Date:  Fri Nov 28, 2003  11:04 am
Subject:  the varunization of America
I am wondering what the Varuna transit over G.W. Bush and the U.S. Sun means. Let's see the timing:

Bush Sun (sidereal) = 19,47 Gemini
Varuna 1st contact = October 3, 2003
Varuna last contact = June 4, 2005

U.S. Sibley Sun = 21,42 Gemini
Varuna 1st contact = Aug 25 2005
Varuna last contact = May 12 2007

U.S. Boyd Sun = 22,40 Gemini
Varuna 1st contact = Aug 14 2006
Varuna last contact = Apr 14 2008

We can see that there is a long way to go. It begins with the "varunization" of the U.S. president, followed by the "varunization of America" (and its war efforts).

The Bush transit coincides with 2 things: in the international arena, the decision to accelerate the establishment of the new Iraqi puppet state (called "the handling of power"), and on the domestic arena, the 2004 presidential race. The 2 things are closely related, since Bush's battle horse has always been his "war against terrorism", and lately, all the good things he has brought to the people of Iraq. The sequence in the aspects above suggests that he could win the elections, therefore "infecting" with Varuna the whole country. Anyway, whether he wins or not, the country will be deeply infected by whatever he does in 2004.

Varuna will provide the key note of his presidential race. This could mean many things, and points to the religious/fundamentalist overtones of his war campaigns, where he presents himself as the harbinger of freedom appointed by God, and exploits the mythical portrayal of United States of America 's "divine mission" of representing and defending the highest human values throughout the Universe, of America being the spiritual model, the "big daddy" for the rest of the world, in particularly the under-developed world, which has always been the prey of U.S. economic expansionism.

Bush's religious fundamentalism and thirst for world power can rightly be compared with Islamic fundamentalism, which is its mirror (counter-)image. They both form an axis of death around the world. The current situation in Iraq (and to a lesser extent, in Afghanistan), where the U.S. Army is stuck with no possibility of getting out soon, and where Americans must show their face to the rest of the world in order to prove that the invasion was something good, corresponds well to the "varunization" of Mr. Bush, dramatized yesterday by his surprise landing and swift visit to Iraq. This visit is a good testimony or "clue" to the meaning of this transit

Recall that Islam was born under a Varuna/Sun conjunction:

Sun Islam = 19,53 Cancer
Varuna Islam = 18,36 Cancer

This conjunction looked more exact some time ago, but further orbital refinements left Varuna a little behind from the 1-degree orb. When was transiting Varuna at the same distance (19,53-18,36 = 1,17') from the U.S. President's Sun?

Bush Sun - 1,17' = 18,30 Gemini (sidereal)
Varuna tr. = 22 September 2002 to 31 May 2004

The transit of Saturn may help us establish a timing of events. The exact Saturn/Varuna conjunction happens in 18,49 Gemini (sidereal) the 13th of June, 2004. This conjunction consolidates the "islamization" or "iraqization" of Mr. Bush, and inaugurates a new phase of the relationship between the U.S. and Islam. Note that it corresponds exactly with the timetable for the "handling of power" to the Iraqis.

What is really going to happen, what will be the future of American soldiers in Iraq I don't know.

The timing of this "varunization of America" coincides with the TL66/TD10 conjunction, which as I mentioned before can be seen as a sort of "second birth" of Islam.

natal TD10 of Islam = 3,12 Virgo
natal TL66 of Islam = 3,09 Virgo

This conjunction is very rare. It happened in 620-22 (Islam), 1049-1050 (?), 1350-1351 (the Black Death), 2005, and 2065-66. The conjunction of 2005 is isolated (it happens only once), which makes it unique among all the others:

TD10/TL66 conjunction
April 4 2005
23,57 Aries (sidereal) -- 18,46 Taurus (tropical)



Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 23:11:32 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] the varunization of America, 2

Regarding this "varunization", I was looking at my old notes on Varuna to see if I could obtain any clue (I have not dealt with Varuna after I wrote my last notes in 2001). I found 2 separate commentaries that I think are related to this, and I would like to bring them out here for future reflections.

