Meditations on the Virgin and Mother Earth
by Juan Antonio Revilla


The phenomenon of rainfall can be used to understand better "what is going on" in the act of praying to the Virgin. In rainfall, or more accurately in the observation of a field covered by rainfall, the same moods can be found as in the act of praying, as well as the same movements or morphology. Everything that we see contained or enclosed in praying (as well as in human and animal motherhood) inside human consciousness is present in rainfall but transformed into an experience of Nature that is wide open.

Sometimes rainfall is also enclosing and prayer-like: think for example on the darkness or heaviness of the sky, the excess humidity and cold, the looking for cover and warmth, the bluish moodiness of the atmosphere, and above all, the feeling of resignation. This feeling of resignation is another essential aspect of the experience of praying, it is the point where sorrow is becoming purity and beauty, as when we get all wet by the falling rain and our clothes tend to become transparent, leaving us "naked".

The gentle rain on an open field lead us back to an aspect of the act of praying to the Virgin that we had not considered yet, without which it is not possible to understand the phenomenon that people in Mexico and Central America call "the virgin". This is a phenomenon that may be difficult to understand to those not familiar to the experience of rainfall in tropical countries: the smell of wet soil (tierra mojada), the mixture of warm sunshine and water in the atmosphere, the hot humid breeze full of natural smells, the dryness and thirst of the soil and the plants waiting in lethargy for the water that will come hopefully from heaven.

... all this points to the fact that the prayer of the human soul who has come consciously to surrender to "the Virgin" can be --and frequently is-- met by an answer from Her. The feeling of grace and beauty comes from the Virgin, it is her gift or blessing, like gentle water falling from the sky. This gentle rain (in our country we call it "garúa") is more traditionally called "dew" (rocío). I remember when I was a child and this gentle rain was falling (garuando), we were told "the Virgin is taking a shower".

When the Virgin answers the mood changes profoundly, a transformation happens in the soul: this is the beatitude. The deep bluish is changed by silver inside and becomes sky-blue (color celeste) and light-yellow, with tinges of pink. This may sound like pretty words only, but when we look at the rain outside (with reversed colors) in these tropical regions, the answer from heaven is literally the difference between hunger and poverty and feeling blessed by Life, because without rain the crops will not grow. For them , the Virgin is the rain, and it pours her blessing on their souls with as much abundance as on the land.


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