Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 10:07:49 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Israel's Western Wall

The construction of the Israeli "Berlin" or "Apartheid" West Bank Wall was officially inaugurated at a ceremony attended by Israeli Defence Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer, on June 16 2002, 9:30 a.m. I will assume -3h, or 6:30 GMT.

Its construction incarnates the Uranus of the State of Israel and the Chariklo of Ariel Sharon:

Wall Sun = 0,11 Gemini (sidereal)
Israel Uranus = 0,22 Gemini
Chariklo Sharon = 0,08 Gemini

It is paradoxical, since both Chariklo and Uranus stand for emancipation and freedom. Probably this is what it means for them...

<<The Israeli Labour leaders and their friends see this project as a great political achievement. To them the "Separation Fence" is the Oslo peace plan, only two years late - the miracle solution for all Middle East problems. Foreign ministers Shimon Peres (Labour) and opposition leader Iosi Sarid (MEREZ party) have declared that if the Israelis separate themselves physically from the Palestinians everything is going to be just fine. "We will be on this side of the fence, they will be on that side and all problems will be over".>> [ ref.: ]

These words seem to illustrate one side of the Uranus/Chariklo signature above. The other aspect surfaces here:

<<The Labour press and the Labour ministers see the fact that building work on the fence has begun as a great victory over the Sharon-Peres government. However, Sharon doesn't look too disappointed. The "separation" (you can use other word "Apartheid") doesn't change anything in the status of the Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories. But there is more to it than this. As part of the programme for the "development" of the old settlements hundreds of new apartment blocks were built on the West Bank. Dozens of new settlements were established during the past 10 yeas, even when the Labour government was in power. These settlements were declared "illegal" by the government, but that did not stop them from receiving electricity, water and army protection against Arab attacks. Furthermore, another sizeable piece of Palestinian land has been annexed by Israel for the building of this fence. West Jerusalem will find itself on the Israeli side of the fence. Many Palestinian cities, such as long suffering Jenin, will be blockaded by this monument of political barbarism.>> [same ref. above]

The last phrase, "political barbarism", may explain one aspect of Uranus. I discussed long ago the dark side of Uranus when dealing with the symbolism of Star Wars, and the correspondence I felt between Uranus and Darth Vader. The description of Liz Greene that I quoted then can be of help here:

[begin quote]
"Psychiatry calls him the psychopath, a condition considered impossible to treat and incurable. We tend to use the label "psychopaths" with persons that appear to have no feelings. Psychiatry defines this condition as a state of inherent moral inferiority, meaning that, when inflicting pain in others, there are no feelings of guilt. At the emotional level, the person remains untouched. He can commit an anti-social or cruel action without feeling any remorse or empathy. I prefer to call such a person "Iceman": it is a mythical figure. I think that, in some way, it is the shadow of the masculine principle, its extreme limit... I think that the Gorgone is connected with Pluto, and the Iceman with Uranus."
[end quote]

My comment that followed in that compilation explains Israel's behavior in front of world condemnation and the United Nations resolutions made utterly useless by its also Uranian counterpart, the United States:

<<We underestimate Uranus dark side. I don't see Pluto as Empire, and can see it clearly in Uranus. He won't accept anybody else's authority but himself. He is an autocrat bastard that doesn't care to compromise. He's hard with feelings because he just wants to go his way. Tyranny in this sense is Uranian. Pluto's power is more smashing and far-reaching, and it is very easy to see the anti-social lunatic tyrant in Uranus. Uranus also wants to "get hold" of his own life, to be the only one in control. As I said once, you can see this a lot in international politics and how the "world powers" want everybody else in the world to do what they want, how they take what they want... To me this is Uranian. I don't see Uranus as the "proliferation of chaos" but as "the rule of the one". Psychologically this will take you away from authority and makes you try to follow your own path (which is why, to me, socially, is so often found in homosexuals and in adultery, because you have to follow your own way *against* tradition and social sanction). If you take this attitude internationally, you have imperialism, where one powerful country will not allow any other country to impose anything, and where the powerful country thinks he can do whatever he likes for his own benefit.>>

(see )

In other words, Israel and the United States...

For the Palestinians and probably for a majority of people around the world, the Western Wall means extreme cruelty and oppression, human indignity, and the cynical and well-planned stealing of Palestinian land.

