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Subject: [Centaurs] TD10: The Conference of San Remo

I dealt with the Conference of San Remo in 1920 before, in my examination of the chart of Islam. The main post was on October 25, 2001, of which I want to extract the following:

Recall the quote from the Britannica in my message on the formation of Israel 80 years ago: "In April 1920, at the Conference of San Remo, the Allies divided the former territories of the defeated Ottoman Empire..." According to the Britannica, the conference in the Italian riviera lasted from April 19 to April 26, 1920. During these days, Mars was very strong in the sky, retrograde and in opposition to the Sun. The exact opposition was on the 21th at 8h43m GMT, the 3rd day of the conference: Mars = 7,18 Libra (sidereal), Sun = 7, 18 Aries.

What I would like to examine now is the significance of TD10, since its position was 7,14 Libra, exactly conjunct the retrograde and empowered Mars. Remember that I was using the date and time of the exact Mars/Sun alignment in a symbolical way as a reference or "radical" of the events during the Conference. Mars was "dancing around" the Sun and TD10:

19 April 1920 (Conference starts, using 12 GMT):
       Mars = 8,00 Libra Rx.
       TD10 = 7,15 Libra
       OX3 = 8,06 Libra
       Sun = 5,29 Aries
26 April 1920 (Conference ends):
       Sun = 12,19 Aries
       TD10 = 7,10 Libra
       OX3 = 7,58 Libra
       Mars = 5,23 Libra Rx.

It is very discouraging to have OX3 in the way, but it is also a challenge to see if it is possible to separate it from TD10, taking advantage of what intuitively we already know of TD10. Mars was "dancing around" OX3 and TD10 during that year, due to its retrogradation, and on the 3rd day of the conference, it was greatly empowered by the opposition to the Sun. This is the chain of events during the conference (times are UT):

1- Mars conjunct OX3, April 19 - 5h13m (8,06 Libra sidereal)
    ---> This is the day the Conference began.
2- Sun opposition TD10, April 21 - 6h36m (7,13 Aries/Libra)
3- Sun opposition Mars, April 21 - 8h43m (7,18 Aries/Libra)
4- Mars conjunct TD10, April 21 - 14h27m (7,13 Libra, same as Sun/TD10, same day)
5- Sun opposition OX3, April 22 - 3h01m (8,03 Aries)

Mars gives a "signature of war", it indicates the military context. I feel OX3 deals with strategic and "tactic" issues, while TD10 has more to do with domination and control, and as we shall see, particularly with the formation of the modern state of Israel.

Why was this conference so important? Its purpose was to discuss problems arising from World War I.The main points were:

1-) ratify decisions made at the Paris peace conference of May, 1919.
2-) establish methods of executing the Treaty of Versailles (1919)
3-) adopt the basic features of a peace treaty with Turkey (Treaty of Sèvres)
4-) "class A" mandates in the Middle East were allotted.

I will concentrate on the critical and seminal nature of point 4 only.

From what I wrote before:

<<This conference was very important for all Islamic countries, and in my opinion, of all the historical reference points that we can find to chart the origins of the present political situation, this is the most symbolical. Straight lines were drawn on a map and the allies negotiated the military control of the Arab countries among themselves. The Suez Canal and the vast oil resources were of supreme strategic and military importance..., and Arab national interests were ignored or stepped upon, even though the good intentions were on paper. Neither France nor Britain had the slightest intention of giving up their domination over the region; it was their war prize.>>

about the "mandates", quoting from:

<<The mandate system was established by Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations as formulated at the Paris Peace Conference (January-June 1919). Under this article it was stated that the territories inhabited by peoples unable to stand by themselves would be entrusted to advanced nations until such time as the local population could handle their own affairs. This concept was incorporated into the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919.>>

and from

<<The mandated territories were divided into three classes, according to their stage of economic and political development and their location, and were then assigned to individual powers. Class A consisted of Iraq (British), Syria and Lebanon (French), and Palestine (British). The provisional independence of these former Ottoman provinces was recognized, subject to administrative control until they could stand alone.>>

In practice as opposed to theory, in my opinion of course, specially regarding the "class A" mandates under which the defeated Ottoman Empire fell, the mandate system was a way of justifying military occupation and imperial domination over the economically and militarily critical Middle East. It was a legal system invented by world powers to keep themselves in power and share their war prize among themselves, discouraging the formation of strong independent Arab nations through the brutal use of military force and the manipulation of geographic boundaries to serve their own interests and mutual rivalries.