Before I continue: my intuitive "feeling" for the moment --subject to change or evolve-- is that the varunization of Bush in 2004 refers to his direct involvement in the "building" of a "new" Iraq, or maybe to his utter failure in achieving that?

The first is from my "Testing the Chart of Islam":

  <<This type of higher, pre-established legal principles is Varunian (recall the Supreme Court deciding the US presidency at the time Varuna was discovered). Bin Laden is appealing to it, and his "Varunian" vision of America as the seat of evil is and has been shared by many other Muslims in many different countries. This "judgement" upon the US, or the US actions that have originated it, are perhaps related to the following:
      Moon of Islam = 21,33 Leo
      US Varuna (Boyd chart) = 20,38 Leo
      US Varuna (July 4th 1776) = 21,39 Leo
<<This works both sides. There is a strong sense of moral superiority (Varuna) in the way Americans judge the Arab world (the Moon of Islam). In fact, both attacks on Irak and on Afghanistan are justified in the name of "Justice", and of course Americans are the judges. I think this is eloquently described in the above aspect.>>

Let's recall the key-words on Varuna that I gathered from my preliminar work:

religious sanction,
the sanction from above
supreme sense of non-questionable authority
divine law
the figure of a supreme judge
dogmatism, extreme conservatism
the cosmic order
a cathedral, the Vatican
symbolical ordering to whom individuals are invisible

On 24 March 2001, I wrote [ref. above]:

<<The "remoteness" of Varuna could also be seen as the large architectonic structures of a cathedral, or like the Vatican, or like the U.S. Supreme Court, where "The Law" is mythically put "in the heavens" as if bestowed by a higher power. I say mythically, because, like you say, in the end it is just a question of the persons who are given that power. It is a sort of symbolic power, something that is not exerted on the individual but is exerted as if "by itself", as if it were not a person speaking but the higher power. <<It is an interesting angle of the power of Pluto, and it fits very well the orbit of Varuna. It also fits very well its discovery during the last US electoral decision and circus-battle between the Federal and the Florida Supreme Courts.>>

The discovery of Varuna was officially announced December 1, 2000. This happened at the time of the presidential elections. The ruling of the Federal Supreme Court that gave the victory to Bush after the battle for the ballots in Florida and a confrontation with the Florida Supreme Court, was issued December 10th.

If you consider that president Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court precisely at the time Varuna was discovered, it is clear that Varuna overshadows or controls his presidency in many important ways, a fact that strengthens the association of Varuna with moral and religious fundamentalism.

The second comment is in reference to the birth data of HAMAS given by Harald:

<<Thanks for this reference. Very interesting. Using 12h UT I get:
      Sun = 22Sa58
      Saturn = 23Sa31
      Varuna = 23Ge34
<<Knowing that Islam was born under an exact Sun/Varuna conjunction, the exact Sun/Varuna opposition mediated by Saturn found here may be the sign of a movement with deeper or more fundamental roots than the simplistic "terrorists" image or label with which Hamas is presented by the Western, non-Islamic press.
<<The word "resistance" may be the clue here, since the movement is an attempt to resist Varuna (the opposition), which can be seen as the harsh sense of moral superiority and "justice" claimed by the leaders of the occupying army (Israel and its ally the US). The Sun/Varuna strives for something higher, for a higher sense of spiritual authority or divine justice which is found in Islam. However, the ambiguity of the opposition results in an unsolved moral situation that shakes the wish of Saturn to reivindicate the "right to be" of the Palestinian nation.
<<Consider Israel's justification for their illegal occupation and settlement of Palestinian land as given to themselves by God. This is another aspect of Varuna, which also shows how Hamas' militants see themselves as representatives or voices of a "higher authority" than this, their "divine right" to kill their enemies, those who invade their country and robe them of their most cherished values: their land and their integrity.>>
<<It is interesting to compare this with the chart of Islam:
      sidereal Mars Hamas = 19,27 Libra
      sidereal Islam Sun = 19,53 Cancer
      sidereal Islam Varuna = 18,58 Cancer

Note that Varuna refers to Judeo-Christian as well as to Islamic fundamentalism, so that Israel is an important part of the geo-political picture of Varuna.



