I. Kosovo

     The war at Kosovo, and the previous war in Bosnia, are to me very centaur-related, particularly following the symbolism of Pholus.

      I think Pholus is involved with exodus, as well as with invasion, hence the immune reaction. The immunity reflects issues of racial cleansing. The Gulf War and the war in Bosnia happened around the time of its discovery and perihel (together with Nessus), and it is conjunct the Ascendant (28,19 Libra) at Belgrade March 24 1999, at 8 p.m., when the NATO bombardment began.

      Pholus may be wild, as all centaurs are, but what Pholus represents is more our relationship with it, i.e., with what is different to us, with "the other". We can experience an impregnation, a visitation, and out-of-the-body extraordinary experience of ecstasy, of bliss, etc, in a very Neptunian fashion, only more focused and poignant than Neptune, or we can "clash" and spit at that other, as many people do to animals, to nature, to the wild... or to other human beings that have different cultures and beliefs, and are considered "lesser".

      This is one of the perspectives of racial cleansing, as it relates to Pholus. Pholus is also, to me, clearly related to invasion, to homelessness and to poverty, which are consequences of the same twisted Neptunian ideologies that are taken for granted.

      Nessus is also strongly related to this, in a different way. Nessus shows us the horror, the "blackness", the nastiness, the people abandoned that are not able to protect themselves any more, as well as the Nato air-strikes and destruction. The Pholus/Kosovo relationship, I think, is seen especially in: 1-) the issue of refugees, and 2-) the issue of invasion. Then, what I have to do, is find out what "refugee" and being invaded means in psychological terms. The Mars station would mean a change of attitude, a standing-up... to put it positively.

      Mars was in conjunction with Pholus the first time January 25th (1999), then also in opposition to Saturn. There is a perfect chronological parallel with the war at the Balkans, first in Bosnia, and now in Serbia/Kosovo. It was in late January, for example, when a massacre in Racak (Jan.18) made its way to the press and precipitated Nato's decision to strike (Jan.30).

      Now the conjunction happens without the Saturn restraint, and Pholus completely overshadows the slow Mars station going direct. So we have a martial Pholus, or a pholusian Mars. If we think dynamically, Pholus had been in very close opposition to Saturn since the time of its discovery in 1992 until that last opposition in January, which "released" Pholus. But then, instead of flying free, Pholus has become martial.

      This may be related to the fact that it is the first time NATO attacks a sovereign country. Centaurs are invaders, usurpers, they provoke violent reactions. they tend to violate, they don't respect boundaries or the law. We are now witnessing Pholus becoming martial, after being released from the Saturn opposition. The retrograde conjunction happens in vengeance to the first, which was repressed by Saturn.

      This Mars/Pholus conjunction with Mars stationary is unique, it doesn't happen often. It can be related to the first conjunction that happened at the end of January, pinpointing the time around which the bloody events that triggered the war happened. There are a number of things that come to the imagination with this symbolism, such as the enforced peace, "the peace of the Romans" that was imposed in Bosnia, and will be implanted in Kosovo.

      This movement of troops, for example from Belgrade to Kosovo or from Albania to Pristina, as well as the movement of refugees, is part of Pholus orbital motion. Pholus is like the meeting of two different worlds, or the meeting of enemies... the "clash" between two armies, or the usurpation of someone else's territory. It produces polarization, like the two focci of the orbit belonging to different worlds... but having to "live" or share the same country. This is easier when they are very close.  Not here.  The "encounter" can be destructive, resulting not in communion but in aggression.

      When a see a tank here I see Pholus. It is a tank with a refugee behind.

NOTE: please refer to my collected posts on Kosovo and the Balkans for further reading on the subject:

II. The Falklands War

    When Irak invaded Kuwait August 2 1990 at sunrise, we find the following:

      Sun = 9,33 Leo (on or near the horizon)
      Pholus = 9,29 Cancer
      10370(DW2) = 9,37 Virgo

   This is very tight and suggestive...

