Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 12:26:04 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] the peace demonstrations of Feb 15th

In my opinion, February 15 2003 and September 11 2001 are the 2 most important events of the 21st century, but, even though the 9/11 event had repercussions for the whole world, it was something that happened to the U.S. alone, while the massive peace demonstrations of February 15th happened simultaneously in the whole world.

On that day, Jupiter and Neptune were in opposition as the Moon was approaching Jupiter: people on the streets "demonstrating" or parading, walking peacefully, praying or crying for peace, denouncing the greed, the hypocrisy, and the cynicism of governments that don't care for what their own people want, let alone for the many millions of lives that will be affected and the thousands that will be destroyed and have been already destroyed by the hegemonical expansionism of the U.S.A. and its allies.

However, I think this falls short of describing the significance of Feb 15th. The Jupiter/Moon/Neptune configuration does not account for the fact that these people on the streets were fighting, they were uniting forces to fight against what they thought was evil or bad on a world-scale. Jupiter/Neptune can be associated with the quasi-religious or moral implications of the event, but not with the confrontation.

What was happening in the world that could simultaneously arouse millions of people to protest on the streets, trying to stop the plans to invade and make war on a country that through a successful manipulation of the United Nations and a relentless punishment of the civilian population by means of "sanctions" is now practically defenseless?

In the past I have mentioned how transiting Nessus is making opposition both to the U.S.' and to G.W. Bush's Suns. This is the main signature of this war campaign. We are witnessing through the actions of the present U.S. Government the most negative and predatory manifestations of Nessus. [ref. post of 17 Oct 2002]

The U.S. war campaign has also brought to a point of dis-unity the United Nations Security Council, NATO, the European Union, and many other nations internally. This is centaurean. Perhaps this was dramatized on Feb 15th by the exact opposition between the Sun and the Chironian centaur 2001BL41. But I don't know anything about BL41, one of the smallest centaurs and totally controlled by Saturn, so I will put it aside for the moment.

We saw on February 15th the arousing of the masses against the abuse of power and the hegemonical actions of the U.S. and its allies. It was an issue of power, and the millions who went to the streets gave momentum and power to the movement against this war, to those who are willing to fight their own government for peace. This was more warrior-like, more confrontational with the status-quo, more Uranian and centaurean.

I will examine the focal determinators of that day. In a world-scale there are no angles, and the usual practice is to refer things to the previous Capricorn or Aries ingress, especially the Capricorn ingress as used by the Fagan school.

Let's see the aspects of the day first. I consider only 1 degree conjunctions and oppositions of the Moon and the Sun, sometimes the node and the lunar apogee. I consider squares when they correspond to the symbolism of the event or are involved in a T-cross or similar.

      BU48 = 25,25 Leo
      Sun = 26,23 Aquarius (12h GMT)
      BL41 = 26,29 Leo

      BU48 Capricorn ingress (tropical) = 26,45 Leo
      BU48 Capricorn ingress (sidereal) = 26,17 Leo
      BU48 stationary 29 Nov 2002 = 26,54 Leo
      Uranus Capricorn ingress (sidereal) = 26,57 Aquarius

BU48 here is empowered, "shining" in all its glory (the BU48 of the Capricorn ingress).

      XX143= 1Le24
      Moon = 6Le49
      CF119= 8Le32

At noon in Australia that day the Moon was in conjunction with XX143, but it is reasonable to limit ourselves to the events in Europe and the U.S. At noon in New York the Moon was in 9,42 Leo. This means that in terms of Europe and New York, the Moon was in conjunction with 1999CF119, a scattered disk object of the same nature and scale as CZ118 and CY118, which we saw were the main significator of the 9/11 event. [ref. post 21 Nov 2001]. Here CF119 is in relationship to the people, the community, the public and masses (Moon), and confirms the "apocalyptic" nature of these objects, their "escathological" transcendence, even though we don't know anything about it yet. But the event together with its orbital gesture and domain is telling us what its nature might be.

I will examine the Capricorn ingresses and the possible meaning of BU48 in this case later. First, I would like to explore the connections between this day, the U.S. chart, and the 9/11 chart. On first sight a connection appears:

Sun WTC attack = 18,51 Virgo (with CY118 in 18,31 Virgo)
Mars Feb 15th = 18,52 Sagittarius (12 GMT)
Pluto Feb 15th = 19,36 Saggittarius

I find this very telling, considering the nature of the issues involved on February 15th. Interpretations can go in different ways, but I think it is revealing that peace demonstrations happened during one of the last configurations one would associate with "peace". This is why I see Feb 15 more as an open fight against the war that the U.S. and its allies want to impose and justify upon the rest of the world. Specifically, one could see the above aspect as Feb 15th fighting against what the WTC attack incarnated: apocalyptic, mass-destruction terrorism, paradoxically incarnated now in the U.S. war against Iraq.