Date:  Wed Dec 31, 2003  1:29 pm
Subject:  the varunization of America, 3.

I suggested that, among other things, this "varunization" was related to the efforts to rebuild Iraq (hopefully, with MacDonalds, "democracy", and everything), the "Americanization" of Iraq. I also suggested that it might mean that Bush will win the 2004 elections.

NOTE: recent research on the original documents related to the Boyd "War" chart has come out with a more accurate --historically speaking-- time for the chart which would place the Sun in 22,55 Gemini. You can visit Kennet Irving' "Planetline Crossings" site for the details.:

I had forgotten to mention the natal Moon of G.W. Bush, which makes the above constellation really tight:

Bush Moon = 22,43 Virgo
(same timing as the Boyd and Boyd-Noel Sun)

In order to have a more clear picture of this "varunization", one needs to examine the times in the past when Varuna has been technically central in U.S. history. Their situation at birth is as follows:

Sibley Sun = 21,42 Gemini
Sibley Varuna = 21,35 Leo

B-N (Boyd-Noel) Sun = 22,55 Gemini
B-N Varuna = 20,25 Leo

These positions means that one should look for 1-) the progressed Sun (solar arc) conjunction with Varuna, and 2-) the transiting Varuna opposition to the Sun:

1.a-) progressed Sun conjunct B-N Varuna = 26 July 1835
1.b-) solar arc Varuna conjunct B-N Sun = 4 Oct 1835
1.c-) progressed Sun conjunct Sibley Varuna = 17 Jan 1839
1.d-) solar arc Varuna conjunct Sibley Sun = 21 Mar 1839

This period corresponds to the "Indian Wars", particularly the "Second Seminole War" (1835-42), and the "Trail of Tears" (1838-39). The Sibley chart describes the time when more than 15,000 Cherokees were forced to walk away from their homeland, from Georgia to Oklahoma, guarded by 7000 soldiers. 4000 Cherokees died of starvation and exposure along the way. The corrected Boyd chart describes the Treaty of New Echota in late 1835, which was used by the Government to justify the action.

2.a-) tr. Varuna opposition Sibley Sun = March 1874 through November 1875
2.b-) tr. Varuna opposition B-N Sun = March 1875 through November 1876

This period marks the federal Government's "seizure" in 1874 of the Black Hills Indian territory in Western South Dakota, and the Indian rebellion that led to the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 and the subsequent brutal and final destruction of the Indian resistance in the great plains.

One could also look for 3-) the moment when Varuna opposes itself, as a reference or vantage point from which to understand or illuminate the natal position:

3.a-) tr. Varuna opposition B-N Varuna = May 1917 through January 1919
3.b-) tr. Varuna opposition Sibley Varuna = April 1918 through December 1919

This describes American involvement in WWI and the inauguration of the League of Nations under the leadership of Woodrow Wilson.

QUESTION: What do all these have in common? What do they have in common with the present events in Iraq, and the Bush presidency?

ANSWER: Varuna.



Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 07:14:07 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] the varunization of America, 3.

Varuna is when people, or those in power, think that "God is with them", "God gave them the right". It is when people evoke a higher power to justify their actions, which are seen as a form of "justice", even if it implies murder, pillage, terrorism, theft, etc. People do this "in the name of God", in the name of Justice, democracy, :freedom, "the United Nations", etc.