The Wall [see ]:

• consists of sections of 8 meter (26 ft) high concrete walls, barbed wire fences and electronic fences bordered by razor wire, trenches and military "trace" roads.
• expropriates 10% of Palestinian lands in the West Bank, plus an additional 10% if the settlers' demands continue to be met.
• when completed, could penetrate as far as 20 km (12½ mi) into the West Bank
• confiscates 40% of Palestinian farmland and 2/3 of its wells.
• harms at least 210,000 Palestinians in 67 villages.
• confiscates 16 villages and separates dozens of communities from their farmland.
• traps 10,000 to 15,000 Palestinians between it and the Green Line.
• creates 5 enclaves on Israel's side of the Wall, separated from the rest of the West Bank.
• annexes at least 10 settlements, and when the "Jerusalem envelope" is completed, will annex an additional 13 settlements and isolate 300,000 Palestinians.

Compared to the Berlin Wall, this one is at a totally different level. It is more like the Great Imperial Wall of China, 21st-Century version.

But how do we trace astrologically what it means to the Palestinian people? Do they have a chart?

We can think, first, in the one person that is said, or believed, to represent them: Yasser Arafat. I use 27 (or 24) Aug 1929, 0h GMT:

Arafat Saturn = 0,08 Sagittarius
Arafat Ixion = 0,55 Virgo

The Wall is a more formidable "plutonic" construction than Saturn, so Ixion seems to be here the main clue. But is Arafat the Palestinian people? What else can we take as representative of the Palestinians? Is there a map for the Palestinian nation?

<<on 15 November 1988 the independent state of Palestine was proclaimed by the Palestine National Council meeting in Algiers, by a vote of 253 to 46, as well as in front of Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem, the capital of the new state, after the close of prayers.>>
<<Over 114 states have already recognized the newly proclaimed state of Palestine, which is more than the 93 that maintain some form of diplomatic relations with Israel. Furthermore, on 15 December 1988 the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 43/177, essentially recognizing the new state of Palestine and according it observer-state status throughout the United Nations Organization. That resolution was adopted by a vote of 104 in favor, the United States and Israel opposed, and 44 states abstaining. For reasons fully explained in my position paper, the General Assembly's recognition of the new state of Palestine is constitutive, definitive, and universally determinative.>> [ref.: ]

Varuna Palestinian State = 0,51 Gemini

With all the reservations that this so-called "state" of 1988 implies, the construction of the Wall is incarnating Varuna for the Palestinian nation, or, perhaps more accurately, for their desire of becoming a sovereign state.

For the Israeli Establishment, the land that is occupied by Palestinians belongs to them, it was given by God and must be re-conquered, and Palestinians are intruders or invaders. Here we are in the Varuna/TD10 world of "biblical" authority:

Wall TD10 = 5,00 Aries
Israel Varuna = 5,40 Aries
Sharon Mars = 5,29 Capricorn
Sharon TL66 = 5,51 Capricorn

The next step is to look at the chart of Islam. Here we find something very telling that I had mentioned before:

Sun of Islam = 19,53 Cancer
Wall TL66 = 20,19 Aries
Lunar Node Israel = 20,00
Aries Black Moon Sharon = 19,34 Libra

Here, the TL66 signature of what Israel/Sharon represent today comes to the surface. To me, speaking very personally, it is a sorry example of political stupidity and a monument to the degradation of the human race.



Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 03:15:12 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Israel's Western Wall, 2

Searching the Internet for a "Palestine chart" produced the 15 Nov 1988 chart (done for 01:40 a.m), and another for <<the moment of Palestinian autonomy of Jericho and the Gaza strip on 4th May 1994, 8.55 am GMT, after the Israel-PLO Peace Accord was signed>> ( )

The article is apparently written by Marjorie Orr, and there are no references to the source of the times used. The "Palestine Autonomy" chart of 1994 is mentioned in some other places, such as an article by Phillip Lindsay with quotes from Master D.K. (Alice Bailey?) here:

This chart looks significant when we consider the position of the Sun inside the 19-20 degrees cardinal Middle East "TL66 Axis":

NOTE: this axis, by the way, falls along the (sidereal, not subject to precession) PERIHELION OF PLUTO in 19-20 Libra, which adds even more to its significance.