<<Refusing to recognize the will of the Arab nation, Britain and France agreed at the San Remo Conference on 25 April 1920 to impose a French mandate on Syria and Lebanon and a British mandate on Iraq, Palestine and Jordan. Despite Arab opposition to those imperialist designs, a new reality was imposed by force as a result of military superiority established over Arab fighters in several battles, the last of which was at Maysalun on 27 July, 1920.>>

Regarding the military context of the San Remo Conference, we must remember that the Mars/OX3 and Mars/TD10 conjunctions of 1920 were triple:

      Feb 08 1920 - 9,04 Libra (sidereal)
      Apr 19 1920 - 8,06 Libra (retrograde)
      Jul 12 1920 - 6,59 Libra

      Feb 05 1920 - 7,50 Libra
      Apr 21 1920 - 7,13 Libra (retrograde)
      July 11 1920 - 6,34 Libra

TD10 and OX3 were in exact conjunction a little before, all part of the same context:

      7,19 Libra Jan 24 1918
      6,55 Libra Nov 01 1918
      6,39 Libra May 19 1919
      6,29 Libra Sep 11 1919

One of the main preoccupations of the Conference was the establishment of geographic boundaries, necessary to keep the Arabs divided and under control. All types of military, diplomatic, and secret service actions had been taken in the years before 1919 (e.g. "The Arab Revolt" of 1916) and after 1920 in order to disrupt very radically efforts in the creation of a strong Arab state. History here, as you all know, is very complicated, full of intrigues, distortions, and geographical as well as ideological manipulations.

Keeping to the Astrological theme of TD10, about the importance of the 1920 Conference of San Remo in the formation of the State of Israel:

<<Mandate allocations making Britain the mandatory power for Palestine (including the East Bank and all of present-day Jordan) and Iraq, and making France the mandatory power for the area of Syria and Lebanon, were confirmed in April 1920 at a meeting of the Supreme Allied Council at San Remo, Italy. The terms of the Palestine Mandate reaffirmed the Balfour Declaration, called on the mandatory power to "secure establishment of the Jewish national home," and recognized "an appropriate Jewish agency" to advise and cooperate with British authorities toward that end. The Zionist Organization was specifically recognized as that agency.>>

I found many Internet sites that find all the legal justifications for Israel to have seized the "occupied territories" in the official declarations of the Conference of San Remo, including the territorial boundaries of Palestine, which were established during the Conference with the help of a Biblical atlas.

I don't want to make this post too long. The details are so complicated that the post would be endless. But I would like you to consider the following regarding TD10:

Like all the scattered disk objects, it comes "from other worlds", or as I have suggested often, "from other times", from the long past. But unlike other sdo's that come as messengers or visitations only, never "penetrating", TD10 acts like an "alien colony" or incrustation, or a "time incrustation", it "intrudes" into the Saturn domain and "becomes structural", colonial, like "the enemy inside". In other words, it is as if it comes here to stay... or at least it seems.

Add to this the little dynamical flexibility or freedom allowed by its very small orbital inclination.

Now consider the formation of the State of Israel with the help of deliberate, massive, planned immigrations from 1920 onwards. Consider the central role of David Ben Gurion (exact Sun/TD10 conjunction) in the immigration program and in the whole process of the formation of the State of Israel, change "time incrustation" by "biblical incrustation" (or simply "ancient times" by "biblical times"), and you will have a practically perfect description, a perfect match.



Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 14:22:25 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] TD10: The Conference of San Remo, 2

In my last post I made the following suggestions/assertions:

1-) the orbital dynamics of TD10 is a very good description of the formation of the State of Israel
2-) this is related to a deliberate plan based on massive immigration of Jews into Palestine
3-) the orbital "intrusion" or "incrustation" is related to the biblical roots of Zionism
4-) all this is directly related to Ben-Gurion and to the Conference of San Remo in 1920

As astrological confirmation of the above, we have Ben-Gurion's exact Sun/TD10 conjunction (orb=0,18' -- see my "Notes on TD10", post of November 14th), and the triple Mars/TD10 conjunctions on February, April, and July 1920, with their empowerment at the Conference of San Remo by the exact oppositions of the Sun to TD10 and Mars (I am leaving OX3 aside for the moment). This presence of Mars allows to make another assertion:

5-) this particular TD10 relationship with the state of Israel has a Martian, "war" quality.

