Meditations on the Virgin and Mother Earth
by Juan Antonio Revilla


If one observes a specific instances of this relationship but remains indifferent to the feeling that is its fuel in very large portions of the population of Mexico, Central, and South America, we are probably approaching it with a certain passivity, with our intellectual minds only. It is difficult to observe this relationship without noticing the strong presence of a feeling of surrender, humbleness, devotion, and faith that is driving the soul at the time of praying or talking to the Virgin in a shrine. This feeling is very personal, very immediate, and very abundant, and it induces in the person living it a state that one can characterize as "full of grace", one can sense a beauty radiating from their heads.

A passive observation without the awareness of this feeling atmosphere that characterizes it doesn't feel real, it is not eloquent enough to leave a strong impression on our soul and bear fruits upon its contemplation. The indifference to the feeling must not be confused with the observation of the feeling. When our astral sensibility tunes itself to that feeling, we vibrate like the wind playing the strings of a harp, opening ourselves to it, which enables us to see it with our soul rather than just our intellect. If we don't let this "wind" impress our soul, there would be no real feeling to contemplate.

This last image of "the wind" that plays "the strings of my heart" corresponds to the level of inspiration in the astral body and is subjective, but I think it illustrates the need for the original observation to be not a routine intellectual exercise but a state of attention that requires a strong "presence of mind", an intensified state of consciousness that demands the forces (thinking-feeling-willing) of my awakened *I*. At first we don't know what it is, but we pay attention and wonder, treating the situation with respect, acknowledging "Life" that has brought us to it and is trying to talk to us through it.

What we can learn from this experience may have nothing to do with the Virgin as a spiritual being, but we can learn what is essential of the experience itself, i.e., of a person talking to the Virgin... or it may happen that we get inside of us the image of a spiritual being that covers the person as if if with a dark blue mantle (imagination in the etheric), looking down and pouring itself on the person in complete surrender and compassion (inspiration in the astral), or we can look at its eyes and witness how it looks at us and talks directly to our *I* (Intuition), and we can hardly stand on our feet.

This knowledge is not "exact", it is not being translated into spiritual scientific terms, but it is "true": we touched the object with our soul, we embraced it, for a time we were the object (surrender), and the experience was so powerful that putting it in conceptual terms may feel out of place and unnecessary, we know that what is demanded from us by the Spirit is to pay tribute to it, to honor it, and we are expected to do this through our actions in the world rather than our thinking. In Steiner's words paraphrasing the prologue of John's Gospel: "it is full of consecration and of truth".


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