Palestine Autonomy Sun = 19,00 Aries
HAMAS (Dec 15 1987) Mars = 19,27 Libra
Libra Palestine Autonomy Nessus = 20,50 Libra
Libra Mercury 15 Nov 1988 (Palestinian State) = 19,36 Libra
Wall TL66 = 20,19 Aries
Lunar Node Israel = 20,00 Aries
Black Moon Sharon = 19,34 Libra

We can take the Sun and Nessus individually, but their applying opposition seems strong and significant even if beyond the 1-degree limit. It reproduces the same Sun/Nessus signature one finds between Israel and Islam:

Nessus of Islam = 28,29 Aries
Israel Sun (4:15 p.m.) = 29,39 Aries (orb=1,10')
Israel Sun (midnight May 14/15) = 0,01 Taurus (orb=1,32')
Lunar Node Palestine Autonomy = 29,12 Libra

If we go back to the Proclamation of the Palestinian State in 1988, this Sun/Nessus relationship is more poignant:

Sun 15 Nov 1988 12h UT = 28,46 Libra
Quaoar 15 Nov 1988 = 28,36 Libra
Nessus of Islam = 28,29 Aries

It becomes repeatedly evident in this and in many other cases that Nessus is very prominent in the Israel-Islam-U.S.A. relations. I commented this in my "Testing the Chart of Islam, 7". At that time (27 Oct 2001), I wrote:

<<Nessus, among the centaurs, is the one that more naturally could be associated with fear, horror, destructiveness, nastiness, revenge, poison, hatred, etc., all "the evil" that characterizes the Islam/Israel and the Islam/USA relationships, the "David vs Goliath" situation that engenders the martyrs, the kamikazes, what Westerners call "suicide bombers". Like Nessus, the suicide bombers are greatly misunderstood and feared, and like Nessus too, they are an expression of "the power of the weak", or like someone has called terrorism, "the B-52's of the poor"...
<<For many individuals of Palestine and of Afghanistan, dying as a martyr by a suicide attack is a cause of honor and personal fulfillment; for the West, a cause of horror, a greatly misunderstood act that is actually a spiritual and exemplary consummation for those who live in a culture where misery and getting killed and abused by a physically superior enemy [a very good description of the way humans traditionally have treated animals] is an everyday experience from the start of life.>>

Recall that the Nessus of Israel is conjunct the Pluto of Islam:

Nessus Israel = 16,34 Aries
Pluto Islam = 16,52 Aries
Pluto George Bush = 16,35 Cancer

Moon Israel (midnight chart) = 15,40 Cancer
Mercury G.W. Bush = 15,50 Cancer
Nessus G.W. Bush = 15,29 Aries
Neptune Western Wall = 15,55 Capricorn

NOTE: centaur-wise, I feel the midnight chart of Israel seems to be more significant or stronger than the 4 p.m. chart.

What does the Mercury/Pluto conjunction square Nessus of G.W. Bush has to do with Israel and its Apartheid Wall?



Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 04:23:12 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Israel's Western Wall, 3: Icarus and Talos

Icarus is squaring the Sun in the State of Israel chart:

Israel Sun = 0,01 Taurus
Israel Icarus = 29,13 Capricorn (Orb=0,48')

The construction of the Apartheid Wall was inaugurated when Icarus was at its natal position:

Western Wall Icarus = 28,39 Capricorn
Talos 15 Nov 1988 (Palestinian State) = 28,40 Capricorn

From this we know, perhaps definitely, the the Wall is related to Icarus, and more specifically, to the Sun/Icarus square of Israel.

We also have Talos. Icarus and Talos, together with Phaethon, are the 3 named asteroids with wildest or more eccentric orbits that come closer to the Sun than any other (named) asteroid.

Talos of Israel = 5,56 Aries
Varuna of Israel = 5,40 Aries
TD10 Western Wall = 5,00 Aries
Astraea Western Wall = 5,55 Aries

Sharon Mars = 5,29 Capricorn
Sharon TL66 = 5,51 Capricorn
Sharon Icarus = 5,58 Capricorn

Both Talos and Icarus, but more Icarus, produce in my imagination an evocation of the biblical "Walls of Jericho", which, as I recall, were brought down by the sounding of horns (Icarus is the horns, and the symbolical horn-like shape that I perceive in some of the photos of the Wall). This time, the roles are reversed, but the place (Jericho) is the same.


My feeling is that Talos and Icarus refer to the physical structure of the Wall, whereas centaurs and transeptunians refer to its social significance. I feel that Talos is the structure, its "wallness" or engineering, the construction, while Icarus represents its outside form or appearance, its symbolical architectural design, its tactical/military ingenuity. I cannot explain better than this because it is only an intuition, nothing rational.


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