Meditations on the Virgin and Mother Earth
by Juan Antonio Revilla


Picturing the earth from outer space, as a sphere made of mass, rock, gravity, etc., with us living on its surface, is looking at the earth from inside out through a window provided by a machine, and it can only show what the machine can see. The reality that we experience is the opposite: we are living at the center of this sphere, not on its outside surface, and the sphere itself is the idea of the Cosmos that results from the phenomenon of daily rotation and annual revolution, by the rising and setting of the stars and the helicoidal movements of the planets along the zodiacal two-dimensional belt. The sphere itself is a concept or an abstraction, it is not real, what is real is the forces of rotation and of annual and zodiacal revolution that produce the rhythmic alternation of day and night and of the seasons, the cycles of Nature, the breathing in and breathing out of the Cosmos.

This living Cosmos that contains the stars and the planets, the Moon and the Sun, the whole of Creation, all this is "Earth". This cosmic egg or earth-Cosmos is the solar system as a whole. But for most of us this is at first only an ideal beyond our direct experience. What we all experience is the exuberance of life and mineral forms in a constant state of flux or development, like a river that flows from its paradisiacal origins, always becoming, always renewing itself, always virginal, changing its face like a flow of living wisdom that is telling a story. We experience the darkness every night enveloping the earth, containing everything like inside of a veil, and the Sun rising from the depths and removing this veil every day, radiating from out of itself the openness of space, carrying the light and the warmth that keeps everything alive.

The earth has a countenance that changes over the course of time. In the same way that the idea or concept of a sphere arises in us from the physical experience of rotation, the observation of the yearly changes of the earth gives birth in us to the feeling or intuition of the earth-being, that can't be observed directly with our eyes. These changes are correlated to the movements and cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars at night, but this celestial script is only the dots or pattern, the notation or musical score: the music itself, the concrete spiritual reality of which these celestial patterns speak, is the earth-Cosmos. This earth is not a material ball of rock with a biosphere on its exterior surface, but a flowing, fruitful incarnation of fulfilled love and wisdom. The living Sophia that we picture coming from heavenly or spiritual realms is the earth-being that we see coming to us from the beginnings of time.

Time, earth, and wisdom are synonyms. Time is the life-tableau or biography of the imaginative earth, and wisdom our ability to hear and understand the earth's Song.


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