Meditations on the Virgin and Mother Earth
by Juan Antonio Revilla


I want to present here an abstract, a conceptual sketch or summary, of what we have found so far:

- the Virgin cannot be approached or understood through abstractions.
- she gives us spiritual nourishment and cultivates our soul.
- this nourishment is made of the memories of our spiritual life before birth.
- we receive this nourishment from her continuously, every day of our lives.
- this nurturing is found by different means in different cultures.
- praying to the virgin is a state of being, an act of surrender that may come about unconsciously.
- this act contains in itself the answer from her, her blessing.
- the Virgin's blessing is the fruition of all life, of the earth and of the sky, and the fruits of the spirit.
- without her all life is barren.
- she is a mother and everything living is her children.
- she dissolves all separations and sorrows.
- true spiritual knowledge can only come alive through her, it is she who brings it to life.

> I do experience the Mother Being a little differently though...I understand there to be three: Crone Maiden Mother. And the Three are One.

J: When we "divides" the Virgin, we are no longer relating to her as a living being, but looking at her through the lens of an abstraction. Even though those three aspects represent a reality, they are never separate or absent, where there is one, the others are there too.

Our brain is not used to deal with spiritual realities or spiritual beings, it is used to deal with concepts, but as long as we think of her in concepts, we cannot understand her, neither can we bring Anthroposophy to life.

The Virgin is the living beings themselves when we see them with her eyes, she is all life on earth, as well as the living earth itself. To approach her in a living way, we must do it through these beings (all creatures) or through the earth, when we approach them in the same way the Virgin does.

What really is "mother earth"? If we can grasp this not through a conceptual answer but through direct experience, we are truly thinking the Virgin instead of just thinking *about* her. Then, we realize that many of the concepts we use are wrong or unsuitable to understand spiritual reality.

The Virgin is a living force or living being that comes from the earth, from the soil, from the geography, from the ethnic history of a place. This being, when experienced consciously, unites or becomes one with the Virgin "from heaven". But without these roots the Virgin is only an abstraction.

Mother earth at the base or the roots, Mary at the middle, Sophia above. They are the same being, but from a different perspective. They look separate only because we are conceptualizing them that way, and this is a consequence of the way we think of what "the earth" is, or means.

Earth gazes through time, she is the wisdom of the ages. If we want to learn this wisdom, we must go through her, we must look through her eyes, not through the eyes of our brain which can only think of above and below, the earthly, the heavenly, the middle...

If we think of Sophia as different from Earth, she is no longer wisdom, she is an abstraction.


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