Meditations on the Virgin and Mother Earth
by Juan Antonio Revilla


Once the necessary receptivity or gestures of the soul are present, the virtue can start to operate on us. This may not become conscious until 2 or 3 days later, and the experience itself that originated the picture may have lasted a few seconds only: the important thing is that it impressed us strongly enough, and we approached it with the necessary respect and humble silence, letting it work on us.

The reason for this shift is the time our etheric body needs (or may need) to process the experience (of the astral body) and convert it into concrete imaginations, inspirations and intuitions. Some people need more time, others can process it right away without the intervention of this extension in memory, in which case the direct experience is no longer of the senses only, but an authentic spiritual perception. The more we practice this "delayed thinking", the less time our etheric body will need to chew or grind the experience. When the concrete thought appears, it has become part of our organism, it is part of our blood and our breath, and we have been changed by it, we have become it --partially at least.

Sometimes this processing does not occur properly, it remains partial and incomplete. This happens when the forces of the *I* are weak, so the person cannot find the right way of relating with what comes from the experience or from the memory image associated with it. In these cases the concept never acquires a concrete form and remains alien, confusing, or without life, cold and abstract, hardened and dogmatic, it is "not true". It can also become pathological, the person can become paranoid, defensive, delirious, and the thoughts that begin to appear or "pour" are torturing, sadistic, absurd, or just plain mad: the *I* is so weak that it is lost. These distortions are a form of "bleeding" and show that enough attention was not paid to the necessary gestures of the soul or feelings that should be present as a starting point.

Please keep in mind that I am not talking of "occult development" directly, but of the meaning of "living thinking" in everyday life as I understand it. Imagination, inspiration, and intuition are alive and organic, they appear in many different forms and variations, in many gradations, and their content is individualized and impossible to predict in advance. They are the way in which spiritual beings manifest themselves as thoughts in our soul, but these thoughts are not "just me", they contain their object and this object belongs to the world. They are a spiritual experience "made flesh" in the real world of everyday experience, they insert or add themselves to the experience we obtain from our physical senses without us having to interrupt our normal consciousness: the two types of consciousness remain together and appear simultaneously. They don't follow the rules of logic, the rules of the brain, and in simple rational terms become paradoxes or riddles...

Like the riddle of this relationship that some are able to establish with the Virgin.


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