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   Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 17:53:06 -0600
   From: jar@xxxxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx)
Subject: Pholus/Mars

This morning, I thought it was time to test something I have seen sometimes about Mars being closest to the earth when World Wars began. So I checked with Swetest and produced Mars geocentric distances 1900-2005. I found that the closest approaches happen with Mars at 0.37 AU from Earth, in cycles of 15 years. As you know, when the planet is at opposition, it is at its closest. This will be April 24th, but the distance will be 0.57 --we are not at the time of closest approach yet.

The cycle is:

1909 - 1924 - 1939 - 1956 - 1971 - 1986 - 2001


As Robert mentions, Pholus is conjunct the Asc (28,19 Libra) at Belgrade today at 8 p.m., when the bombardment began. But this is also the point where Mars turns direct after the retrograding cycle.

I think Pholus is involved with exodus, with invasion (hence the immune reaction). The immunity reflects issues of racial cleansing. The Gulf War and the War in Bosnia happened around the time of its discovery and perihel (together with Nessus).

It was in conjunction with Mars January 25 1999 in 29,26 Libra. When Mars goes stationary direct the first days of June, 1999, it will do it in exact conjunction with Pholus and in the same degree of the previous conjunction. In fact, Mars will be in exact conjunction with Pholus in that degree many many days --weeks-- in May and June.

This is not surprising. One would expect this from Pholus, or Nessus, or 1995GO. But why Pholus specifically? Why Pholus here?

I think it has to do with what has been said: the first time NATO attacks a sovereign country. Centaurs are invaders, usurpers. They provoke violent immune reactions. They tend to violate. They don't respect the law. So, we are witnessing Pholus becoming martial, after being released from the Saturn opposition. The retrograde conjunction will happen in vengeance to the first, which was repressed by Saturn.

This movement of troops, for example from Belgrade to Kosovo, is part of Pholus orbital motion. Pholus is like the meeting of two different worlds, or the meeting of enemies... the "clash" between the armies, the usurpation of someone else's territory, etc.

It produces polarization, like the 2 focci of the orbit belonging to different worlds... but having to "live" or share the same orbit. This is easier when they are very close. Not here.

In other words, the "encounter" can be destructive. Not an encounter but an aggression. However, in the individual level it may work better and generate real encounters. Between nations... seems harder.

I'm not saying these things because "I know". I'm just trying to figure it out; but if I don't try and err and learn from it, I will never learn to speak the language of Pholus, nor any language.



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   Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 17:25:05 -0600
   From: jar@xxxxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx)
Subject: Centaur warriors

I have always believed in the validity of geodetic charts, that is, charts made by equating 0 degrees geographic longitude with 0 degrees Aries, and the projecting the zodiac along the Earth's surface by the longitude equivalent of increasing right ascension toward the East.

Probably the most striking example --and proof-- of their validity is the dropping of the bomb at Hiroshima. The coordinates of Hiroshima are 34n23/132e27. This puts the geodetic Midiheaven in 10,00 Leo. The position of Pluto the was 9,58 Leo...

Some people think that by equating 0 Aries to Greenwich, one is measuring a geo-political reality. Maybe. War is such a geo-political reality.

So I wanted to try Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, being invaded both by the Serbian and NATO, under alleged issues of racial cleansing and the like, with all the nastiness we have seen in the news. Pristina's coordinates are 42n39/21e10, which gives a Midheaven of 7,07 Pisces and 1,08 Cancer on the Ascendant...

Nessus is right over the Descendant, in 1,14 Capricorn. I find this very consistent with what we have seen about Nessus so far. An Milosevic's Nessus is one of the strongest planets in his chart, being part, through an exact square from its position on the Eastern horizon,  of the Moon/Pluto conjunction.

By the way, the closeness of Chiron to this Moon/Nessus/Pluto pattern in Milosevic's chart always gave me the feeling of sheer destruction.

Mars will turn direct the 4th of June, when it will be stationed at 24,27 Libra. Pholus will be then in 24,13 Libra, and Jupiter in 25,39 Aries. This means that there is a Mars opposition Jupiter around those days, by the end of May.

DW2, in 21,45 Libra by June 4th, has been "riding" this degree (24 Libra) for weeks now. But 21 Libra is emphasized too, because Milosevic was born with a super-strong Mars in 21,44 Aries conjunct DW2 in 20,57 Aries. Technically speaking, the birth potential of Mars/DW2 is being released when DW2 makes the opposition, which is now (exact late May early June)...

Mars/DW2 in Aries is, dynamically speaking, "leading" Milosevic's chart, applying to a larger than 180 degrees empty sector of his chart (only broken if we consider SG35 in 26,26 Sagittarius). These are all very strong configurations.

Do you think all this suggests war and invasion as I do? This may be just the final invasion of Yugoslavia, the take-over, Milosevic's "suicide". Centaurs, at least to my present understanding, can be very, very nasty.



