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   Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 12:01:54 -0600
   From: jar@xxxxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx)
Subject: Re: Pholus

I was walking the dog (Pholus?) this morning and thinking of the difficulty to perceive Pholus, remembering that I had the late June'98 station less than 1 degree ahead of my natal Moon... 

...  On June 28th, I conducted a workshop which I had been planning for months. Things worked out very well, with a group of about 40 people. The subject was "A Christian Understanding of Kharma and Reincarnation". I hate to deal with these subjects intellectually, so I had been meditating on how I would do it. I had the more "cosmic", transcendental "timeless" picture of reincarnation on the one hand, and the Christian ethical view, more existential and centered on the individual personality, with the exclusion of kharma and reincarnation, on the other.

I know that there are many philosophical ways of bridging the two. But I didn't want to do it that way. So I meditated, and nothing came up, except... Peter! I began to see the image of Peter the Apostle!, his feet and sandals walking on the beach, his figure erect and firm, walking...(I was seeing his feet). And that is what I gave, as if that image was the answer, the "bridge". And to me it was, the same as for most of the people who were there. No intelectual formula, just Peter, his humanity, his faulty character, his lack of intellectual sophistry... just himself...

But with a very special power. He was the answer to how to unite the two: the eternal spirit where our personal strivings are meaningless and are implacably washed out by transcendental forces (like Uranus-Neptune-Pluto), and our personal, wounded reality of feelings and needs, of personal love, of yearnings for fulfilment that doesn't come, our world of very personal, little consummations.

Now I think this is related to what later came as an awareness of the Centaurs. Pholus brought Peter to me, his own reality, himself the answer. Please don't think that was because I'm an Aries. That is certainly not the reason to share this image here. I did it because I hope Peter can mean something for you too, and give you an answer, not made of words, but of faith.



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   Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 11:05:47 -0600
   From: jar@xxxxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Subject: Re: Alpha / Anthony Quinn

... Since Brando had the conjunction exact, it is only natural that this Nessus quality is also strongly apparent in ALL his other characters, not only in "Apocalypse Now". Then one could see the same dynamics shown there but in more "diluted" or "subtle" psychological contexts.

One of my favourite movies is a most wonderful Helia Kazan film of 1952 called "Viva Zapata!", with Brando as Emiliano Zapata and Anthony Quinn as his brother Eufemio. You can see the Nessus social aspect present all throughout with supreme beauty and artistry (as can be seen, in another context, in all the Toshiro Mifune films). The screen play was written by Nobel Prize winner John Steinbech. One of the characters is an intellectual and political manipulator which is like an incarnation of Nessus. Good food for analysis.

Anthony Quinn was born April 21, 1915:

Sun = 0,18 Taurus (at 12 GMT)
Pluto = 0,25 Cancer
Pholus = 0,46 Sagittarius
(this is an exact Yod or Finger of God! It is Zorba the Greek!)

Mars = 3,36 Aries
Nessus = 4,13 Aries 



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   Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 16:51:29 -0600
   From: jar@xxxxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Marco Polo

The date of birth of Marco Polo apparently is not known (circa 1254), but the time of death is: January 8, 1324, in Venice (from the Britannica).

Among the key-words for Pholus, I wrote:

"Communion of two worlds"
"Clash of cultures"
"an eternal pilgrim without a home, a nomad"

At 12h GMT the day he died we have:

Sun = 25,48 Capricorn
Pholus = 25,18 Capricorn
Hylonome= 25,21 Aries

together with:

Pluto   = 18,25 Pis
Neptune = 19,05 Sag
Asbolus = 19,34 Gem r



Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 07:48:53 -0600
From: (Juan Revilla)
Subject: [A-Urania] centaurs, tnp's, and animals

... I simply thought that centaurs can add an important perspective where animals are concerned, especially wild animals (and birds). But the interpretations can only be sketchy, and it is always easier to say something when you already know what it is. It is more a matter of seeing if centaurs or tnp's are prominent and learn from what you already know of the person.

In a very general sense, and in my opinion of course, centaurs can be considered as representatives of 1-) various more "humanized" (closer to us) "Plutonian" functions, and 2-) everything that is in-between worlds and in the fringe of our (social, psychological) reality, which can be either "invasive" and destructive or healing and expansive of consciousness.

So they can chart our relationship with the animal world.




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   Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 13:53:15 -0600
   From: jar@xxxxxxx.xx.xx
Subject: another serial killer

2 or 3 days ago someone posted in another list the birth date of Dr Henry Shipman (Jan 14 1946 in Nottingham). There was an article on him in the National Enquirer, saying that in 1984-88 he may have killed as many as 1500 of his elderly patients with a fatal injection, at least 150. I don't know the details and some of you may have read something.

I use 12 Noon:

Mars   = 23,05 Can
Pholus = 23,20 Cap
Sun    = 23,44 Cap
QB1    = 24,30 Cap

I believe that Pholus here is what made him such a predator, another "night stalker". Mars of course may be aggressive or sadistic, but Pholus intensified this and made it "unbridled". I don't know what QB1 is here. I feel it is those old people...



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