Meditations on the Virgin and Mother Earth
by Juan Antonio Revilla


In many cases nothing or very little of the feelings I'm describing is actually present, so one keeps observing until there is nothing more to observe, and starts looking somewhere else or waits for some other time when the necessary conditions are met. The important thing is that once these feelings have been internalized or embraced by our soul, our contemplation or focus on them reaches a point when they begin to have a life of their own inside of us, independent of our sense perceptions. This independent life is in the form of a picture or recollection which may or may not correspond to one specific sense experience, it may be synthesis of many of them.

The more similar conscious experiences we have accumulated in our life, the more we personally resonate to these feelings ourselves, the more clear and fruitful the picture will become as it transforms itself, speaking to us through imagination, inspiration, and intuition. This super-sensible picture (or series or pictures) works like a synthetic recollection of something we have seen, of one or of many experiences we actually had, and we keep returning to it in order to "remember" more of it each time. The more we quitely and patiently contemplate or meditate on it, the more unrelenting and sharp our thinking forces become, in complete independence from the external world.

The image of rain and the experiences associated with it provide the opportunity to work our way backwards to the feelings associated with praying to the Virgin by means of recollections that are completely independent from religious imagery: we don't have to know anything previously about the Virgin in order to find our way to it, all that is needed is the ability to observe in a disciplined, special way our own accumulated experience, or the experience of others. If we don't have those experiences or recollections in us, we must look for specific instances where those feelings are abundant, and open our soul to them in the special way that has been described.

Eventually the presence that we are calling "the Virgin" becomes more and more familiar, more concrete, and we develop the ability to perceive it directly or immediately with our hands and arms, we can feel it and touch it in our immediate experience when the necessary conditions are met. We find that there are some spots, as well as some definite moments, where this presence is strong. We can observe --as if from the corner of our eye-- its formation by spiritual forces in those specific moments or spots, and the better developed our hands and arms organs are, the better we can identify those moments or spots as well as its colors, gestures, and shape.

The phenomenon usually identified as "apparitions" of the Virgin is at a different level, it is a different type of experience, more tied to "telluric" forces acting at specific places or shrines, while "the Virgin" I am describing can be found everywhere. Comparing what I have been describing here with the usual phenomenology of these apparitions can shed light on both.


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