(will continue)



Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 13:17:11 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] the peace demonstrations, 2: Pylenor

From now on, in order to account for precession when making the comparisons, I will use the sidereal zodiac.

Let's examine again the aspects of the Sun that day at 12h GMT:

      BU48 = 0,37 Leo
      Sun = 1,38 Aquarius
      BL41 = 1,41 Leo
      Pylenor = 2,02 Taurus
      Uranus = 3,53 Aquarius

If we consider these positions with respect to the "horoscope of the world" --as we can call the previous December solstice--, the main significators become more clear:

Dec. 22 2002,  1h14m UT (winter solstice):

      Uranus = 1,04 Aquarius
      BU48 = 1,58 Leo

The Sun of the peace demonstrations was exactly aligned with these, and with:

      Damocles of U.S. "War" (Boyd) chart = 2,06 Aquarius

Pylenor (1994TA) was on February 15th the focus of a T-cross with the Sun/BL41 opposition at the axis. Following are my thoughts about what it might mean:

The issue of the chemical weapons, of the "mass murderer" has been the main argument used by the U.S. propaganda, and has been successful to a point similar to brain-washing.  Nobody has ever said that Sadam Hussein is nice, he is always shown as a distorted, bad "Quasimodo" dictator, but the demonstrators were denouncing "King George" in the same ridiculing, social misfit Pylenorean terms.

The bleeding associated with Pylenor can be seen here: with the pretension of getting rid of Saddam Hussein, the Bush war-mongers have manipulated the United Nations since the times of the Gulf War, being responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, and have humiliated Iraq, destroying its sovereignty and forcing it to remain defenseless.

The recent admonition made by the Arab representative at the U.N. Security Council, that Iraq represents no threat to the security and stability of the region, that the real threat is Israel, who posesses all the military means of mass destruction and the aggressive expansionism, is ignored.

One of the many Europeans and Americans who have gone to Baghdad to act as "human shields" in hope of stopping the destruction, gave an answer to a reporter that evidences an aspect of Pylenor that I found in the examination of the Israel-Palestine conflict: <<I come here because my life is worth more than the life of the Iraqis, and perhaps they will think twice before they decide to kill me instead>>

Everybody knows that there is a strong oil stench in all this. And the war-mongers are thirsty for blood. They do not want to hear that war is unnecessary, they do not care for the blood that will be spilled. But this is exactly what the millions of demonstrators of February 15th denounced, and forced them to hear.

NOTE: these interpretations are entirely based on previous work and on my set of keywords for Pylenor.

(will continue)



Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 21:02:25 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] the peace demonstrations, 3: TL66

I always wondered why the media, during the bombing of Afghanistan, refused to report on the number of civilian casualties. If interested, there is a detailed, fully documented account of this aspect of the bombing here:

The report is entitled "A Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Accounting [revised]", written by Professor Marc W. Herold, of the Departments of Economics and Women's Studies of the University of New Hampshire. It is illustrated with pictures, graphs, and eye-witness accounts. The number of dead, putting aside the wounded and crippled, is between 3000 and 3400 from October 7 2001 to March 2002.

For my review, I would like to quote the second part of the abstract:

<<This dossier makes six major points:

<<First, the U.S. bombing upon Afghanistan has been a low bombing intensity, high civilian casualty campaign [in both absolute terms and relative to other U.S. air campaigns].

<<Secondly, this has happened notwithstanding the far greater accuracy of the weapons because of U.S. military planners decisions to employ powerful weapons in populated regions and to bomb what are dubious military targets.

<<Thirdly, the U.S. mainstream corporate media has been derelict in its non-reporting of civilian casualties when ample evidence existed from foreign places that the U.S. air war upon Afghanistan was creating such casualties in large numbers.

<<Fourthly, the decision by U.S. military planners to execute such a bombing campaign reveals and reflects the differential values they place upon Afghan and American lives.

<<Fifth, this report counters the dangerous notion that the United States can henceforth wage a war and only kill enemy combatants.

<<Sixth, the U.S. bombing campaign has targeted numerous civilian facilities and the heavy use of cluster bombs, will have a lasting legacy born by one of the poorest, most desperate peoples of our world.