   The Falkland's War, or "War of Las Malvinas" (because "las Malvinas son Argentinas!")    started when the Argentinian army occupied Port Stanley (Puerto Argentino) at 5 a.m. April 2, 1982. Margaret Thatcher was born 13 October, 1925 , at 9 a.m. GMT (data quoted by Richard Nolle from Jim Lewis et al. Astro*Carto*Graphy Book of Maps, 1989). We find:

      Sun = 12,15 Aries rising
      Pholus = 8,03 Aries rising
      Mars = 9,38 Libra retrograde in the 7th house
      Thatcher's Mars = 9,28 Libra (8,50 with precession)
      Thatcher's 1994TA = 12, 16 Aries

   This war was like no other; some of its signatures were:  the unique North-South confrontation, the Argentinian pilots' divings that played havoc with the British navy, the Argentinian Exocet misiles that sank British ships, the transportation of the British Navy "Task Force" from 51 North parallel (London) to the 51 South parallel (Port Stanley=Puerto Argentino), and the criminal sinking by submarine torpedos of the "General Belgrano" outside the war zone that Margaret Thatcher had decreed herself (more than 300 Argentinians drowned)

   There are other characteristics of course, and this is not meant to be an analysis or summary of this war. It is only that, to me, some of those 4 signatures above may be characteristics of a martial Pholus (the type of movement, the "Zeppelin" projectiles, the dynamics, not the destruction)

   Because the British Navy "Task Force" had to travel such a long distance (=Pholus), the hostilities really began in the Georgian Islands on April 25th. By that time, transiting Pholus was in 9,49 Aries (radical Mars 9,38 Libra Retr.). Radical Pholus is strengthened by an exact paran (0.6 minutes) with radical Pluto.

   DW2 is also involved. It is (2 April 1982) in exact paran (0.1 minute) with the Sun. And when the General Belgrano was sunk by a torpedo, the Sun was in 12,05 Taurus (radical 10199=CU26 in 12,14 Taurus). This is without mentioning Nessus in the radical of the invasion:

      Nessus = 25,06 Cancer
      Moon = 26,46 Cancer
      Pluto = 25,56 Cancer
      Thatcher's Chiron = 26,21 Aries
      Thatcher's TL66 = 26,14 Capricorn

   This may be the drowning of all those Argentinians by Margaret Thatcher that put the body-count in favor of the British. One would be tempted to think that this Nessus is responsible for all the destruction, but the fact is that Pholus rising conjunct the Sun in opposition to Mars looks stronger astrologically.

III. The Siege of Leningrad

   1- Initial Data.

   I have always felt that centaurs can be very aggressive and war-like, especially those with orbits like Pholus, which I believe is related to invasion and usurpation.  Pholus' orbit from perihelion to aphelion describes the dynamics between a metropolis and its colony, which is of exploitation and abuse. Both aspects of Pholus I think are present in the War of Las Malvinas of 1982 (The Falklands War). Other aspects of this can be read in the collected posts on "political predators".

   It is only natural to try this hypothesis in <<one of the most grueling and memorable sieges in history>> (Britannica), the "900-day" siege of Leningrad in WWII, where an estimated 800,000 died of starvation and only about 17,000 died from the German shelling. A typical centaurean and trans-Neptunian scenario?

   According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the siege started Sept. 8, 1941, when the German troops had completely encircled the city, and ended January 27, 1944, when <<a completely successful Soviet offensive drove the Germans westward from the city's outskirts>>. The encirclement had been broken in early 1943, allowing better supplies to the city from Lake Ladoga. But in the winter 1941-42, with temperatures of -40 C (-40 F), an estimated 650,000 died.

   For the musically inclined: the composer Dimitri Shostakoch wrote a good part of his 7th Symphony there, which he later called "Leningrad" and was an instant success. But to me, it is in the 1st movement of his 8th Symphony where all the horror is released in the most terrible and magnificently appalling symphonic music ever written.  That music describes very well the hunger, the horror, and the merciless destruction of war where there is no hope: as the music progresses, it gets worse and worse.

