Meditations on the Virgin and Mother Earth
by Juan Antonio Revilla


When we dream something, we are closer to the truth or to spiritual reality than when we think about it with our intellect by means of the rules of logic. Logic cannot takes us to the Spirit, rather, it is when we are able to break its rules, to crack them with the power of true thinking, that the door opens. In dreams, the Spirit talks to us in pictures, not through the pictorial content itself but through its movement, its rythm, its music or structure. The spiritual virtue is not in the content of the pictures, but in the forces that gave birth to it, and in the relationship or interaction of these forces.

With Anthroposophy is the same: the spiritual impulse or truth is not in the conceptual content, but in the forces that brought about this content, in how it was formed. We have to be able to "see" this formation, to picture it, otherwise the content is born dead in our minds. This is why Steiner always said: "we have to grasp this in the right way, and before we can think of it properly, we must develop the right feelings for it". These feelings are our response to the spiritual force, and they are created in our soul by means of the internal life or movement of pictures, by means of a pictorial, imaginative language.

When we form these pictures in our imagination, we are experiencing the spiritual forces that create them, but the picture itself is of secondary and relative importance only. Spiritual knowledge doesn't lie in the picture or in the conceptual content that comes with it, but in the force thanks to which both were formed. The pictorial or conceptual content, by itself, without these forces, is dead thinking, and can be repeated or disseminated by anyone, spreading its death everywhere.

The spiritual virtue or power of pictures is in their inner movement, in the gesture they produce in our soul when we contemplate them, in our feeling response to them. When this response is unconscious, we are like sleepwalkers, mediums, or visionaries. When we make this feeling response conscious, observing quietly how it appears in our soul, grasping the process with our *I* the forces that are creating this feeling, holding the formation of the feeling in our intensified thinking, the medianic response is transformed into imagination, inspiration, and intuition.

Imaginations, inspirations, and intuitions, have their own independent life inside of us. When they are developed and cultivated in the right way, with the focused thinking activity of our *I*, they become direct spiritual experiences that appear in the unending flow of our consciousness, they become the content of living and true thinking, even though this living thinking is not necessarily (or not yet) exact or scientific. However, they push the awakened forces of the *I* to make the thinking that lives in them "concrete" in the world by means of language, music, painting, dance... or through "the art of living".

Living thinking is not the thoughts but the virtue in them. Its proof does not lie in its exactness or its being scientific, it lies in its fruits.


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