<<In sum, though not intended to be, the U.S. bombing campaign which began on the evening of October 7th, has been a war upon the people, the homes, the farms and the villages of Afghanistan, as well as upon the Taliban and Al Qaeda.>>

These same facts about the Afghanistan campaign are being shown now with regards to Iraq, especially the one I already mentioned, the "differential values" that U.S. military leaders (and clearly, the media) place upon Afghan and American lives. I have suggested, as before with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that the low value given to Arab lives is a manifestation of Pylenor/1994TA.

When I was examining the chart of Islam many months ago, I noted the fact that TL66 was making a square to the Sun of Islam. The dates of the exact square in the sidereal zodiac are:

        1 Jun 2002 (direct)
      15 Nov 2002 (retr.)
      30 mar 2003 (direct)

NOTE: if you are interested in pursuing the meaning of this aspect, here are the dates: previous opposition=1944-45, previous square=1637-43 (near the aphelion in 1623), previous conjunction=1299-1301. TL66 reached perihelion in mid-July 2001.

This means that the 9/11 2001 event was only a preamble of what would be unleashed if the U.S. is allowed to invade Iraq. Nobody doubts that the Iraqi regime will be destroyed easily, it is the consequences of the unjustified invasion what everybody fears.

TL66 is an apocalyptic planet, like the "calling of the trumpets", the fulfillment of prophecy. It is in exact conjunction with TD10 in the chart of Islam, and in fact, it evoques the "riders of apocalypse" image that so many people associate with the most fanatical form of Islamism. In the chart of Islam, TL66 is in exact conjunction with TD10:

      Islam TD10 = 3,11 Virgo (sidereal)
      Islam TL66 = 3,07 Virgo

I wrote once in this forum what this conjunction suggests to my imagination (3 Dec 2001): <<This conjunction marked the birth of Islam. It produces in me the image of a strong vortex in the sky, an "opening" to another dimension, or to death and destruction, or to the afterlife. When triggered, it may be related to the idea of going to Paradise or becoming a martyr through deeds of destruction, self-immolation and sacrifice.>> []

NOTE: Along these lines, considering the present situation, it may be of interest the fact that they will be in conjunction again on April 4, 2005 in 23,57 Aries sidereal, 18,46 Taurus tropical. This will be a unique conjunction because it happens only once and near the perihelion of both planets. Previous conjunctions happened in 1350-52 (remember the "Black Death" of 1347-1351), and in 1049-1050.

In that same message, I pointed out that the Moon of the WTC attack (9/11/2001) was in 3,19 Gemini, exactly conjunct the CY118 of Bush in 4,00 Gemini and the Saturn of Afghanistan in 3,50 Gemini. TL66 potentiated or spiralled this and gave it apocalyptic dimensions. The Beast (TL66) of the WTC attack soon became incarnated in the U.S. unbridled military expansion, so much that it is easy to understand the Arab point of view of how it is the U.S. and not the Arab people what is using terrorism (a fact that had its antecedents in the crimes perpetrated during the Gulf War).

It is worth remembering that CY118 was exactly conjunct the Sun during the WTC attack (orb=0,28'), and that the Moon of the attack in conjunction with G.W. Bush's CY118 (orb=0,41') reiterates what we find in the radix "War" (Boyd) U.S. chart:

      U.S. Boyd Moon = 29,17 Virgo
      U.S. Boyd CY118 = 29,13 Pisces (orb=0,04')

Before leaving TL66, there is something that must be mentioned. The giant 2002AW197 (of about 1000-1100 Km in diameter) is now exactly in conjunction with the Sun of Islam. We may imagine the square of TL66 as what comes from the outside (the U.S.), while AW197 right now focuses the solar forces of Islam, Islam's response to the threat of TL66. The keywords for this object proposed by Francesco Schiavinotto could easily be adapted to the world situation that gravitates around Islamic people right now:

- Worldwide Forces
- Planetary Architecture
- Gradual/Global Changes
- Evolutionary Trends
- Law of Cause and Effect
- Underground Movements
- Structural Equilibria
- Destroying/Rebuilding Processes
- Metamorphism
- Transforming Energy



Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 01:35:28 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] the peace demonstrations, 4.