   Astrologically we have some sources to check: the day the siege started, the day it ended, the chart of Shostakovich, and the day of the foundation of the city by Peter the Great in 1703:

<<On May 16 (May 27, new style), 1703... Peter himself laid the foundation stones for the Peter-Paul fortress on Zayachy Island. This date is taken as the foundation date of St. Petesburg.>> (Britannica). I will assume noon GMT (2 p.m. in St. Petesburg).

   Dimitri Shostakovich was born September 12 [Sept. 25 new style] 1906 in St. Petesburg (59n55/30e15) at 5 p.m. This time is stated in page 37 of Victor Ilych Seroff & Nadejda Galli-Shohat "Dimitri Shostakovich. The Life and Background of a Soviet Composer" (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1943). (I no longer have the book, but I recall that the source of this time was his aunt).

   And we already have the dates of start and end of the siege: Sept. 8, 1941 and January 27, 1944 (a total of 872 days).

    2. Presence of the Centaurs.

   The day the siege started (Sept 8), when the city was finally encircled, Mars was stationary retrograde in 23,42 Aries. The actual mathematical station was Sept. 6 at 18h30m GMT). This is an excellent description. Now let's see where this falls in the city's chart:

   radical Saturn  = 22,12 Ari
   radical Asbolus = 22,31 Ari
   siege Venus = 22,06 Libra
   siege Mars = 23,42 sr.

   This is a little over 1 degree, but it is interesting, especially considering that Mars is going retrograde and about to "enter" into the Asbolus/Saturn region of the city. Venus is clearly besieged and in danger! When the Germans left, we find:

   Hylonome= 22,09 Ari
   TF35 = 23,44 Lib r

   We know the Mars/Saturn combination can be destructive and "miserable", but it seems that Asbolus in the equation is the atmosphere of hunger and death, the "suffocation", the survival and below-survival level of the inhabitants... or perhaps more accurate, the insurmountable defensive line that the Germans were never able to break. Perhaps it is both things.

   TF35 in exact opposition to Mars is probably describing the Soviet offensive that broke the Mars/German siege, while Hylonome's presence is the heroic sacrifice and final redemption of the inhabitants and soldiers who died.

   There is a very interesting dynamics between Pholus and Chiron (in this and in all other comparisons I am using precession):

   City's Pholus = 15,42 Pis
   siege Sun     = 15,26 Vir
   end-of-siege Chiron = 15,05 Vir

   The siege was clearly activating --challenging-- the radical Pholus (exact opposition by the transiting Sun). In other words, it was making the City's Pholus "shine", apparently confirming the Pholusian nature of a siege. Chiron coming in the end to "heal" and redeem --or to expose the measure of the horror and the destruction.

   At the time the siege started, there was a conjunction of the 2 most prominent trans-neptunians in square to TF35:

   Pholus = 16,25 Cap
   QB1 = 17,40 Cap r
   TO66 = 17,54 Cap r.
   TF35 = 17,38 Libra

   I would normally not use the square here, but it may be useful in this case when we note that the radical (foundation) Neptune (precession-corrected) is in 17,08 Aries, and the transiting Moon at noon GMT when the siege was total was 17,10 Aries. I have the feeling that TF35 is very heavy and "shielded", like the more aggressive and martial passages of Anton Bruckner's music, so here the opposition to the city's Neptune, aided by the "underworld" or remote transneptunians, and triggered by the Moon, could be a sign of one of the most extreme tests of massive human solidarity in recent history: the city was literally becoming "otherworldly" and "ghostly", while at the same time the human individual ability to completely surrender to the welfare of the collective (Neptune) became critical. The day the siege ended, the comet-like earth-approacher XS35 was in 17,02 Libra, perhaps "dissolving" the original siege TF35, while transiting TF35 was in 23,44 Libra --as we have seen-- crushing the German army (siege Mars at 23,42 Aries) and forcing it to retreat and abandon the city's periphery.

