"Look at me. Judge me by my size do you? And well you should not! For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is." - Yoda to Luke Skywalker, quoted by astrologer Josh Payne
   Pluto is changing its skin. This is obvious from the recent discussion among astronomers, and the realization of how its nature resembles more the smaller and dark cometary asteroids in the outer solar system. But what feels so wonderful to me is that Pluto is also changing astrologically, thanks to the discovery of the Centaurs.

   When Chiron was found, I guess nobody would have thought that it had anything to do with Pluto. But the "centaurs" category didn't exist then. Think about it: there is a new category in astrological thought, the transcendental Saturn-Pluto orbit crossers. They are making astrologers deepen their understanding of Chiron, they are opening doors, by making people "touch death" so that there is more life.

   Life is very difficult if we live within rigid structures. Pluto has always been found to be a destroyer-transformer of structures, for which, if we live too close to it (I mean very focal in the chart), we pay the price of being in the fringe of life, more dead than alive. It has an immense power to destroy what is rigid. Negatively, if we resist him, if we resist life this way by avoiding death of what is rigid, we become human "walls". Then Pluto becomes a smasher and a killer.

   But I feel Pluto is changing. The old association of Pluto with Scorpio is clear, but it is primitive, and rigid. We will never understand Pluto if we reduce it to a "walking Scorpio" or a synonym of the underworld. How Pluto wants to get rid of this association is evident when we think how often it has been associated with Aries, following the rulership schematism. No other planet shows this "shifting" of rulership as clearly as Pluto. That's why M.E. Jones used the phrase "nascent enlightenment" to describe Pluto's dynamics in life.

   The immense power of Pluto and its very small size -- smaller even than our Moon -- teaches us many things. It is also the farthest planet. Any physical, newtonian or mechanical model of the way Astrology works, crumbles when it faces Pluto. Pluto is not that trivial. Maybe, this power and transcendence is related to the slowness of the motion, to dynamics and not to physical characteristics.

   Maybe this is what gives power and transcendence to centaurs when compared with the more trivial matters of the closer and faster asteroids. The asteroids' orbits are also rounder, more benign, they don't "cross". The association of the orbit crossing with the "symbolism of the cross", and with pain and death, is not a trivial thing.

   There are other crossers, but they travel through realms that are more reachable to us, maybe more digestible (Jupiter-Mars-Earth-Venus), and they move faster, so they cannot be used to trace the great breakthroughs in a person's life as we are used to do with the planets from Saturn onwards.

   Centaurs are not digestible. They open doors and go beyond. They have been found to be associated with things that before them one would associate with Pluto. This is why I think Pluto is changing its skin. It is death that is changing its skin, psychological and collective death.

   The Cold War and the "atomic/nuclear Covenant" are over. Pluto instituted them, and brought them down when it reached Perihelion. Then came the Centaurs, like Pluto children from the dark (like Nessus) and the deep (like 1995GO) that give us ecstasy and wound us at the same time. Like life and death together, which means more and more life by embracing death and developing compassion. This is how Parsifal was able to heal Amfortas' wound.

   Pluto is changing because Pluto is not "fixed" in scorpionic fashion. Pluto is change itself. We change our skins, we transform our structures when the time is ripe. Pluto is now becoming something else. It gained this power after being immersed in the incommensurable world of Neptune. It came out of Neptune's realm with the power to get rid of his own skin, out of the underworld to bath itself in the infinity and immensity of Neptune's light and compassion.

   In a way, historically and symbolically speaking, Pluto emerged out of Neptune pregnant with the Centaurs, which it has been releasing to the world as he sheds his skin. Before that, Pluto's "kiss" was the kiss of death, and it came only to take us away to his realm. But now, with the new Centaurs, Pluto's old death is coming to us and becoming human, instead of taking us away.

   Pluto is like a dark Sun, like the counterpart of the Sun. And like the Sun gave birth to the mystery of Christ 2000 years ago, we may be witnessing the consummation of another mystery in the archetypal world, the fruit of which is the transformation of old symbols and structures, the opening of new doors, being done by the Centaurs.

Juan Antonio Revilla
San Josť, Costa Rica, March 20, 1999.

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