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   Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 20:10:46 -0600
   From: jar@xxxxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx)
Subject: Re: Centaur warriors

I don't claim to know much about the ethnic situation in the Balkans. But I guess it can be said that the social and economic problem created by the hundreds of thousands of refugees from Kosovo are enormous. Nothing like that had happened in Europe since WWII, and we are probably seeing only the beginning. This poses huge problems for countries with different ethnic backgrounds such as Macedonia. The Saturn/Neptune square certainly represents well the unommensurable complexity of the economical and cultural problems involved.

But the situation of Albania is somewhat different. Albania has always been "different" in many respects, starting from its language, which is unique among the rest of indo-european languages...

Kosovo was separated from Albania through treaties among foreign powers that never asked the Albanians. Today, the poorest country of Europe is now changing drastically. Just before the NATO incursions began --as I saw in the news-- already more tha 500,000 Kosovars had fled to Albania. How many more are there now? Albania is probably witnessing a tremendous change, in terms of social, political, and economic structure, not to mention its military capability, now boosted by NATO...

This is too complicated... and I understand very little of it, but I wanted to share this:

Albanians celebrate their national holiday November 28th. This is because Albanian independence, after centuries of struggle and foreign domination, was proclaimed November 28, 1912. The Sun was then, at 12 GMT, in 5,55 Sagittarius, and Chiron was in 6,29 Pisces. Transiting Pluto, when corrected for precession (1,12 degrees in 1999) has been in conjunction with this Sun through'out all of 1998. When it becomes stationary direct in August 1999, Pluto will be (precession-corrected) only 0,36' from the Sun of Albania.

And then comes Chiron, probably after all the present war is over, which becomes very important because of the square the Sun and Chiron have "at birth". It is an exact square, indicating a conflict, a deep wound inside, so that the conjunction, happening right after the Pluto transit, represents a complete and radical "redemption" of the past.

Albania is coming out of the darkness. The "ugly duckling" of Europe is about to emerge. It has an important role to play in the Chiron/Pluto transformations of the turn-of-the-meillenium.


[NOTE added September 8 1999: the above comments on the Sun position Nov. 28, 1912 are probably not valid, since apparently Albania was using the old style Julian Calendar. The sources say Albania began to use the Gregorian Calendar in December 1912, so I don't know what calendar the Nov. 28 date is in. Anybody can help?]


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   Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 09:16:39 -0600
   From: jar@xxxxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx)
Subject: New Moon opposition Pholus

The invasion of Yugoslavia by NATO --or of Kosovo by Yugoslavia-- is a Pholusian thing. "Invasion" is a key word of Pholus (I mean one among many others). Whether in inmunology, in psychology, or in world politics, it engenders a reaction. This reaction is "programmed" and predictable. One of the consequences is *exodus*, and the inner and outer displacement or temporary loss of identity. Blah, blah...

Tonight's New Moon happens in very close opposition to Pholus and DW2. Yesterday there was talking of a German Peace Plan incorporating Russia. Maybe the whole situation has reached its turning point, and we will witness how it matures now. But it is clear that this New Moon is a key to the whole thing. DW2 and Pholus are a key to the whole thing. Or
maybe this phase of the process.

The other phase is signaled by the conjunction of Uranus with QM107, squaring 95GO and being emphasized by the August eclipse. Next comes the third phase, Chiron/Pluto.

But it seems to me that, chronologically, this New Moon releasing DW2 and --specially-- Pholus, shows that this planet has is "at the center" of it, as a key to what has been happening. We are seeing what Romana points out: the sword and all its symbolism.



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   Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 17:37:56 -0600
   From: (Juan Ant. Revilla)
Subject: tanks and refugees

The war at Kosovo, and the previous war in Bosnia, are to me very centaur-related, particularly following the symbolism of Pholus.

Pholus may be wild, as all centaurs are, but what Pholus represents is more our relationship with it, i.e., with what is different to us, with "the other". We can experience an impregnation, a visitation, and out-of-the-body extraordinary experience of ecstasy, of bliss, etc, in a very Neptunian fashion, only more focused and poignant than Neptune, or we can "clash" and spit at that other, as many people do to animals, to nature, to the wild... or to other human beings that have different cultures and beliefs, and are considered "lesser".

This is one of the perspectives of racial cleansing, as it relates to Pholus. Pholus is also, to me, clearly related to invasion, to homelessness and to poverty, which are consequences of the same twisted Neptunian ideologies that are taken for granted.

Nessus is also strongly related to this, in a different way. Nessus shows us the horror, the "blackness", the nastiness, the people abandoned that are not able to protect themselves any more, as well as the Nato air-strikes and destruction...

