Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 11:35:09 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Peter Arnett

Peter Arnet was born November 13, 1934 in Riverton, New Zealand (hour unknown).

for the date:
for the place:

same date but place given as Bluff, N.Z. here:

A veteran war correspondent who "hates wars", famous during the 1991 Gulf War, when he provoked the anger of the Bush administration for showing the war from another point of view. After strong pressure from the Pentagon resulting from CNN's "Valley of Death" documentary aired in June1998,  and a high-level campaign to destroy the story, he was fired from CNN months later.

Today, he has just been fired again, this time from National Geographic EXPLORER, NBC, and MSNBC, for having talked in Iraqi TV of  what he thought were failures of the present U.S. military strategy:

Sun (New Zealand noon) = 26,06 Libra (sidereal)
transiting Asbolus = 26,20 Capriconr
natal Asbolus = 27,22 Aries



Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 02:32:32 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] Re: Peter Arnett

<<... It's hard to see his words on Iraqi TV as an expression of integrity, journalistic or otherwise...>>

This reflects lack of integrity only superficially. From the Iraqi perspective, I am sure he must be the only American in Iraq who has any sense of integrity "journalistic or otherwise"

I see an excess of integrity that works against him and ends up betraying him. Rather than lack of integrity, what he reflected in his apology is pain and remorse, being tragically divided or cracked inside. He manifests a lot of self-doubt and self-recrimination, as someone who really doesn't know in what side he is and is divided or damaged inside, lacking self-assurance. This is seen in his Saturn at birth:

Sun = 26,06 Libra (sidereal)
Saturn = 27,55 Capricorn
Asbolus = 27,21 Aries

Because of his integrity (Sun) he told a simple truth to the Iraqis that the whole world has been seeing and commenting about over and over again, exalting the strength of the Iraqi resistance (their sense of dignity = the Sun), and that same integrity made him give an apology in front of the camera, however pitiful or cowardly his excuses seem. The solar conflict indicates that his sense of allegiance is mixed-up, since he obviously feels sympathy for the Iraqi cause and has expressed before (during the 1991 Gulf War CNN broadcasts) that he hates all wars.

He has a passion or a weakness for dark and dense, very controversial issues (Asbolus), like Vietnam or like this war, in which he places himself in acute conflict with the father image, i.e., his own government. It is the Saturn square what causes his self-doubt, his need of receiving approval and recognition, shown in his cowardly retracting, his giving excuses or recriminating himself.

He jumps into very heinous and controversial wars (Asbolus) where he wants to expose the darkness and evil aspect of his abusive father, but he does it in a way that he exposes his own wound, his own pain, repeating the damage that he endured in the past. He is hunting his father, but he finds himself scattered  (the people damaged and wounded by the war), and ends up being hunted by his need or compulsion (his passion) as a controversial (Asbolus) war reporter.

That nightmarish American and British army invading and desolating poor people's homes and families, leaving death, ash and smoke behind, is a good description of Asbolus, and their dignified resistance is a projection of Peter Arnett's Sun opposite Asbolus.

We can see another example here:

"Valley of Death" was a CNN 18-minute investigative report on the alleged use of nerve gas (sarin) to kill U.S. defectors in Laos, during a Pentagon secret operation named "Tailwind" in 1970. It was aired June 7, 1998, at 10 PM EDT., and narrated by Peter Arnett.

transiting Moon = 28,21 Libra (over his Sun/Asbolus)

CNN retracted and buried the story, and the producers Jack Smith and April Oliver were fired on July 9, without ever given the opportunity to defend themselves. Another producer, Pamela Hill, resigned, and Arnett stepped back giving excuses and was "reprimanded", but after pressure from the Pentagon, he was fired on April 20 1999, after working 18 years for CNN.

The story itself is Asbolus, his stepping back from it with shallow or cowardly excuses, and his being fired after damaging his reputation, is Saturn.



Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 12:40:50 and 17:46:28 -0600 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Re: Peter Arnett

... a metaphor of the close and applicative opposition. The planet is "fired" by the sun, the sun projects itself compulsively (jumps) in to the projected solar qualities --fire, passion , drama, etc., heroics, of the planet. The fight of the Sun to remain or endure against the challenge of the planet can be described as a burning fire, whatever the nature of the planet.

I should say "fire" only, since the phrase "burning fire" is somewhat different and does indeed, in my opinion, has affinity with Asbolus. I once commented this:

Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 06:58:51 -0600
... I too feel that he is fiery, but it is the fire of the alchemical oven, or of Hell, or of the witchs' cauldron.

