Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 13:15:38 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] the first man in space

I was thinking about frontiers, and realized that "space" is one. Yuri Gagarin was the first man to travel into space. On April 12, 1961, he completed an orbit around the Earth in 1h29m. The rocket was launched at 9:07 a.m. Moscow time and landed at 10:55 a.m.

On this date, Pluto was in 5,50 Virgo Rx., the Lunar Node in 5,25 Virgo, and Chiron in 5,07 Pisces... exact Pluto/Chiron exactly over the nodal axis. This makes me think in:

1- the nodes as representing the "entrance" to the atmosphere from outer space.
2- the meaning of the Pluto/Chiron opposition with respect to the conjunction
3- being inside the orbiting capsule
4- the "universality", the realization of the earth as a unity from space.

Yuri Gagarin was born March 9, 1934. He has:

      Uranus = 25,14 Aries
      Sun 12 April 1961 = 21,44 Aries (prec=22')
      midpoint t.Sun/b.Uranus = 23,29 Aries
      natal Nessus = 23,28 Aries!

(The Sun's transit in exact trine to tr. Uranus in 21,25 Leo, produces a T-Cross with natal Pluto in 22,41 Cancer and natal Jupiter in 21,48 Libra. This may be part of the power struggle surrounding the race for outer space with the U.S.)

some of the images that come with Nessus here are:

1- the small space capsule itself
2- the hero/symbol Gagarin
3- Gagarin's personal humbleness
4- the manipulation by the Soviet Regime.

Transiting Jupiter was in 3,57 Aquarius, which is the natal position of TL66 in 4,29 Aquarius (and the position of SG35 in 3,33 Aquarius when he died in an plane crash March 27, 1968). Transiting TO66 was also significantly involved on the 12th of April, in 19,01 Aquarius, conjunct Gagarin's natal Lunar Node in 19,00 Aquarius. These two, being "outside" the solar system, may be good representatives of the first time man went outside the earth itself!



Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 19:08:14 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Re: the first man in space

When Yuri Gagarin's flight to space started April 12 1961 at 6:07 a.m. GMT, the Moon was in 12,53 Pisces. When he died (March 27, 1968), the position of TL66 was 12,11 Pisces, conjunct Mercury in 12,42 Pisces (assuming noon GMT for the death).

Robert Peary, born May 6, 1856, was the first man to reach the North Pole (or so is universally assumed) on April 6, 1909. This breakthrough is in the same category as the first man that travelled in space:

R. Peary's natal TO66 = 5,08 Virgo

(we remember the lining of Pluto/Chiron April 12, 1961:)
      Pluto = 5,50 Virgo Rx
      Lunar Node = Virgo,
      Chiron = 5,07 Pisces

The day the Pole was reached (4/6/1909), transiting Jupiter was in 5,29 Virgo, in conjunction with Peary's natal 1996TO66, very similar to transiting Jupiter in 4,18 Aquarius in conjunction with natal 1996TL66 in 4,29 Aquarius when Gagarin made his travel in space.



Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 21:42:11 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] the first man in space

Valentina (Vladimirovna) Tereshkova, b. March 6, 1937 in Maslennikovo. She was born under a Sun-Neptune opposition squaring Chiron. Assuming 12 GMT:

      Sun = 15,31 Pisces
      Neptune = 17,39 Virgo Rx.
      Chiron = 17,49 Gemini

She was not a pilot but an amateur parachutist, and left the space program right after her flight, and married another cosmonaut November 3, 1963. TL66 was in 4,36 Pisces the day she married, and in 6,35 Pisces the day of the launch, so that it was transiting the same Chiron/Pluto/Nodal axis in 5 Virgo/Pisces.

The space age started with the launch of the Sputnik in October 4, 1957, under a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in 11 Libra and a Chiron/TO66 conjunction in 12 Aquarius opposing QM107 in 12 Leo. Uranus was in 10,49 Leo, exactly squaring the nodes in 10 Taurus/Scorpio; this is where Neptune was when Gagarin went to space (10,26 Scorpio).

It is not without interest that her marriage with cosmonaut G. Nikolayev is probably the first marriage between astronauts in history. The day of the marriage, the Sun was in 10,20 Scorpio (at noon GMT) and Jupiter was "celebrating" the space age at 11,09 Aries (in exact opposition to the Sputnik's launch Sun/Jupiter conjunction). They had one child and later divorced.