Let's see again the configuration I dealt with in my last message (remember I am using the positions at the Winter Solstice as the "horoscope of the world"):

      Sun of Islam = 19,52 Cancer
      Varuna of Islam = 18,42 Cancer
      TL66 winter solstice 2002 = 19,08 Aries
      TL66 February 15th = 19,00 Aries
      AW197 winter solstice 2002 = 19,49 Cancer
      AW197 February 15th = 18,51 Cancer

Just how much significance has the Winter Solstice (and the chart of Islam) can be seen even better when we add to these the following:

      Venus at winter solstice = 20,06 Libra
      Mars at winter solstice = 18,22 Libra
      Hylonome at winter solstice = 18,03 Libra
      Hylonome February 15th = 19, 27 Libra

A triple conjunction, but much more powerful on the side of Mars/Hylonome (orb=0,19'). Especially significant is also the position of Damocles on February 15th, which completes the Great Cross picture from the Capricorn side:

      Damocles February 15th = 20,00 Capricorn

Exactly in opposition to the Sun of Islam. This symbolism becomes more poignant if we remember (post 2) that on Febryary 15th the transiting Sun was in exact conjunction with the Damocles of the U.S.A. "War" (Boyd) chart. This is directly connected with the Mars/Neptune conjunction of the Kingdom of Irak, which I examined last year (see my post of 20 Oct 2002 for a discussion of the data):

      Mars Kingdom of Iraq = 18,59 Cancer
      Neptune Kingdom of Iraq = 20,27 Cancer

This is exactly over the Sun of Islam and at the focus of the AW197/TL66 transit. Remember also from my discussion of Iraq (21 Oct 2002), that at the time when Bush signed the Iraq "War" resolution (Oct 16 2002):

      Venus = 20,09 Libra (sidereal)
      TL66 = 20,33 Aries

My (very brief) comments on the meaning of Venus here can be found in my compilation:

All this makes evident that the point 18-20 Cancer (sidereal), where the Sun of Islam is found, is very focal. The Mars/Hylonome conjunction at the Winter Solstice is a good sign of the military preparations to attack Iraq (Hylonome "the cry of the poor", the sacrificial victim, the meek...) while AW197 and TL66 over this point account for the far-reaching global and big historical issues involved, and of the transformations that are about to come.



Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 12:16:26 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] the peace demonstrations, 5: BU48.

In spite of the critical position of Pylenor on Feb. 15th, it is BL41, in exact opposition to the Sun, the most "enlightening" planet, reflecting or mirroring the Sun itself and spreading its light. As I said, I don't know anything about it. But we saw that, using the positions of the previous Winter Solstice, the Sun "ignites" Uranus and BU48, as if BL41 were hiding them. BU48 and Uranus are still very close to the Sun that day, though Uranus is outside the 1 degree range, with the Sun approaching it, and BU48 at sunrise that day in Europe was about 0,46' past the exact opposition, still very focal.

These solar oppositions give strength to the idea of using February 15th as the axis in time of the global political events around those days.

Like the Mars/Pluto conjunction, the transiting Sun (-square Pylenor) conjunct the world Uranus is not "peaceful" but contestatary and decided to go against the establishment. The majority of the millions of demonstrators were rejecting their own government's policy of supporting the alleged necessity of the war. We know what to expect from Uranus: abrupt rebellion and liberation from arbitrary authority. This conjunction also illuminates the other side of the coin: the desire of some world-leaders to act on their own against the collective will, the dictatorship side of Uranus.

The BU48 opposition is more intriguing to me, because this planet has been the focus of attention lately in this forum and its meaning is asking to come to the surface. Like BL41, its relationship to the peace demonstrations is obvious. One clue about what to expect is to consider its orbital domain in comparison to BL41.

BL41 belongs to the world of Saturn; of moderate eccentricity, it crosses Saturn back and forth and has the same orbital period. BU48 on the other hand is an atypical transneptunian, a "Pluto stallion" that completely penetrates Neptune and "kisses" or touches the world of Uranus, like a Pluto tentacle that lives in the Uranus-Neptune-Pluto realm, covering fully their orbital domains, "riding" all three of them. It is now in opposition to Uranus, and there is a good possibility that this aspect charts the conflict between the world powers that we are witnessing.

BU48 can be imagined here at a standstill, at the point where it is equally powerful as the Sun, challenging it, shouting to be heard, to be known also as a powerful force. The shining of BU48 that day reflected the anger of the many that were shouting anti-American and anti-Bush slogans throughout the world, and massively gave a message of hope to many millions of Arabs and Muslims who are used to live without it.

