Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 14:36:00 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Iran-US, Chariklo, Asbolus

I have seen several dates used for Iran. A common one is February 1, 1979 (9:50 a.m. local time), when Khomeini landed in Tehran after a long exile. This date is recommended by N. Campion and by Noel Tyl. Another one is February 11, 1979 (1 p.m.), and charts the time when the government of the Shah fell, after the Army read a declaration of neutrality on the radio. Two more hours of tranquility in the streets of Tehran, and a voice was heard on the radio: "This is the voice of the revolution of the Iranian people!".

This is the last entry in a very detailed chronology of events that you can find here:

Since I don't have any data on possible charts of Iran before 1979, I would appreciate contributions in this respect.

Let's see how (or if) this chart works. I use the sidereal zodiac:

       Sun = 27,37 Capricorn
       Asbolus = 25,19 Cancer
       Mars = 22,34 Capricorn

This is squaring Uranus in 26,29 Libra, a really good description of a revolution and an aggressive regime.

Right from the start, I see a remarkable contact:

       Moon of Iran's revolution = 19,53 Cancer
       Sun of islam = 19,53 Cancer (orb=0,00')

       Mars Kingdom of Iraq = 18,59 Cancer
       Neptune Kingdom of Iraq = 20,27 Cancer
       midpoint = 19,43 Cancer

Iraq seems to be fustigating (Mars) the new Iranian revolutionary regime and involving it in a very complicated and messy (Neptune) affair. Iraq is also "igniting" or aggressively challenging the integrity of whatever "Islam" represents. It is no surprise that the new Iranian regime identifies with a very conservative view of Islam (Moon exact over Sun) and sees Iraq as its enemy.

Another take: this Mars/Neptune of Iraq "incarnates" (conjunction with the Sun) the more aggressive or violent aspects of Islam, or those that bring aggression and violence to it.

As to Asbolus... I don't know. The only thing that comes to mind is the "regressive" fundamentalist side of the Iranian revolution, which sought to go back to earlier times when Islam was "purer", and it isolated itself from the western world. Iran was lost and "sealed" from US influence, and the US became "the enemy", the incarnation of all evils.

I find only one planet that relates this directly to the US:

       US War Chariklo = 26,33 Capricorn
       Saturn of Islam = 26,26 Cancer
       Sun of Iran = 27,37 Capricorn
       Asbolus of Iran = 25,19 Cancer

The US Chariklo "joins" the natal Sun/Asbolus opposition of Iran. Asbolus here seems to represent what is evil, what brought degradation, moral and economic disease to Iran (the Shah), that which the revolution was fighting against, and incarnates this through Chariklo, as if Chariklo represents how American politics, or "the American way" is perceived by the Iranians.

The key role of Asbolus in this is confirmed when the American embassy in Tehran was seized by a mob of 500 students on November 4th, 1979 (I am using 12 GMT for this):

       Mars = 28,09 Cancer (opposition Iran's Sun=0,32')
       Asbolus = 28,56 Cancer

Is there someone who would share with me the data of the Shah and of Khomeini?



Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 22:19:49 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] Iran-US, Chariklo, Asbolus

>Mars = 28,09 Cancer (opposition Iran's Sun=0,32')
>Asbolus = 28,56 Cancer

So Mars went from the conjunction to the Sun (the Iranian revolution, opposition Asbolus) to the opposition to the Sun (the takeover of the American Embassy, conjunction Asbolus). I suggested that Asbolus could be seen here as "the devil", which went both ways: Khomeini was portrayed as an evil man by the American press, the US was the incarnation of all evils for the Iranians.

Now see what this meant for president Jimmy Carter (1 Oct. 1924, 7 a.m. CST):

       Neptune = 28,06 Cancer
       lunar Node = 28,22 Cancer

Neptune calls for real commitment, where the benefit of the other is considered. If the Neptunian affair is dealt with through imposition and desire to have unilateral control, then it can turn against us, it can become a major deception or a sense of betrayal. Real diplomatic skills were needed, but none existed in this case, so the hostage crisis was a big fiasco for Carter, a neptunian "invasion" or total loss of control over the situation, something which became clear after the failure of the rescue operation on April 24, 1980. That day, using noon GMT:

       Sun = 9,59 Aries
       Chariklo = 10,06 Aries

It is still not clear to me, but remember that Chariklo is the "joint" between the US chart (Boyd) and the new Iranian regime (Sun/Asbolus), and the suggested implication was that Chariklo represented "the Americans", or "the American way", which happens to be in conjunction with the Saturn of Islam, as if the conservative forces of Islam "censor" it, fear it, or see it with coldness and rejection.