For historical confirmation, I quote here from the Britannica, to which I add my comments in brackets and upper case:

<<When Britain received the mandate over Palestine [==>SAN REMO 1920], the work of realizing the "Jewish national home" had begun. For Ben-Gurion, the national home was a step toward political independence. To implement it, he called the accelerated Jewish immigration to Palestine [==>THE ORBITAL DYNAMICS OF TD10] in the effort to create a Jewish nucleus [==>SUN/TD10] that would serve as the foundation for the establishment of a Jewish state. That nucleus was the Histadrut --the confederation of Jewish workers in Palestine founded in 1920 by Ben-Gurion --who was elected its first secretary general-- and his colleagues. The Histadrut rapidly became a central force in social, economic, and even security affairs, attaining the position of a "state within a state" [==>ORBITAL INCRUSTATION OF TD10].>>

It is easy to show how, historically speaking, from the time of the British mandate with its commitment to implement the Balfour Declaration (1920), and the brutal suppression by the French of the Arab independent initiative (Syria, also in 1920), the history of Palestine confirms (1) the nature of the Sun/TD10/Mars configuration of April 1920 at San Remo, (2) the preliminary or tentative keywords (alienation, oppression, terror, depth, pain, rock formations...), and (3) the orbital symbolism as I perceive it.

NOTE: "rock formations" is an attempt to deal with the positive side of TD10. I saw the rock formations when trying to imagine what a positive TD10 might be, and I think this image refers, among many other things, to the spirit or the "aura" of the Bible. Think of the Book of Genesis for example: it is a record of Humanity's origins and foundational pact with God "in the night of times" before the beginning of History , written and kept forever in the hearts of men as in stone.

Recall that if one uses the May 15 1948 midnight chart for the State of Israel (the end of the British Mandate, see my post of 30 March 2002), one finds:

       Nessus = 10,35 Taurus
       TD10 = 10,48 Scorpio
       Midpoint = 10,42 Leo

Quoting from that post: <<... which puts the Moon in 9,41 Leo effectively applying to this at the focus of the T-cross. I feel that this more specifically speaks of the Palestinians, i.e., of having to live with a people that is foreign and hostile (TD10) and with which there is a strong mutual aversion, not to mention the mutual abuse by way of terrorism on both sides.>>



Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2002 06:53:37 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] TD10: The Conference of San Remo, 3

Before the Conference of San Remo in 1920, "Palestine" did not exist as a political jurisdictional entity.

<<The San Remo decision meant also the juridical creation of "Palestine" as a political entity as well as the introduction of that name as the official designation for the new entity.>>
<<During the centuries of Ottoman rule, the country was divided among larger administrative entities with their capitals outside the country, the vilayets of Beirut and Damascus, although in the mid-nineteenth century, as a consequence of increasing influence by Christian powers on the Ottoman Empire and Jerusalem's political sensitivity due to the Christian powers' interest in the city, the Jerusalem area was made into an independent sanjaq (district), called "independent" since its governor reported directly to the Ottoman capital, Istanbul (then called Constantinople in the West), not to a provincial (vilayet) governor.
<<Furthermore, Arab-Muslims traditionally saw the land as an undifferentiated part of Bilad al-Sham, usually translated as Syria or Greater Syria, which comprised the Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan of today, roughly speaking. However, whereas both Jews and Christians saw the country as a distinct geographic concept, they tended to use different names for it. In Jewish tradition the land was long called the Land of Israel, while Christians, through the nineteenth century, were likely to call it Holy Land, with Palestine as one of several alternate names.>>

Its boundaries were first established by the allies at San Remo, as I mentioned, with the help of a biblical atlas, and the jurisdiction was given to the British. Although the Conference ended officially on April 26, the agreement was reached on April 24th, after the British and the French had agreed on the Northern boundaries. "Palestine" was defined as including all the land between the Jordan and the sea, including Jerusalem, plus the "Trans-Jordan", which became the Kingdom of Jordan 3 years later.

The terms of the British Mandate over Palestine were not clear until they were approved by the League of Nations' Council on July 24th, 1922. If we examine this date, we can confirm the importance of TD10. Using 12h GMT:

       Sun = 7,07 Cancer
       TD10 = 7,05 Libra
       Moon = 6,41 Cancer

We have an opposition in San Remo, when the Mandate was allocated, and a square here, when the specific articles of the Mandate were approved. We don't have a time for this event, but the position of the Moon makes it clear that the New Moon happened precisely that day and that it was in exact square with TD10.

