject: Nessus kamikazes

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, <<the first Japenese dive bomber appeared over Pearl Harbor at 7:55 AM (local time).>> If I am not wrong, this would be 18h25m GMT the same day:

Sun = 15,19 Sag
Mars = 15,33 Aries
I.C. = 15,41 Aries
Chiron = 14,28 Leo

This is an exact fire grand trine, very warlike, and it is interesting to note the involvement of Chiron in creating it, with focus clearly on the Mars/I.C.point. We also have:

Venus = 1,37 Aquarius
Nessus = 1,44 Taurus (Sabian Symbol: "an electrical storm")

and for later reference:

Neptune = 29,42 Virgo
Pluto = 5,35 Leo

This chart is very radical, and represents the beginning of U.S. involvement in WWII and particularly the U.S.-Japan "War of The Pacific". Now: according to the Britannica again, the Japenese practice of launching kamikaze attacks <<was most prevalent from the Battle of Leyte Gulf, October, 1944, to the end of the war>>. In another place, it says that the Battle of Leyte Gulf happened in the early hours of October 25th, which gives (October 24th 18h GMT):

Sun = 1,12 Scorpio
(in opposition to Pearl Harbor's Nessus!, orb=0,32)
Nessus = 6,11 Taurus
(in exact square to P.H.'s Pluto, orb=0,36)
Mars = 7,50 Scorpio

Which means Sun conjunct Mars opposed Nessus square Pluto. In April 6, 1945, during a Japanese counterattack at the Battle of Okinawa, 355 kamikaze raids were launched that <<inflicted the greatest losses ever suffered by the U.S. Navy in a single battle, killing almost 5000 men>>. At 0h GMT (around noon local time) we have:

Sun = 15,50 Aries!
(the point of the Mars focus at Pearl harbor, orb=0,17)
Venus = 0,52 Taurus
(conjunction Nessus at P.H. and Sun at Leyte Gulf)
Chiron = 29,00 Virgo
(conjunction Neptune at Pearl Harbor, orb=0,42)

Now, at the end of it all, Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

Sun at Hiroshima = 13,08 Leo
Sun at Nagasaki = 16,07 Leo
their midpoint = 14,37 Leo
Chiron at Pearl Harbor = 14,28 Leo!

This relationships are too exact to be ignored. Nessus-kamikazes sounds logical. I would like to know what this Chiron means... Why is he so destructuve here?



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   Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 21:46:53 -0600
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Subject: Nessus kamikazes

I'm very stringent in this matter [of orbs and weighting] (maybe too much). But I believe there are times when the out-of-sign is less debilitating. Consider Akira Kurosawa, born March 23, 1910. At noon GMT we have:

Sun = 1,59 Aries
CU26 = 29,20 Pisces (distance 2,39)
Nessus = 27,17 Pisces (distance 2,03)
Pluto = 24,52 Gemini (distance 2,25)

Here there is also an out-of-sign, though the planets are closer, and it is not a square but a conjunction, with CU26 0,18 from the exact midpoint. I was going to disregard this centaurean mark in Kurosawa, but now I'm beginning to think that I shouldn't. I have been feeling strongly that Kurosawa's  samurai warriors are Nessus, but this would mean that they are Sun-CU26-Nessus. Anyway, they are very strongly centaurs.



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Subject: Re: The Rose Hill and Kevorkian

Centaurs are peculiar, they form a category. This peculiarity, from my present perspective (which will be maturing with time), is well represented in the mythic image of a warrior. I cannot see them as integrative in any way, since, in my opinion, integration is not their job.

I don't see how I can relate wholeness with an asteroid, which by its nature incarnates fragmentation. The regained wholeness comes from other parts of the chart, in my view represented by the luminaries and by Jupiter and Saturn. Not even Chiron, so often associated with "healing" has anything to do with wholeness. Healing is, of course, but to me the Centaurs represent the pain and the crippleness that brings about the need for healing, the search and longing for wholeness, by showing us what is most human: fragmented life in need of redemption.

"Otherness" may be related to Centaurs, but, in my perspective, as I just said, they won't balance anything. They catalize. My very personal, subjective feeling in this, is that I cannot leave planetary hierarchy behind, and give Centaurs the same level of meaning the planets have, or give the planets the same level of meaning the Sun and the Moon have.



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Subject: Re: Nessus

The image of Japanese society and Japanese samurai warriors comes very strong to me when I think in Nessus. It has a shining armour made of some cloth that is close to metal, but it's not rigid like the armours in the west.

Another image is the dragon's skin.



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Subject: Re: Lee Marvin & Toshiro Mifune

Jonathan Dunn wrote:
>Toshiro Mifune - 1 April 1920 - Tsingtao China, can't find a time.
>Sun 11 Aries, ... Nessus 10 Aries .

Thanks a lot. Toshiro Mifune was a great Samurai actor and martial artist, and he was the main character in the Samurai sagas of Akira Kurosawa in the 50's and 60's. He also played Sho-gun with Richard Chamberlaim when he was older. He is an archetypal samurai in the artistic and higher sense. I will add him to my centaur warriors.



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