Collectively the "evil" characteristics are the rule. It would be interesting to see how the bad and the good characteristics are combined, as in, for example, Franz Liszt (Sun conjunct Varuna) -- to mention someone completely apart from today's mainstream political and ideological concerns.



Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 07:33:43 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Tim Lyon's letter: Varuna

Concerning the discussion on Varuna, I would like to reproduce something I sent to another list on 10 Dec 2000. Coincidentally, this was the time of the Supreme Court ruling about the Florida counting of votes that put Bush in the presidency, and the time when Varuna was discovered. The letter, written by American Astrology columnist Tim Lyons, in my view expresses "the Varuna principle" quite well, and the points it makes are even more poignant today than in 1991.

For the record: Tim Lyons, Ph.D., is a practicing Budddhist, professional Astrologer, and Professor of Literature at CU Boulder. He has written a book called "Astrology Beyond Ego" (Quest / Theosophical Publishing House, 1986), was an American Astrology columnist in the late 80's and early 90's ("Astrology of the New Age"), and recently published in The Mountain Astrologer: "Pluto, Projections, and Projectiles", Aug-Sep 2003.



a letter from columnist Tim Lyons in "Many Things", "American Astrology" Vol. 59, No.9 (November 1991), pages 17-19.

"I found Michael O'Reilly's July article of the U.S. Scorpio-rising birth chart quite interesting. Some of his evidence was quite persuasive. However, I think the evidence for the 7+ Sagittarius-rising chart is even more persuasive. I've been working with this chart for some time now, and find that it not only depicts the national character in a particular accurate way, but it also responds very nicely to transits --including transits through the houses, the time of which depends on the birth time.

"Whether we feel a horoscope depicts the national character accurately depends on what we feel that character to be. Michael O'Reilly writes that the Moon in Aquarius in the 4th house <<accurately depicts a country founded on the principle of equality.>> It might, but this country was hardly founded on principles of equality. It was founded, rather, upon violence, violation, bad ethics and racism; upon the ability of Europeans to steal Indian land, and later to import black slaves. In the south, the economy survived and flourished largely because of the slave trade which supported the Cotton Kingdom. The land for that Kingdom was opened by Andrew Jackson's conspicuously barbaric, dishonest and altogether reprehensible Indian policy. The Declaration of Independence, for all its well-stated principles, makes no decent provision for Indian or Black rights. It is, in many ways, a deceptive national vision, one of high-flown principles covering a somewhat less salutary practice.

"The 7+ Sagittarius ("Lynes") chart has Neptune at the Midheaven, an apt symbol for a deceptive national vision. Bob Hand connects this position with idealized father figures; certainly the government's policy toward the Indians and slaves was paternalistic in the extreme. (See Michael Paul Rogin's 'Father and Children').  Neptune's position in Virgo suggests the inequalities discussed above; because it rules the nadir, these inequalities appear at the root of the national origins.

"The chart also has Uranus and Mars in the 7th house, an apt placement for a nation which has habitually (and paradoxically, considering the Declaration) felt threatened by nations declaring their freedom (or more precisely, their freedom from our economic domination). We fear revolutionary ideas, and see in those ideas the threat of violence (Mars). It's a case of projection, pure and simple, well-illustrated by those two planets' placements...  Mars, of course, squares Neptune, so we base our violence (Mars) against these purportedly dangerous revolutionary groups (Uranus) on the high-flown but deceptive principles which we feel form the root of our nation.

"The Lynes chart has the Sun and Mercury in the 8th, with Jupiter, the chart ruler, on the cusp. Can we deny that we derive our national identity from the money or values of others? No nation on the planet takes more than we do. Our stealing is supported by the efforts of the National Security Administration, suggested by Saturn's square to that Cancer Sun from the 11th house.