About Operation Tailwind:

[begin quote]

St. Louis Journalism Review
article by Charles L. Klotzer

<<Oliver and Smith spent eight months investigating the Tailwind operation as it was called by the military. They interviewed scores of military personnel, including retired Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is quoted as confirming the use of sarin gas, that it was approved by the national security team of President Richard M. Nixon and the CIA was involved in the operation.

After the report became public knowledge, all hell broke loose. Defense Secretary Willian S. Cohen issued a detailed Pentagon response dismissing the accusations. CNN founder Ted Turner called the report "the most horrible thing" that ever happened to him, worse than the death of his father and the failure of two marriages. Admiral Moorer, who had read the report in full before airing, later claimed that his statements were distorted.

The Tailwind operation in Laos was a "black, black" operation which officially didn't exist. The SOG (Standards and Observations Group) team undertaking the mission also didn't exist officially. Its members have official records that they were stationed in other places during the time they were in Laos. After all, America wasn't officially in Laos at all during that period.

When the report was first put on the Internet, another retired military officer lauded that exposé and submitted information to CNN about the use of nerve gas in another operation. CNN is sitting on it and it is unlikely to investigate further.

CNN President Rick Kaplan and Tom Johnson, chairman of the CNN News Group, asked Floyd Abrams, a respected constitutional lawyer, to evaluate the report, check the investigation and make a finding as to its accuracy. His probe was joined by CNN General Counsel David Kohler. Abrams spent nine days checking eight months of work.

Abrams found that the report was one of "journalistic overkill." The serious flaws in the story, he reported, stem from the journalists' deep belief in the truth of their research. "This doesn't mean that the story isn't true," Abrams said on CNN, "but what it does mean then is that at this moment we simply do not have enough evidence, in my view, for any conclusion to be reached." Abrams found no suggestion that any information was fabricated, he found the reporters' notes to be exhaustive and detailed, but he also concluded that there was no documentation.

He did not address, apparently, the circumstances that in a black, black operation no written marching orders are being issued. In response Oliver and Smith issued a 78-page rebuttal insisting on the accuracy of their report. They charge that corporate interests were haunted by a public relations fiasco. A CNN manager, they say, told them, "we're going to drive a stake through the heart of the story, so it's dead and never comes back again."

Even if we accept Kaplan's and Johnson's apology that the report should never have been aired (both read the report in full before the broadcast), the report contained so much intriguing information that it should be followed up with a new, independent team of investigators.

By no means has the last word been written on this subject. You can't drive a stake into public knowledge. News, publication of the respected Freedom Forum and Newseum, prominently reported on the reporters' rebuttal on its front page, "Fired CNN producers defend report-Journalists question why sources backed away from sarin nerve-gas story."

The final verdict may still be out on whether the report was sound, but we know already that corporate stamina was not. Experienced veteran reporters carry more credibility than the CIA, the Pentagon or corporate media chiefs..

[end quote]




Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 04:54:59 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] "Valley of Death" - Tailwind / TD10

I had mentioned before that the CNN documentary "Valley of Death" about operation Tailwind was a good example of Sun/TD10 (see my post of 5 Dec 2002):

CNN's "The Valley of Death" - Operation Tailwind broadcast
June 7, 1998
22h EDT
Sun = 22,23 Taurus
TD10 = 21,33 Aquarius

This Sun/TD10 square is aligned with the Mars/Neptune conjunction of Peter Arnett:

Peter Arnett Mars = 21,03 Leo (sidereal)
Peter Arnett Neptune = 20,25 Leo

We can forget for the moment whether the story is true or not. The story is about the U.S. Government (Sun) secretly killing U.S. defectors in the jungles of Laos (TD10) with nerve-gas . This is well-represented in the above square and the "valley of death" is a good image of this aspect of TD10.

This manifestation of TD10 is similar to my interpretation of the social turmoil in Costa Rica starting March 20, 2000, posted 4 Dec 2002 (TD10 conjunct Sun) and that you can read in my "Notes on TD10":

Quote: <<TD10 works both ways: it suggests the passing of a law that goes against the people's will (Sun), and it also suggests the complete and massive resistance of the people who radically opposed the (obscure) will of the government.>>

NOTE: the same is present in the Tailwind story, only more "radical", maybe a manifestation of the square: the obscure will of the Government, and the radical opposition (the defectors, as well as the public knowledge about it). Contrary to Costa Rica, the Goverment completely overpowers the people in this case. This, I think, is the nature of the square against the Costa Rica case, which is a conjunction, but is also the nature of the United States society and the role that organizations like the C.I.A. play in it.