Andriyan Grigoryevich Nikolayev was born Sept. 5, 1929 (all dates and biographical information are from the Britannica), and was the pilot of the Vostok 3 that met the Vostok 4 in Space in August 12 1962, piloted by Pavel Popovich, in what was the first time that there were in space 2 manned craft (they made radio and visual contact)... truly the beginnings of the space age.

His Chiron in 14,17 Taurus is en exact (I mean less than 1 degree) conjunction with the Lunar Node in 13,58 Taurus. His Vostok 3 was launched August 11, 1962, still with Neptune in 10 Scopio, and under a Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in 9 Pisces. I have always felt that Chiron is related to this "encapsulating", and to "incubation" as well. This uterine encapsulation can be seen in the film "Close Encounters".

It is also interesting to note that both Gagarin and Tereshkova were born under a Pholus/TO66 conjunction, as if the transneptunians were giving a certain quality to Chiron and Pholus "crossing of borders" in relationship to outer space.



Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 08:41:17 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Re: the first man in space

We note that when Neil Armstrong put his foot on the Moon'n surface, July 20, 1969, at 10:56 PM EDT, the Moon was in 11,25 Libra, and that his natal Sun (Aug. 5, 1930, 12:10 AM CST) is in 12,06 Leo. Assuming 9 a.m. Moscow time for the Sputnik's launch, we have:

      Sun = 10,45 Libra
      Jupiter = 11,50 Libra
      Moon 1st man on the Moon = 11,25 Libra

      TO66 = 12,08 Aqu r
      Chiron = 12,26 Aqu r
      QM107 = 12,42 Leo
      Armstrong's natal Sun = 12,06 Leo

We have seen the exact connection with the Moon's nodes (Chiron/Pluto 1st man in space, Uranus at Sputnik's launch). On July 20th, 1969, Pluto was in 23,01 Virgo, and the North Node was in 22,29 Pisces. That day, too, the Sun was in 28,11 Cancer, quincunx Pholus in 27,58 Aquarius. Also of note is Edwin Aldrin's natal Sun (Jan 30, 1930 2:17 PM EST) in 0,02 Aquarius is exactly conjunct TL66 in 0,25 Aquarius.



Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 11:12:21 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] little Laika, 1

She was the first intelligent living being to be sent into space. You will find the story of this little dog briefly mentioned in many Internet places, but apparently the details of the mission were known only recently.

She was taken from the streets, of uncertain pedigree, and everybody knew they were sending her to her death, so her care-takers and trainers were not allowed to get very attached. After all many similar dogs had died or had been deliberately killed or butchered in the experiments before it was her turn, but this time, the importance and the symbolical meaning of her sacrifice was enormous.

The following details are from

The mission took off November 3rd, 1957, from the Tyuratam-Baikonour base in the Kazakh SSR (Baikonour 47n50/66e03), at 22:28 Moscow time (-3h). The small Sputnik established an orbit of 103 minutes, with an apogee of 1671 Km and a perigee of 225 Km, and an inclination of 65.1 degrees. Laika, with her body fully wired, transmitted information of her bodily functions until she died by an excess of heat, some sources say 2 days, some 4, some 7 after take off. It has been said that her food was poisoned in order to avoid her the pain, but this is probably an invention to make the story look softer.

A video is mentioned where her slow death can be seen. It is also said that she was kept alert by the voice of her trainer from the Earth.

Thanks to her pioneering sacrifice, during a time where it was not yet possible to bring living beings back to Earth, the brilliant Russian space program was able to send Yuri Gagarin into space on April 12th, 1961, at 9:07 a.m. Moscow time (the times of his mission are given in the Britannica). I had examined this case and some others in mid-1999 (see

I would like to compare the 2 dates, and a 3rd one: a plaque in her memory was uncovered in Moscow on the 40th anniversary of her flight, November 4th, 1997. All positions are precession-corrected to the time of Laika's flight.

