last updated April 27, 2013.

The package "Riyal_for_Windows.exe" contains version 3.99. Please go to the download page:

changes made from version 3.98 to 3.99:

- added "Topocentric" under the pole primary directions

changes made from version 3.96 to 3.98

- primary directions "in mundo" in most main house systems
- corrected error in topocentric lunar return

changes made from version 3.94 to 3.96:

- added "Primary Motion" graphic with primary directions and progressions
- fixed incorrect restoration of Moon position in Primary Motion wheel
- fixed errors in tabular display of primary directions (conjunctions)
- primary directions: all the main house systems are now supported

changes made from version 3.93 to 3.94:

- added Mundoscope wheel with 3 options: "in mundo", oblique longitudes, azimuths
- added ephemerides in galactic longitude in "classic" format
- added "4 systems" ephemerides: ecliptic - right ascension - galactic - heliocentric.
- corrected small offset in angles of PSSR charts
- corrected quadrant error in "compass" azimuths (is Mundoscope option now)
- modified "single body" ephemerides display: no more tiny print

changes made from version 3.92 to 3.93:

- added Oktotopos wheel
- corrected rate error in PSSR and SQ solar return listing

changes made from version 3.91 to 3.92:

- added choice of radix or transiting angles in bi-wheel
- added save ListView window to a file
- progressed sidereal solar return now in ListView window
- added "on the fly" progressed return daily charts
- revised sizing of all ListView windows

changes made from version 3.90 to 3.91:

- fixed shifted positions in sidereal double-wheel
- fixed occasional interpolation error in ephemerides by numerical integration
- class identification and rejection of NEO's for numerical integration
- added asteroid number to "all named asteroids" (modified "named.dat")
- added "test accuracy of numerical integration" to "test position accuracy"

changes made from version 3.80 to 3.90:

- added tabular ephemerides by numerical integration
- removed "inside earth orbit" limitation for numerical integration
- fixed errors in input time of "input osculating elements"

changes made from version 3.71 to 3.80:

- scrollable main display (was completely re-written)
- added parabolic fit to "test position accuracy"
- corrected input of time in "input osculating elements" dialog
- updated internal list of SE named ateroid numbers
- updated "all distant objects" and "all named asteroids"

changes made from version 3.70 to 3.71:

- revised all precession quantities
- corrected recent bug in calculation of galactic pole and node
- improved accuracy of VSOP2000 Moon
- new more accurate VSOP2000 Moon's osculating apogee

changes made from version 3.60 to 3.70:

- VSOP2000 can now be used optionally instead of VSOP87
  (for Moon and inner planets only -- see "accuracy and sources")
- corrected bug in artan2 function
- corrected bug in time of perihel/aphel and apogee/perigee

changes made from version 3.57 to 3.60:

- new search option: fixed stars tropical sign ingresses
- new ephemerides option: single fixed star ephemerides
- improved accuracy in fixed stars, and updated movement parameters of named stars.
- primary directions cleaned and restored as before (only conjunctions, no intermediate cusps)
- corrected bug that did not allow return to UT from ET/DT
- corrected wrongly labelled "galactic node" column in precession ephemerides
- updated lists of named objects and distant objects

changes made from version 3.50 to 3.57:

- improved visual clarity in parans output, with a choice of different orbs
- corrected bug in vertical scroll bar in lists due to incorrect size of window
- GMT instead of RAMC in the PSR, to calculate daily charts with the progresses angles
- added the possibility to show the transiting Asc, MC, and/or Vertex in the biwheel.
- updated list of named objects and list of distant objects

changes made from version 3.13 to 3.50:

- the "internal" objects list has been completely updated and reduced in size
- all the ephemerides have been re-calculated with the latest orbital elements
- updated "all named asteroids" and "all distant objects"
- added Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta 1700-2020
- added geocentric ephemerides of heliocentric empty focus of planets
- improved accuracy of outer planets (DE421 instead of DE406)
- added option to calculate demi-solar returns
- removed option to calculate regular planets with the Swiss Ephemeris
- user-selected list of asteroids is now shown separately in the "Swiss Ephemeris" listing

changes made from version 3.121 to 3.13:

- fixed last selected planet displayed in tables
- fixed convergence error (loop forever) in mundane longitudes
- fixed identification error in "test position accuracy" of asteroids
- fixed error trapping and handling of Swiss Ephemeris asteroids.

changes made from version 3.1 to 3.121:

- fixed error in oblique longitudes of objects without latitude
- added "in mundo" or "oblique" zodiacal longitudes
- mundo positions extended to most house systems
- added trapping of errors of chaotic Swiss Ephemeris centaurs
- fixed some problems with chaotic orbits in "swiss ephemeris" mode
- fixed issues in v.3.1 when terminating the program
- the "long" ephemeris file now comes included in the package
- fixed error in calculation of osculating elements in "swiss ephemeris" mode
- better Swiss Ephemeris file and range error trapping
- fixed error in positions of Jupiter through Neptune (3.101)

changes made from version 3.0 to 3.1:

- added user-defined list of Swiss Ephemeris asteroids
- added simple file error message at start-up
- added some missing simple input error messages
- re-designed "equatorial to zodiacal conversion" dialog
- more accurate planetary aberration algorithm
- better Nutation model (IAU 2000B)
- more Swiss Ephemeris integration
- revised delta-t for dates before 1620
- outer planets back to the DE406 standard

Juan Revilla