Someone in another list asked for the birth data of painter Francis Bacon, born in 1909. I had never heard of him, but I found a small entry for him in the Britannica which is very interesting. He is introduced as <<British painter whose powerful, predominantly figural images express isolation and terror.>>

He was born Oct. 28 1909 in Dublin. If I use 12 UT:

Pholus = 3,23 Scorpio
Sun = 4,26 Scorpio

The Sun is just separating from Pholus (his father was a horse trainer)... We also see:

Node = 7,48 Gem
QB1 = 8,09 Sag


Chariklo= 25,21 Pis r
Mars    = 25,34 Pis
Nessus  = 25,35 Pis r

The encyclopedia further says:

<<Most of Bacon's paintings depict isolated figures [Pholus, QB1] often framed by geometric constructions (maybe QB1, but not Pholus!] and rendered in smeared, violent colors [Mars-Chariklo-Nessus]. He is admired for his skill in using oils, whose fluidity and mysteries [Pholus] he exploits to express images of anger [Mars], horror [QB1], and excitement [Pholus]. As he destroyed many of his works [Mars/Nessus], only a few examples can be found...>>

The Moon at UT Noon is in 28 Aries, so there is a chance that he has it in Taurus opposing Pholus and the Sun.

If interested, some paintings by him can be found here:

At this address there is a biographical sketch. He died April 1992 in Madrid (Spain):

An interesting essay called "Panic Psychoanalysis":

<<The Schizoid Subject. Francis Bacon is the painter of the postmodern body which is actually peeled inside out, splayed across the mediascape, with its organs dangling like passive servomechanisms waiting to be fibrillated from outside.>>

--This sounds very much like my description of Pylenor... although the following:

<<Bacon may paint the fully exploded body, the organ which is turned inside out and splayed across the postmodern social terrain...>>

shows that this may be more related to the Mars-Chariklo-Nessus. Obviously it is not easy to reduce all this to this or that, but it IS easy to see how much centaurs are related to this type of artistic imagery.



I found his obituary in the Britannica 'Book of The Year' 1993, where he is mentioned as the "master of the macabre". He died April 28, 1992, in Madrid:

[precession 1,10]

Mercury = 10,42 Ari
TF35 = 10,47 Ari

Mars = 23,09 Pis
TO66 = 23,40 Pis

the obituary says:

<<at the age of 16 he was banished by his parents [Sun/Pholus] by his homosexual activities... [Uranus was transiting over Mars-Nessus-Chariklo in 25 Pisces] For several years he moved between London, Paris, and Berlin, painting and selling furniture of his own design [Sun/Pholus]. He destroyed most of these early paintings, however... [Mars-Nessus-Hylonome, also Sun/Pholus self-rejection]. After the War Bacon settled in London and devoted his life to painting, gambling, and swilling champagne at the Colony Room, a Soho drinking club...>>

In all this we see Pholus and the wild dissipation of Mars.

<<In May 1990, a triptych by Bacon was sold for the record price of $6,270,000.>>


The "wild" or renegade behavior of Pholus doesn't come out of nothing, it has a personal history. In this case, a homosexual in the 1920's who is rejected by his parents will find much more difficult to find a place within society and to "love" and respect himself. There is a "horror" inside from which you must escape, although of course the horror did not start when he was 16. There must have been horror already ingrained from his early relationship with them. Usually the relationship you had with your parents --especially the father-- shows itself later in your relationship with the social establishment. I'd say one part of homosexuality comes from there, although not all, of course; there are no formulas for homosexuality, either.

This principle is clearly seen when you see the difference in the personality of homosexuals who were NOT rejected by their parents, who were always loved by them, especially obviously the mother. If your mother rejects you, it is because you didn't have a mother to start with. You don't become a wild teenager because of nothing.

The following section of my Pholus keywords apply to him very well:

"orphanhood, outcast, untamed... Dispossessed, homeless, waste... Incongruity, drunkenness, un-conditioning, looseness..."

But the horror or the macabre seems to be coming more from QB1 and from the exact Mars/Nessus/Chariklo, which seems to be more self-destructive. There is a lot of anger, an "explosiveness", a screaming in his paintings. Most of them can be found in the links I gave.

And of course we don't know where his Moon is (late Aries or early Taurus). Mars-Nessus-Chariklo is probably suicidal. Probably his painting became an outlet for this that allowed him to remain healthy, since he died at 82.


I downloaded a number of very high-quality scans from the Web. His use of color is impressive, and the forms all have a liquid quality (this liquid quality to me is Pholus). I don't understand some of them (have to look more carefully and meditate), others contain a lot of horror.