   Transiting Asbolus and Saturn were in conjunction the day the siege ended,  repeating the aspect they had when the city was founded:

   Asbolus = 19,57 Gem r
   Saturn  = 20,11 Gem r

   I already suggested that this conjunction could be related to the city's resilience on the one hand, and the extreme sufferings of its people on the other.  This transiting conjunction is in opposition to the city's TF35 in 19,04 Sag, which adds to the apparent weight of TF35 in the whole ordeal.

   There ia a striking axis present the day the German siege finally ended completely:

   Sun = 6,25 Aquarius
   BU48 = 6,10 Aquarius
   Node = 6,45 Leo
   Pluto = 7,35 Leo r.

   This was obviously an important day (Jan 27 1944). The node involvement looks like the opening of a door. BU48 is more Plutonian than TF35. It is like a "deep" Pluto entering the realm of Uranus. It is establishing a sensitive axis that is not immediately apparent in the data I have. More research is needed. Anyway, Soviet strength in the war is the most obvious interpretation, since the decisive victory had been won in Stalingrad one year before, in what was the greatest battle of the war.

   3. The Role of Pholus

   We saw how the date when the siege began (i.e., when the city was completely encircled), Sept 8 1941, the transiting Sun was in exact opposition with the radical Pholus of the city of Leningrad, making it "shine".

   siege Sun (12h GMT) = 15,26 Virgo
   Leningrad Pholus = 15,42 Pisces (precessed)

   This suggests that the siege has something to do with Pholus. Now I would like to mention some other "coincidences" when one examines the chart of the composer Dimitri Shostakovich (25 Sept.1906, 5 p.m. St. Petesburg --source given above). Dates are taken from "The New Shostakovich" by Ian MacDonald (

   Shostakovich was forced to evacuate the city and was taken to Moscow with his family October 2, 1941, from where he went to live in Kuibyshev:

   Sun day of evacuation = 8,54 Libra (12h GMT)
   Natal Pholus = 8,43 Libra

   He finished his 7th Symphony December 27, 1943, dedicated "To the City of Leningrad":

   city's Mars = 6,12 Cancer
   tr. Sun = 5,21 Capricorn (at 12h GMT)
   natal Uranus = 5,03 Capricorn
   siege SG35 = 4,56 Capricorn
   city's Chariklo = 4,21 Capricorn

   and the premiere was given in Kuibyshev March 29, 1942:

   Sun = 8,34 Aries
   Natal Pholus = 8,43 Libra

   Which was making Pholus "shine" again, completing the circuit from the time he was forced by the government to leave the besieged city.

NOTE:  The symphony was first performed in the besieged Leningrad August 9, 1942... Shostakovich died August 9 1975!

   The 7th is one of his "war" symphonies, but although it is called "Leningrad", as I mentioned earlier is no match for his hair-raising 8th Symphony, composed during 1943, when Leningrad was still under siege and when the greatest battle of WWII, the Batle of Stalingrad which changed the course of the war had been won by the Soviets.

   begins 8th Symphony, July 1, 1943:
   tr. Sun = 8,45 Cancer

   finishes 8th Symphony, Sept 9, 1943:
   tr. Sun (12h GMT) = 15,55 Virgo
   Leningrad Pholus = 15,42 Pisces

   premiere of the 8th in Moscow, Nov 4th, 1943:

   tr. Node    =  11,17 Leo
   tr. TL66    = 11,20 Aqu
   tr. Sun     =  11,40 Sco
---> this establishes the difference between the 7th (Pholus, epic, heroic) and the 8th (TL66, hopeless hunger and destruction).

   these transits are matched by Shostakovich chart:
   natal true Node = 10,59 Leo
   natal Hylonome = 11,29 Aquarius.

NOTE: all positions are precessed to the day of the siege.

Juan Antonio Revilla
San José, Costa Rica, June 5, 1999 and March 21, 2000

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