Quote: <<The signing of the agreement by the corrupt majority of Costa Rican ruling class, and the resulting mobilization of the population against the government, evidenced an alienated Sun, and also a society (or a Sun) that was fighting against its alienation.>>

NOTE: see how radically alienated the Sun is in this case, through the defectors as well as the actions of the Government against them. Whether the story is true or not, this alienation describes what happened during the "Vietnam Era".

Quote: <<TD10 completely nullified the will of the alienated Government, of a dark or obscure Sun, and forced a "heroic" or epic mobilization of the population that was successful in establishing its will: the Sun was strengthened.>>

NOTE: see how in this case, exactly the opposite happened, both in the story itself as well as in the way the story was handled.

Quote: <<The reaction against oppression was definitive and radical...>>

NOTE: Operation Tailwind, again, showed the opposite. However, if we consider that the story was at least known to the point of creating such controversy 18 years later, and if we consider that, for example, the Kent State killings of May 4 1970 happened just 4 months before Tailwind, we can see that the interpretation I made of the Costa Rica case describes well what "Valley of Death" and Tailwind represent(ed) to U.S. society.

Quote: <<Unlike Pluto, TD10 is "humanized", and in the case of Sun/TD10, the humanization is "you cannot take what is ours, this is not negotiable ". The president (the Sun) provoked a "TD10 reaction", a return to or realization of our historical and spiritual roots.>>

NOTE: This is what happened with the events around 1970, and it is what would have happened if the "Valley of Death" story had not been buried by CNN and killed by the Government campaign.

Quote: <<It was dramatically clear that in Costa Rica the ruling class, acting in pure self-interest (Sun), was willing to sell one of the most fundamental conquests that became part of the national identity. This is an enemy that is inside.>>

NOTE: despite my reserves with the phrase "the enemy inside", it seems that in the "Valley of Death" case, it is a good --almost perfect-- description.

Quote: <<In general, I think, in this case Sun/TD10 was more positive... as a moment of glory and pride (Sun) in our history.>>

NOTE: "Valley of Death", and the darkest chapters of the Vietnam War that it represents, is perhaps the greatest shame in U.S. history.



Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 07:48:11 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] "Valley of Death" - Tailwind / TD10, 2

There is an interesting Moon/TD10 activation when one uses the Boyd chart. The Tailwind Operation was conducted in Laos from 11 to 14 September, 1970:

Boyd direct solar arc Moon Tailwind = 11,54 Aries (sidereal)
Peter Arnett TD10 = 11,47 Libra

Boyd converse solar arc Moon Tailwind = 17,23 Pisces
Boyd natal TD10 = 17,06 Virgo
Boyd direct solar arc TD10 Tailwind = 29,43 Pisces
Boyd natal Moon = 29,17 Virgo

This aspect corresponds in time also with the Kent State killings.

NOTE: you can see my notes and data on Kent State here:

Boyd direct solar arc TD10 "Valley of Death" = 27,46 Aries
Peter Arnet natal Asbolus = 27,21 Aries

We don't know at what time Peter Arnett was born, so his progressions, calculated at noon in New Zealand, provide only a reference, but the orbs are close enough to consider the time "around"  Tailwind (14 Sept 1970), the "Valley of Death" broadcast (7 June 1998) and the date he was fired by CNN (20 April 1999):

direct progressed Mercury "valley of Death" = 10,06 Capricorn
natal TL66 = 9,30 Capricorn
natal Mercury = 9,10 Libra

direct progressed Mercury fired by CNN = 11,34 Capricorn
natal TD10 = 11,47 Libra

The time between operation Tailwind (1970) and "valley of Death" is a little less than 28 years, or exactly one progressed Moon cycle. It is interesting to see that both events happened during a conjunction of the Moon with TL66 on the Boyd chart:

progressed Boyd Moon Tailwind = 14,26 Scorpio
natal TL66 Boyd = 11,06 Scorpio
progressed Boyd Moon Kent State killings = 9,30 Scorpio
progressed Boyd Moon Valley of Death = 18,06 Scorpio

It is also important to note that Peter Arnett was born during a Mercury/TD10 conjunction:

natal Mercury = 9,10 Libra (noon) -- square TL66 in 9,30 Capricorn
natal Jupiter = 13,18 Libra
Mercury/Jupiter midpoint = 11,14 Libra
natal TD10 = 11,47 Libra

At noon in New Zealand, the Moon was in 11,33 Capricorn when he was born, so there is a chance that it is involved in this configuration. It is probably pure chance, but using this noon time, the progressed Moon right now is in 11,20 Cancer (sidereal), repeating the configuration.


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