"Pluto in the 2nd house of the Lynes chart suggests concentrated wealth. Michael O'Reilly's statistics demonstrate how concentrated wealth is in this country. Isn't this suggestive of Pluto in the 2nd, not 3rd? (One might argue that Pluto in the 3rd suggests the influence of wealth on the press. However, I think this relationship is more strongly stated by the Mercury-Pluto opposition in the financial houses). The relationship between wealth and government is depicted by the trine between that Pluto and the Midheaven. The trine from Pluto to Neptune suggests the rather facile connection between wealth and national delusion.

"I cannot accept a 9th house Sun for a nation which so often ignores international law. We are perhaps the most lawless nation on earth. A 9th house Sun would also suggest that we draw our life-energy from education and broad-mindedness. Nor can I accept Saturn on the cusp of the 12th. The ordering system in this country is neither tentative nor transcendent. Saturn in the 12th would suggest difficulty maintaining order, and that the principle of order would often be rejected. This is hardly the case with the United States. Witness our historical obsession with law and order (of which there are many examples in Howard Zinn's 'A People's History of the United States'), and our ongoing role as the world's policeman supporting various police-states.

"Finally, the Scorpio-rising chart has nothing afflicting the nadir. As the nadir symbolizes national origins, it makes more sense to have Mars square to that point, symbolizing our violence against those origins --or the native people who embody them.

"One might object that we can't implicate the Declaration of Independence in the violence done to Indians and Blacks; but the declaration declared this nation and independent entity, and as such embodies the nation's spirit. It is the mercantile spirit (so precisely depicted in the Lynes chart) of the nation which has been the prime motivating factor in the decimation of Indian culture and the barbaric treatment of Blacks.

"I also question the notion that the Declaration is the 'legal basis' of this country. As draft resisters found out, the declaration is unfortunately of little value in legal proceedings. As for Scorpio-rising, while it does suggest the importance of hidden money and secret violence, it does not place Pluto (the active agent of this money and violence) in aspect with the Midheaven. The CIA is a branch of the government, the right arm of the executive. Lynes trine to the Midheaven from Pluito seems much more accurate. And I would argue that expansion (Sagittarius) based on the money of others (Jupiter in the 8th) much better characterizes this nations's persona than does determination (Scorpio) based on domestic communication or the nation's literary character (Pluto in the third). The evidence for the financial basis of our expansion is, I hope, evident enough.

"I won't go into all the transits to the Lynes chart. The reader may wish to examine my ongoing series in 'Welcome to Planet Earth' and a 3-part series (beginning August 1991) in 'The Mountain Astrologer'. Let me just suggest a few details.

"First, Neptune in the 2nd house suggests a financial structure built on deception or overidealism. That's where it is now and has been lately. In the early 1830's, when Neptune reached the final few degrees of Capricorn, the banks (2nd) fell apart (Neptune, Pluto). Why? The influence of Andrew Jackson (natal Neptune at the Midheaven).

"Second, and perhaps more persuasively, the hard aspects from transiting Pluto to the Moon have all produced severe repression of free speech in this country. In the 1790's the conjunction was in the 3rd house: Our own press was repressed. In the 1870's the issue was workers, as a national railway strike was put down harshly: Pluto was in the 6th house, suggesting the working man. Pluto's opposition was in the McCarthy era: Pluto was in the 9th, suggesting the supposed 'foreign influence' that produced such panic. Now Pluto is approaching its waning square from the 12th house of secret enemies. We already see the signs of this aspect in the reporting (or non-reporting) of the Persian Gulf War."

Tim Lyons, CO.



Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 18:34:16 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] the varunization of America, 4.

Tim Lyons' letter about the American character gives us an opportunity to understand a key aspect of Varuna, which Diana expressed by saying: <<Whether the manifestation of a prominent Varuna is deemed positive depends upon who ends up writing history>>. His reference to Andrew Jackson connects directly with my earlier post, where we saw that the Sun/Varuna conjunction by progression coincided with "The Trail of Tears" and the Second Seminole War.