The encyclopedia says that he received many artistic honors, and even rejected a knighthood. But it is a fact that until the end of WWII he was unknown and painted without recognition, and that he destroyed most of his work done before that (age 35-36).

I mentioned where there are some anecdotes about him. For example:

<<In 1958 he rented 7 Reece Mews, a bedsit, in South Kensington, London. The converted horse stables had rooms above an empty garage; Francis Bacon never owned a car. There was a kitchen with bath in it, and a combined bedroom and living room. There was also a studio which appeared to be in complete disarray but in which Francis Bacon worked each day from dawn until midday for over 30 years. Although he bought houses in both England and France he always returned to his mews bedsit.>>

This loose way of living, free from social conditionings, concentrated in your passion, is Pholus to me. It can be seen also in the complete disregard of conventions and his ability to relate boundlessly to life, which requires that you trespass what is socially (or maternally) sanctioned.

<<In 1964 an East-End petty criminal, George Dyer, was caught by Francis Bacon trying to burgle his flat. They immediately became lovers. They were together for seven years until George Dyer's death. The relationship between Francis Bacon and George Dyer became frantic towards the end with arguments, and with George Dyer engaging in attention-seeking episodes and suicide attempts. It ended on the opening day in 1972 of Francis Bacon's retrospective at the Grand Palais when George Dyer died of an overdose of pills and alcohol.>>

Here I see a manifestation of Mars-Chariklo-Nessus.  The image of the burglar invading your house is Pholusian (not to mention that it was previously a horse stable), while falling in love with this burglar reflects Pholus boundlessness, a strong Neptunian quality of Pholus, except that Pholus is red and passionate unlike Neptune.


I will quote some of his own words here

<<Following a series of violent disagreements with his father, due mainly to Francis' homosexuality and following from his being caught in front of a large mirror, in his fathers home, in his mothers underwear, he moves to London to pursues a number of miscellaneous temporary occupational activities. "I never got on with either my mother or my father," he once told David Sylvester. "They thought I was just a drifter. ... As you know, {my father} was a trainer of racehorses. And he just fought with people. He really had no friends at all. ... I disliked him, but I was sexually attracted to him when I was young. When I first sensed it, I hardly knew it was sexual. It was only later, through the grooms and the people in the stable I had affairs with, that I realized it was a sexual thing. ... {I} was brought up during the Sinn Fein movement. And I lived for a time with my grandmother, who married the commissioner of police for Kildare amongst her numerous marriages, and we lived in a sandbagged house. ... And then, when I was 16 or 17, I went to Berlin, and of course I saw the Berlin of 1927 and 1928 where there was a wide open city, which was, in a way, very, very violent. ... And after Berlin I went to Paris, and then I lived all those disturbed years between then and the war, which started in 1939. So I could say, perhaps, I have been accustomed to always living through forms of violence.">>

now remember the position of his Mars:

Chariklo= 25,21 Pis r
Mars    = 25,34 Pis
Nessus  = 25,35 Pis r

<<I've never known why my paintings are known as horrible. I'm always labelled with horror, but I never think about horror. Pleasure is such a diverse thing. And horror is too. Can you call the famous Isenheim alter a horror piece? Its one of the greatest paintings of the Crucifixion, with the body studded with thorns like nails, but oddly enough the form is so grand it takes away from the horror. But that is the horror in the sense that it is so vitalizing; isn't that how people came out of the great tragedies? People came out as though purged into happiness, into a fuller reality of existence.>>

This --I think-- is clearly seen here:

Pholus  =  3,23 Sco
Jupiter =  3,24 Lib
Sun     =  4,26 Sco
Asbolus =  5,38 Vir

The Sun/Pholus conjunction in Scorpio, added to the physicality of Mars, can be see here:

<<In 1952 he meets Perter Lacy, a test pilot who had flown combat missions during the Battle of Britian. Bacon spends lengthy periods in Tangier with him, entering a long, punishing and tormented relationship: "It was a most total disaster from the start. Being in love in that extreme way - being totally, physically obsessed by someone - is like having some dreadful disease. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. He was marvellous-looking, you see. He had this extraordinary physique - even his calves were beautiful. And he could be wonderful company. He played the piano marvelously and he had a real kind of natural wit, coming up with one amusing remark after another, just like that - unlike those dreadful bores who plain from morning to night what they're going to say."

By the way, if you check his solar arcs calculated for 12 Noon, you find:

Sun CON Ven  43.94 Oct  4 1953
cVen CON Sun  44.96 Oct 13 1954

which is not far from 1952. This would suggest that he was born in the night, putting the Moon in Taurus in opposition to the Sun and Pholus.


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