In my last post and in a long compilation in the past I showed how active or vital is the horoscope of Islam, despite its age. It is not surprising, then, to find:

      Ascending Lunar Node of Islam = 0,42 Leo
      BU48 of February 15th = 0,37 Leo
      Uranus winter solstice = 1,04 Aquarius

Before I had looked at the planetary positions of February 15th, I had an intuition or a sort of vision that the main "key" to the meaning of all those hundreds of thousands on the streets was the Lunar Node. The main image was that of large quantities of people walking. I don't know why, particularly because I have never been sure of how to interpret the node. This image may or may not be related to BU48, but this is not the only strong node connection I found. There is another that involves Uranus:

      Ascending Lunar Node U.S. "War" (Boyd) chart = 3,55 Leo
      Uranus February 15th = 3,53 Aquarius

and, probably more in line with the image that came to me:

      Ascending Lunar Node February 15th = 10,17 Taurus
      TL66 U.S. "War" (Boyd) chart = 11,06 Scorpio

My feeling is that the Lunar Node is acting like a bridge or a tunnel in time, opening a gate or a passage (this is the image of "walking")... but I am not sure what this image means. It has been said that in some cities, the manifestations were the largest ever in history, and it is generally accepted that none like this had been seen in 30 years.



Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 00:59:48 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] the peace demonstrations, 6: the Sibley chart

One intriguing fact about February 15th is that the transiting Sun was in exact conjunction with Chariklo of the traditional "4th of July" chart:

      Sun February 15th = 1,38 Aquarius (sidereal, at 12h GMT)
      Chariklo U.S. Sibley chart = 1,00 Aquarius

In other words, the peace demonstrations of February 15th "incarnated" (or "ignited", etc) the U.S. Chariklo.

July 4th 1776 is the event which probably charts the American myth more than any other. I have always felt that this is the chart of the American people, that with which they identify more strongly. It is the image they (want to) have about themselves, what they always "sell" to the rest of the world, regardless of the fact that the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence are consistently violated over and over again in U.S. dealings with other (especially weak) nations.

But I think that July 4th 1776 is established as the date with which Americans as a people identify more, so ingrained the historical foundation myths are. In Astrological tradition, it is the "popular" chart (in the Sibley or in any other of the many different times of the day used), the one that has always had more weight and in which people believe more. Long ago I explained that I like to take it as the chart of the people in contrast to the Boyd chart, which is more accurate in depicting U.S. international conflicts:

<<There is no need to try to "prove" one in order to invalidate the other, or to prove that one is superior to the other. My opinion is that the Declaration of War (Boyd) chart and the Declaration of Independence are equally valid charts (I like especially the Sibley chart), depending on the point of view, and that at times of War the Boyd chart is probably, by sheer logic, more significant. I believe the 4th of July chart is more mythical and it relates more to the American people, and as I said, the Boyd chart is a more accurate, less mythical description.>>[ ref: "on methodology and the Boyd chart", Oct 24 2001].

Anyway, the peace demonstrations of February 15th, from one perspective, "belong" to the people, it was their work and their glory, so probably, from the American perspective of the rally, this popular dimension is incarnated in the "Declaration of Independence" chart, or at least it could be seen more clearly in this chart.

We know, then, that Chariklo is the main significator --on a national scale-- of the event. What were these demonstrations in the U.S.? What did they mean for Americans? How do they see them? The answer is: CHARIKLO! What do you think Chariklo is saying here? (this is a true question, not a rhetorical one).

There is another fascinating connection:

Remember that the peace demonstrations in Europe and the U.S. happened under a transiting Moon/CF119 conjunction. Remember also what I wrote about the lunar node in my last post (No.5):

      Moon February 15th = 12,02 Cancer (sidereal) at 12h GMT
      CF119 February 15th = 13,45 Cancer
      CF119 winter solstice = 14,51 Cancer
      Ascending Lunar Node U.S. Sibley chart = 14,59 Cancer

We then have the 2 main significators in terms of the 4th of July chart: Chariklo and CF119, each with its own very different orbital domain and gesture (ref. my comment on CF119 in my 1st post)



Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 07:45:08 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] the peace demonstrations, 6: the Sibley chart

... One note first: the Sun/Chariklo conjunction (about 0,30') happens only in the sidereal zodiac or in a precession-corrected tropical zodiac. In the moving tropical zodiac they are almost 4 degrees apart.

All those people on the streets *cared* about what their Government is about to do. Marching on the streets requires an active way of caring --not just talking or complaining-- which is what Chariklo stands for. They were marching *against* the current, against the official position of those who pretend to represent them, against the powers of the Establishment, stepping into the dark, death-stricken reality of the many millions of Iraqis who will suffer. They were sensitive to the "distorted humanity", the gruesome reality (Pylenor) of wanting to make war for very selfish reasons to a people that cannot  defend themselves. Like the Americans who are right now in Baghdad to serve as human shields, witnessing the poverty and tragedy of the Iraqi people, and willing to die for what they believe is justice. This is Chariklo to me: it requires a willingness to face death and the dark.

As with everything I said about Pylenor in this context, this interpretation is entirely based on previous work and on my set of keywords for Chariklo.



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