An opposition at San Remo and a square at the Council of the League of Nations makes it reasonable to examine the concrete articles of the Mandate, agreed upon on July 24, 1922, to see which can be related to TD10. Fortunately, these articles are listed on several Internet sites. They confirm with abundance my conclusion summarized in my last post. I will quote here only separate phrases that I think can be related to TD10. The complete text can be found in:

<<... putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2nd, 1917
       ==> i.e. the Balfour Declaration, possibly a  birth chart for Israel.
<<... the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people
<<... the historical connexion of the Jewish people with Palestine
<<... reconstituting their [Jewish] national home in that country...
<<... secure the establishment of the Jewish national home
<<... facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions...
<<... facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews
<<... Respect for the personal status of the various peoples and communities and for their religious interests
<<... responsibility in connexion with the Holy Places and religious buildings or sites in Palestine
<<... the rights and claims in connection with the Holy Places
<<... the rights and claims relating to the different religious communities in Palestine...
<<... complete freedom of conscience and the free exercise of all forms of worship
<<... maintain its own schools for the education of its own members in its own language...
<<... execution of a Law of Antiquities...
<<... equality of treatment in the matter of excavations and archaeological research
<<... English, Arabic and Hebrew shall be the official languages of Palestine.
<<... recognize the holy days... as legal days of rest for the members of such communities. 

The question about Sun/TD10 in opposition and square (which suggest a conflict) leaves one wondering where or when is the conjunction? But one answer easily follows from the previous posts: Ben-Gurion.

We have then Ben-Gurion, San Remo, and the Council of July 24th 1922 that confirm the relationship between TD10 and the process that led to the formation of the State of Israel. It still remains to develop what TD10 means in this context.



Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 08:52:26 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] TD10: The Conference of San Remo: conclusion.

These are some of my personal reflections on Sun/TD10 specific to this case. You are welcome to add others.

- Inventing artificial boundaries, building a Jewish state inside the Arab population, generates an irreconciliable situation, a division, a tragic alienation of the geographical entity called "Palestine". The dynamics is that of a square (conflict) and an opposition (alienation), but Ben-Gurion (conjunction) is the incarnation or fulfillment of a destiny for the Jews.

- Palestine/Israel is reconstituted or envisioned from what it was in the ancient biblical past. There is an attempt to reconstruct the past (archeology). Palestine/TD10 represents the connection with a "sacred" foundational space, with the origins, with a line in time that extends in great depth into the past, into the cosmic reason to exist, on to God himself.

- Sun/TD10 has to do with the father. Palestine is the birth place of the 3 great monotheistic patriarchal and authoritarian  religions. The sdo mark of Sun/TD10 is cosmic, hence the religious aspect, the relationship with God as father, and also the tragedy, the death, the oppression, the fight for having a right to exist, the having been born in terror.

- Sun/TD10 must fight against oppression and death. This is the Jewish plight, which has become also the Palestinian plight. The consequence of this birth has been terror and death. TD10 doesn't want the Sun to exist, doesn't want it to have individuality, it wants to suppress it. The result is an inner division that is fundamental, stemming from the roots, part of the justification to exist.



Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 11:55:34 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Re: TD10, San Remo...

Generally speaking, one could think of all dark planets in square or opposition to the Sun as "the enemy inside", and this is why I didn't use this concept in my list of keywords. I don't think this is by itself a manifestation of TD10. I see TD10 more in the dynamics, in the type of conflict, not in the conflict or division per se.

The particular meaning of TD10 here, is to me more related to forced colonization, to alien forces or agents that come to conquest and settle by displacing the original inhabitants. The keyword is "alienation", not "enemy inside". I also feel that TD10 is related to "forces of death" in terms of horror, rigidity, and stagnation, unlike Pluto, which I perceive as more dynamic, always pressing for transformation and transcendence.

Life is full of irreconciliable situations that have been finally solved. In all cases the solution means the termination of the situation. It cannot be solved so it must be terminated, like the "Apartheid" in South Africa.

The irreconciliation of the Arab-Israeli conflict in Palestine goes in circles because the same political and economic forces that gave birth to it in 1917-1922 are still feeding it. If those forces do not change direction, there will be no solution. What are those forces that gave birth to it, in my perspective, I hope was clearly explained in my posts.

It is not a question of "what" (the formation of an Israeli state, and now, of a Palestinian state), but of "how".


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