The "Varuna principle" is expressed by Lyons in the following words: <<Whether we feel a horoscope depicts the national character accurately depends on what we feel that character to be.>>. Never in my lifetime (I was born in 1957), I think, what this "national character" is has become more dramatic than in the presidency of Mr. Bush, whose actions, despite all the criticism, have all been backed and massively financed by the U.S. Congress.

I am not implying that Varuna defines the national character of the U.S., what I am saying is that Varuna refers to a sense of "superior justice" or "supreme/divine order", that sense (or cynical arrogance) through which the U.S. Congress, the U.N. Security Council, and Bin Laden as well as Zionism (their mirror-image), and many others, feel they have the right to "play God" with thousands and millions of people, hiding behind that <<unflinching allegiance to an abstract principle>> (Diana) that makes them think "we are right", "this is what good is", "this is justice", "if you are not with us, you are with the terrorists", or "you are a Jewish pig".

To Andrew Jackson, it meant: "we, the descendants of European settlers, represent the U.S., while you, the Indians, are savages that hinder our mission given by God to conquer this land, and you, the Niger, are given to us as slaves through an also God-given superiority. What matters is that all this "comes from above", it is "THE LAW". It cannot be questioned. The same with the Catholic Church and Luther as well as Galileo, the Israelis and Palestinians, Blavatsky and Theosophy, and of course, the Shari'a, the divine, absolutist law of Islam.

The position of Varuna in Andrew Jackson's chart is very interesting (more on him later). He was born March 15, 1767:

Varuna = 11,09 Leo (sidereal)
Black Moon = 10,57 Leo
TL66 = 10,20 Scorpio
Neptune = 11,46 Leo

These, though not lived consciously by Jackson, define the beliefs of his "era", "the spirit of his time."

Years ago, before Varuna had been named, I shared in this forum the following intuitive hunch on 2000WR106 (=Varuna):

Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 20:15:47 -0600
Subject: Re: WR106 & "beyond it all"
<<I definitely feel that the "roundness" of the orbit WR106 makes a great deal of difference with respect to the "hurricanes" or wild flights of the scattered disk objects, but its characteristics are on hold in my mind for the moment. I identify much better with the sdo's and the eccentrics... Nevertheless, consider this just a crazy fantasy without foundation: WR106 gives the feeling or the "atmosphere" of a medieval torture chamber.>>

Then, the next day, Jonathan Dunn wrote:

Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 00:44:15 -0800
From: Jonathan Dunn <>
Subject: Reign of TerrorSubject: Reign of Terror
<<I did an astrological web search on the reign of terror and the first page that came up was this one:
<<He shows the chart of "the fifth republic" (1958) and then '... Compare this sky with that of the First Republic, proclaimed before the Revolution of 1789 degenerated into the Reign of Terror ...'. In his wheel, one sees
<<Sun  3:55 Libra
<<Vesta  4:38 Libra
<<It turns out also
<<2000 WR106  4:06 Libra
<<Jonathan Dunn.

NOTE: the above link no longer works, so I cannot confirm or re-calculate myself today.

The French Revolution can be seen as a dethronization of Varuna, so we see in the Reign of Terror the other face of Varuna, the same that, perhaps, is shown in present-day Iraq after the fall of Hussein, or, under totally different circumstances, after Sep 11 in the U.S. I have had no time to explore this line of inquiry yet.



Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 08:51:35 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] the varunization of America, 4.

... in reference to a mention by Jonathan Dunn in a message of 28 Feb 2001, of a Varuna/Sun conjunction signaling the Reign of Terror, but the link in his message from 2001 is now dead.

Today I found the following, apparently taken from Nick Campion's book:

107 FRANCE-1ST-REP-2,1792,9,26,9,0,0,0,3,LMT,-0.161184883,PARIS, FR,-2.3333,48.866667,-1,0,

Sun = 3,55 Libra
Varuna = 4,04 Libra
Vesta = 4,39 Libra

also interesting is the Moon exactly at perigee:

Black Moon = 10,44 Leo
Moon = 11,11 Aquarius



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