Gagarin helps to "give body" or content to the significance that Laika's sacrifice had. There are many contacts, so I will consider only those that involve the luminaries, the node, and the lunar apogee. Consider the following:

      Gagarin's flight Sun = 22,03 Aries
      Laika's Phaethon = 22,08 Libra

Isn't this a beautiful symbol? We can easily think of Laika as little Phaethon...

there are other significant bodies here in Laika's mission:

      Laika's KX76 = 22,35 Libra
      Laika's PT13 = 22,50 Libra
      Laika's XS35 = 22,03 Libra

(will continue)



Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 14:20:25 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] little Laika, 2

In my 1999 comments on "The first man in space" that I mentioned, several things become apparent:

1- the role of the nodal axis, as possibly representing the exit from and entrance to the Earth's atmosphere.

2- the possible significance of TO66 and TL66 as signifying "outer" space, and of TO66 (then the largest known tno) as related to "the last frontier".

3- the "radical spots" established by those events and carrying their symbolism over time, such as 5 Virgo (Pluto/Chiron/node), 11 Libra (Sun/Jupiter), and an area around 12 degrees of  the fixed signs related to the Chiron/TO66 conjunction, all related to the launching of the Sputnik I, which was the start of the space age.

When Laika was sent into space, we have:

          Node = 10,34 Scorpio
          Sun = 11,07 Scorpio
          Uranus = 11,35 Leo
          (this seems to confirm the importance of the lunar node)

Yuri Gargarin (March 9, 1934, assumed 12h GMT, prec.-corr.):

          Venus = 10,49 Aquarius

This natal position of Venus in Gagarin establishes a Venus-link with Laika, but it is a compulsive one (the Grand-Cross). Venus as Gagarin's innermost values or "intimacy", perhaps indicating --among many things-- how he was to be exhibited as a one of the most precious jewels of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It may be indicative also of how Laika's compulsive sacrifice acquired a human meaning with the success of Gagarin 4 years later.

When Gagarin made his flight, we find:

          Neptune = 10,24 Scorpio

When Neptune had reached the Sun/Node seminal conjunction of Laika's mission, Gagarin became the first man to go into space.

What do you think this Neptune focus means here?

Laika's capsule re-entered and was recovered near the Antilles on April 14, 1958:

          Pholus = 10,36 Aquarius

This means that, when Laika's corpse was brought to earth, which can be considered a sort of certification of her death,  it linked directly to Gagarin's Venus, and it "rounded" her individual mission giving it a tragic Pholusian mark, but also that symbolically her corpse was transformed into valuable knowledge and was able to give many fruits.

There is something that dogs have, due to their closeness to humans and their unconditional willingness to give everything for them, that looks as if the boundaries between the two species is dissolved or transcended. This is a strongly pholusian theme. Recall what I wrote in my essay on Wagner:

<<Both parties cross their own boundaries and become a little more of the other. This would be the main clue regarding Pholus as a crosser of boundaries. It is also a clue to the transformational "fairy tale" aspect of Pholus, of the toad that becomes a Prince, of Ugly Duckling, of a lizard with wings, or of Man touching God's hand in the Sistine Chapel...
<<The relationship is very intense and may seem "miraculous" and liberating, but makes the two parties very vulnerable, it is dangerous and unstable, and ultimately is broken. I and not-I are "touching" themselves, living in communion, but neither one belongs to the other's world. This is, for example, Schopenhauer's pholusian influence in Wagner as it manifests in the erotic phenomenology of "Tristan und Isolde"
<<The confrontation with this "other" companion forces the individual to go to his limits and establish a dialog with himself that expands his being beyond life into death, since by eliminating this "other", the individual also condemns himself to death. Then he can be reborn into a new "pholusian" life-and-death dimension of being. If this goes wrong, the result is destructive for both.>>

These words also describe the relationship between animals and men.

(will continue).



Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2003 12:25:50 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] Nothing happens in a vacuum

>... Hi this info is from Nick Campion's hard back book of world horoscopes-
>4th Oct 1957      21:00
>Baikonur Kazakh
>47N50 66E3

I don't have Campion's book, but according to astrologer Robert Cocteau Campion gives 9 PM GMT in page 504. This is wrong. The correct time is given in many places as 19:12 GMT, sometimes as 19:28 GMT.

The correct coordinates of the Baikonur launching site in Kazakstan are Latitude 45N38, Longitude 63E16:

>1st Manned flight Gagarin
>12th April 1961   7 07 GMT
>Baikonur Kazakh

This time is also wrong. The correct time is 6:07 GMT:


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