I would like you to remember that Mars has been in conjunction with Pholus all these days, and continue to be so up until after Mars turns direct the first week of June. There are a number of things that come to the imagination with this symbolism, such as the enforced peace, "the peace of the Romans" that was imposed in Bosnia, and probably will be implanted in Kosovo.

This Mars/Pholus conjunction with Mars stationary is unique, it doesn't happen often. It can be related to the first conjunction that happened at the end of January, pinpointing the time around which the bloody events that triggered the war happened.

The time around which Mars turns direct will be decisive, because things will begin to get out of the stagnation they have been in.

When a see a tank here I see Pholus. It is a tank with a refugee behind.



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   Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 13:08:48 -0600
   From: (Juan Ant. Revilla)
Subject: Re: tanks and refugees

Mars was in conjunction with Pholus the first time January 25th, then also in opposition to Saturn. Now the conjunction happens without the Saturn restraint, and Pholus completely overshadows the slow Mars station going direct. So we have a martial Pholus, or a pholusian Mars. If we think dynamically, Pholus had been in very close opposition to Saturn since the time of its discovery in 1992 until that last opposition in January, which "released" Pholus. But then, instead of flying free, Pholus has become martial.

There is a perfect chronological parallel with the war at the Balkans, first in Bosnia, and now in Serbia/Kosovo. It was in late January, for example, when a massacre in Racak (Jan.18) made its way to the press and precipitated Nato's decision to strike (Jan.30).

Since I believe that everything is connected, then the events in Kosovo are manifestations of processes that are happening in the "astral body of the world", and have a counterpart in my own "astral body". The question is, what is this counterpart? What does it mean that Pholus becomes martial? How can we interpret the dynamics of the war at Kosovo symbolically?

If events in the outer world are symbols of the inner world, what is the psychological/individual/spiritual meaning of the present Martial (=war) events? The change in direction of Mars seems to be indicating also a change in direction of the dynamics of the conflict in Kosovo. How is that change in direction affecting me?

I have the Sun (and Venus) leading a locomotive in 23 Aries, 24 when adjusted for precession, and my Ascendant is Leo, so that Mars/Pholus will be exactly in opposition "to me". The first time Pholus passed through the opposition point, I fractured my wrist (parallel to violently "fracturing" my heart). And this was without Mars...

The Pholus/Kosovo relationship, I think, is seen especially in: 1-) the issue of refugees, and 2-) the issue of invasion. Then, what I have to do, is find out what "refugee" and being invaded means in psychological terms. The Mars station would mean a change of attitude, a standing-up... to put it positively.



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   Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 21:27:19 -0600
   From: jar@xxxxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx)
Subject: Re: tanks and refugees


   ... Mars/Jupiter/Pholus/Venus making a cross are quite impressive, considering that 24-25 Libra is being "radicalized" by the long Mars/Pholus conjunction and the New Moon of mid-April (25,45 Aries). That New Moon was interesting because it was in tight opposition to Pholus/DW2, and stationing Mars is occupying now the same point. The April New Moon happened the day when Nato bombed a convoy of refugees and killed 50+ Kosovars...

   ... Pholus being released, being set free to spread its wings of Neptunian light after getting rid of the chains of Saturn; but, to do that, Pholus first has to stand up and assert itself. Milosevic/Saturn falls...

   ... Indeed all centaurs have appeared with the onset and development of War at the Balkans!

   ... Refugees are being secreted from Kosovo like mucus...

   ... A cross it is, like the sign of Aries in the nose/sinuses. Humanity has acute sinusitis!



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   Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 13:41:58 -0600
   From: jar@xxxxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx)
Subject: Mars/Pholus over my Sun

Something happened to me today, that I want to share because it has bearing on the meaning of Pholus/Mars, at least on how they manifest in my life.

Mars and Pholus, in conjunction in 24 Libra, are in opposition to my Sun (and Venus) in 23 Aries (24 when corrected for precession).

I just came from the clinic, and have bandage and stitches in both my left and right arms. I was walking my dog and a German shepherd in the loose aggressively attacked him. My dog is not aggressive, and I thought he was going to get very badly hurt or killed, so aggressive was the other dog.

I love my Baby, so I took the other dog from the neck and hair with my two arms. I was angry (my dog wasn't) and would have hurt this other dog. Obviously, I was bitten, but my dog is all right, and it was worthy...

This is the second Pholus transit in opposition to "me". The first one was late October 1998. On Octobert 25th, I fractured my left wrist when running with the dog, as some of you recall.

My natal Mars is in 16 Gemini.

Of course, I don't think this is the only manifestation of this transit. But it is certainly a good symbol of processes happening inside of me.

The other day, I had dreamed something really unique: I was giving a big and warm hug to my grandfather, who died when I was 15 and to whom I never spoke because he was completely deaf and always lived like in another world...

I think that this dream is also related to my Pholus transit.



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