That nefarious day in the history of American foreign affairs was a Chariklo incarnation. I was in the US then (Santa Barbara, CA), and I remember a friend saying to me: "It is incredible that this happened" (referring to the helicopters crashing in the desert), "it looks as if it were a question of witchcraft, a curse...". It must have been indeed a bad day for Americans... What do you think is the meaning of Chariklo here?

One thing that comes, among many possibilities, is the diplomatic community, or the concept of "diplomacy"; being a "mediator", such as a Red Cross representative, etc. The problem is that diplomacy in the international arena very often means: spying, lying, deceiving, plotting, hiding... things that I have felt are associated with Pholus, and, traditionally, with Neptune and Pluto. This is why Chariklo refers more to the "diplomatic community", which in this case, was incarnated in the American hostages at the Embassy.

(Recall that Carter did not lie or hide the incident: he went public and took full responsibility. Recall also that this is the time of transiting Nessus exactly over the US Sun).

Things like the so-called "Stockholm Syndrome", are probably a thing of Chariklo. This would be a very good fit to what has been commented of Chariklo recently.



Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 08:19:49 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] Iran-US, III

The war with Iraq started September 22, 1980, with the full-scale invasion of Iran. There was an exact Sun/Pholus opposition:

       Sun = 5,10 Virgo (sidereal)
       Saturn = 5,40 Virgo
       Pholus = 5,26 Pisces

This Pholus opposition describes well what was happening. In my notes on "Centaur Warriors":

<<Pholus is like the meeting of two different worlds, or the meeting of enemies... the "clash" between the armies, the usurpation of someone else's territory, etc.
<<It produces polarization, like the 2 foci of the orbit belonging to different worlds... but having to "live" or share the same orbit. This is easier when they are very close. Not here.
<<In other words, the "encounter" can be destructive. Not an encounter but an aggression. However, at the individual level it may work better and generate real encounters. Between nations... seems harder.

and later on:

<<"Invasion" is a key word of Pholus (I mean one among many others). Whether in immunology, in psychology, or in world politics, it engenders a reaction. This reaction is "programmed" and predictable. One of the consequences is *exodus*, and the inner and outer displacement or temporary loss of identity.>>

and later:

<<Pholus is also, to me, clearly related to invasion, to homelessness and to poverty, which are consequences of the same twisted Neptunian ideologies that are taken for granted.>>

This was confirmed with abundance, for example, in my examination of the siege of Leningrad and the Falklands' or Las Malvinas War. In Leningrad it was clear that Pholus signified the siege itself. Pholus is very "epic".

Of note at the time of the invasion is the position of Mars:

       Venus start of the War = 21,27 Cancer
       Mars start of the War = 21,44 Libra
       Mars Iranian Revolution = 22,34 Capricorn

But the most intriguing aspect is the one with the US Mars:

       US "War" (Boyd) Mars = 5,47 Virgo
       Sun Iraq/Iran war = 5,10 Virgo
       Saturn Iraq/Iran War = 5,40 Virgo

(will continue)



Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 12:16:39 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] Iran-US, III: TL66

>Sun = 5,10 Virgo (sidereal)
>Saturn = 5,40 Virgo
>Pholus = 5,26 Pisces
>US "War" (Boyd) Mars = 5,47 Virgo

Before dealing with the US involvement in the Iran-Iraq war, I would like to consider another possibility.

On April 1, 1979, Khomeini declared Iran an Islamic Republic. This is Iran's national holiday. If I use noon GMT, I get:

       TL66 Islamic Republic = 5,35 Pisces

On the other hand, some reports state that the war started not September 22, but "September 21-22", i.e., during the night. This is confirmed in a detailed description of the invasion found in:

<<The attack on Iran began with a three pronged  invasion. To the north, the Iranian border town of Qasr e-Sherin, on the main highway between Baghdad and Teheran, was seized in a night flanking attack with part of a mountain division. Advancing some 15 miles into the foothills of the Zagros mountains, the division effectively blocked an obvious Iranian counteroffensive route.>>

The importance of this is that, if I use 0h GMT instead of 12h, I get:

       TL66 Iran's Revolution = 4,10 Pisces
        TL66 Islamic Republic = 5,35 Pisces
       war Sun = 4,40 Vir
       war Pholus = 5,28 Pis r
       war Saturn = 5,36 Vir
       war TL66 = 7,56 Pisces

It is clear that TL66 was transiting, all that year, the point of exact opposition to the Sun of the War.

This was the war of longest duration in the 20th century, and took the lives of at least 1,000.000 combatants on both sides, without mentioning the wounded and the refugees. Iranians relied on "human wave" attacks that used soldiers as cannon fodder. It is also known the use of Iraqi chemical weapons against the concentrations of Iranian troops.



Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 09:52:51 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Iran-US, IV

Republicans denounced Carter's negotiations with Iran (such as selling them spare parts for US military equipment in exchange for the hostages), but there is evidence that they were secretly dealing with Iranian officials in Paris in order to halt the release until after the elections, to ensure Carter's defeat. It is said that they paid Iranians 40 million dollars to secure this.

See, for example,
where some US media sources can be found in the footnotes. More details can be read here:
but unfortunately here there are no references.

This could be one of the meanings of Carter's Node/Neptune direct involvement with the Asbolus/Mars conjunction of the Embassy takeover and the Sun of the Iranian revolution, mentioned before. Since by definition the conspiracy is secret and remains unproved most of the times, this association of Asbolus is as nebulous as the others: mist, blindness, hiding, secrets, mystery, conspiracy (see my list of keywords).

At least 10 nations sold arms to both sides. North Korea and China armed Iran, while France and the Soviet Union armed Iraq. The US, having declared its neutrality, secretly supplied weapons to both sides. Iraq received arms and strategic information directly from the US, who used Israel as mediator to supply vast quantities of arms to Iran, doing it directly afterwards (remember the Iran-Contra scandal) in exchange for the liberation of American hostages in Lebanon.

Astrologically, there is a very clear indication of the US very direct involvement in the Iran-Iraq war, as we already saw:

        US "War" (Boyd) Mars = 5,47 Virgo
        Sun Iraq/Iran war = 5,10 Virgo (or 4,40 if at 0h GMT)
        Saturn Iraq/Iran War = 5,40 Virgo

also TL66, etc.

Another very direct astrological testimony of US dealings with Iran at that time is found in the chart of Ronald Reagan (Feb 6 1911, 10:16 GMT):

       Reagan's Sun = 23,02 Capricorn
       Iran's Revolution Mars = 22,34 Capricorn

There is another very interesting contact in the chart of Reagan:

       Reagan's Hylonome = 28,24 Capricorn
       Iran's Revolution Sun = 27,37 Capricorn
       Embassy takeover Mars = 28,09 Cancer

and Asbolus, Carter's Node/Neptune, Nessus of Islam, etc. The Hylonome of Reagan acquired heroic proportions (Sun) when Iran released the hostages (see my list of Hylonome keywords).

The Iran-Iraq war, when compared with Reagan's chart, shows:

       Reagan's Pholus = 21,09 Libra
       Reagan's Moon = 20,13 Aries
       Iran-Iraq war Mars = 21,23 Libra

and a near-hit:

       Reagan's Nessus = 3,42 Pisces
       war Sun = 4,40 Pisces

This position of the Sun is for 0h GMT, which corresponds to 3:30 a.m. Iranian time. If the war started in the night of 21-22 September, then the Sun is nearer 4,32 Pisces.

next: the involvement of Nessus.



Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 05:44:01 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Iran-US, V: Nessus

The incident where the USS Vincennes, in Iranian waters and jurisdiction, "accidentally" shot down Iran Air Flight 655, killing 290 passengers, represents well US-Iran recent relations. It became a diplomatic embarrassment for the US, and the Navy lied about the details and attempted a cover-up. You can read a very detailed account of the incident here:

Apparently, from the above account, 2 SM-2 anti-aircraft missiles were fired from the ship July 3, 1988, at 9:54:05 a.m, with the plane 11 miles away. Another report says the Airbus took off at 10:47 a.m. --1 hour difference-- so I will assume that it was shot down at 10:55 a.m. Iranian time, equivalent to 7:25 a.m. GMT. The small difference will appear only in the position of the Moon anyway:

       Sun = 17,00 Gemini
       Nessus, Iran Revolution = 16,48 Gemini

The event was an incarnation of BU48/Alastor (17,23 Gemini) to the world, a very "direct hit" to the Nessus of Iran.

I would like to recapitulate here the generalized importance of Nessus. I already did something similar 1 year ago in "Testing the chart of Islam, 7". The sidereal zodiac is used in order to account for precession:

      Israel Sun (1948) = 29,39 Aries
      Islam Nessus = 28,29 Aries
      Iran's Revolution Sun = 27,37 Capricorn
      Ameriacan Embassy 1979 takeover Mars = 28,09 Cancer

      Reagan's Nessus = 3,42 Pisces
      Iran-Iraq war Sun = 4,32 Pisces

      Islam Mars = 14,48 Virgo
      WTC Nessus = 14,40 Sagittarius

      Islam/USA Davison Moon = 22,07 Pisces
      Islam/USA Davison Nessus = 21,07 Pisces
      Bush Sr. (father) Nessus = 21,38 Pisces
      Desert Strom begins Nessus = 21,03 Virgo

      US(Boyd) Sun = 22,40 Gemini
      US(Sibley) Sun = 21,42 Gemini
      Iran hostage crisis = Nessus conjunct USA Sun
      today = Nessus opposition USA and G.W. Bush Suns



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