Research Notes on TL66
bu Juan Antonio Revilla


Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 07:05:28 -0600

I still have to find Richard Nixon's date of death. At birth:

Sun = 19,24 Capricorn
TL66 = 18,44 Capricorn

There's also an interesting pattern in J. Edgar Hoover's chart:

Sun = 10,54 Capricorn
TL66 = 9,01 Capricorn
Asc. = 10,23 Capricorn


Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 14:01:52 -0600

also, at Rasputin's death:

Mars = 21,48 Cap
TL66 = 21,00 Cap
Node = 19,55 Cap
Alexandra's Saturn = 20,41 Capricorn.

The Mars involvement is not surprising considering the way in which Rasputin was killed. It is worth mentioning that, the day Alexandra's was shot with all her family, at midnight July 16/17 1918, the Sun was in 23,27 Cancer, making the opposition to TL66 in 22,12 Capricorn, and probably pointing to TL66's involvement in all the gruesome events.


Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 00:01:07 -0600

Consider the following in Martin Luther King's death and Rodney King's beating:

RK Sun = 11,58 Pisces
MLK CU26 = 12,40 Pisces
MLK TL66 = 12,52 Pisces
RK Mercury = 13,06 Pisces
RK DW2 = 13,42 Virgo
RK Mars = 14,26 Gemini


Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 19:21:35 -0600

It is also worth mentioning that when Sade died

Sun = 8,42 Sag
TL66 = 10,50 Sag.

and using the data of Sacher-Masoch that Zane has just given us as radical:

Sacher-Masoch TL66 = 17,56 Sag
Sun at death = 17,51 Pisces
Sade natal Pholus = 17,47 Sag
Sade Neptune at death = 17,28 Sag

When Sade died, 1996TL66 was about 1 degree from the exact conjunction with the natal Sun.


Date: Sat, 07 Aug 1999 14:35:05 -0600
Subject: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Mars = 0,31 Capricorn
TL66 = 29,56 Sagittarius Rx.


Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 08:28:54 -0600
Subject: Nagasaki

The atom bomb at Nagasaki was dropped today 54 years ago, August 9, 1945, at 11:50 a.m. according to flight commander's log (11:58 according to the Brigadier's memorandum, 11:02 according to the Japanese). The commander's log is in the local time of Tinian... so the GMT was 01:50.

Sun at Hiroshima = 13,08 Leo
Sun at Nagasaki = 16,07 Leo
their midpoint = 14,37 Leo/Aquarius

I once wrote about the remarkable relationship with the position of Chiron at 14,28 Leo in the chart of the Pearl Harbor attack, which is the radical of the War in the Pacific and of the U.S. involvement in WWII.

Today, I wanted to remind myself of these 2 most ominous dates of the 20th century that is near its end, trying to get away from the astrological silliness and hysteria surrounding the upcoming eclipse happening in Europe and the Middle East.

But there is another reason I wanted to write this: 1996TL66 was at 14,14 and 14,11 of Aquarius respectively, so that the Sun was "swinging around it" when the 2 bombs were dropped. I believe this tells something about the nature of TL66, related to extremes, to remoteness, to death, to what is not human. How an object like a bomb really ruled the world for so many years, in a manner of speaking. They are the children of Pluto, the trans-neptunians...

It is also clear to me that the centaurs are related to Pluto. I think that those new to them will realize how close their symbolism is to what one would spontaneously associate with Pluto.


Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 19:08:14 -0600
Subject: Re: the first man in space

<<Transiting Jupiter was in 3,57 Aquarius, which is the natal position of TL66 in 4,29 Aquarius (and the position of SG35 in 3,33 Aquarius when he died in an plane crash March 27, 1968). Transiting TO66 was also significantly involved on the 12th of April, in 19,01 Aquarius, conjunct Gagarin's natal Lunar Node in 19,00 Aquarius. These two, being "outside" the solar system, may be good representatives of the first time man went outside the earth itself!>>

When Yuri Gagarin's flight to space started April 12 1961 at 6:07 a.m. GMT, the Moon was in 12,53 Pisces. When he died (March 27, 1968), the position of TL66 was 12,11 Pisces, conjunct Mercury in 12,42 Pisces (assuming noon GMT for the death).

Robert Peary, born May 6, 1856, was the first man to reach the North Pole (or so is universally assumed) on April 6, 1909. This breakthrough is in the same category as the first man that travelled in space:

R. Peary's natal TO66 = 5,08 Virgo

(we remember the lining of Pluto/Chiron April 12, 1961:)
Pluto = 5,50 Virgo Rx
Lunar Node = Virgo,
Chiron = 5,07 Pisces

The day the Pole was reached (4/6/1909), transiting Jupiter was in 5,29 Virgo, in conjunction with Peary's natal 1996TO66, very similar to transiting Jupiter in 4,18 Aquarius in conjunction with natal 1996TL66 in 4,29 Aquarius when Gagarin made his travel in space.


Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 08:41:17 -0600
Subject: Re: the first man in space

... Also of note is Edwin Aldrin's natal Sun (Jan 30, 1930 2:17 PM EST) in 0,02 Aquarius is exactly conjunct TL66 in 0,25 Aquarius.


Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 21:04:21 -0600
Subject: Twin Peaks

--night of April 8 1990 (release of TV show):

Sun = 19 Aries
TL66 = 19,52 Aries


Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 19:52:56 -0600
Subject: Re: Timothy McVeigh

I found the date and time of the bombing: April 19, 1995 at 9:02 a.m., the day of the anniversary of the Waco fire.

We find, among many other things, an interesting conjunction:

Sun = 29,06 Aries
TL66 = 29,41 Aries


Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 19:40:41 -0600
Subject: Chiron

What would you say of a man with a close Moon/Jupiter conjunction, like this

Moon = 7,09 Cap
Jupiter = 8,15 Cap

in very tight opposition to Chiron in 6,50 Cancer?

this is the chart of Hitler...

TL66 adds an interesting new element to this, in 7,02 Capricorn Rx. We also note that his Uranus very close to the horizon in 19,29 Libra Rx. is conjunct TO66 in 20,11 Libra Rx.

I am very skeptic of those "healing" cliches attached to Chiron... ! I am also very skeptic of all those cliches attached to Hitler, too...


Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 20:26:41 -0600
Subject: Chatterton and Pluto/Chiron

Sun = 28,39 Scorpio
TL66 = 28,36 Scorpio


Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 08:41:59 -0600
Subject: TL66

just some things to ponder that have come up while looking for centaurs in charts:

Moon = 7,09 Cap
TL66 = 7,02 Cap.

Augusto Pinochet
Luna = 19,04 Cancer
TL66 = 19,51 Capricornio

Sun = 28,39 Sco
TL66 = 28,36 Sco

Oklahoma bombing
Sun = 29,06 Ari
TL66 = 29,41 Ari

Edwin Aldrin
Sun = 0,02 Aqu
TL66 = 0,25 Aqu

Yuri Gagarin
tr. Jupiter 1st man in space = 3,57 Aqu
natal TL66 = 4,29 Aqu
tr. Moon 1st man in space = 12,53 Pis
tr. TL66 at his death while in flying accident = 12,11 Pis

Twin Peaks TV series release
Sun = 19 Aries
TL66 = 19,52 Aries

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Mars = 30,31 Sag (0,31 Cap)
TL66 = 29,56 Sag

Sun = 13,08 Leo
TL66 = 14,14 Aqu Rx.

Sun = 16,07 Leo
TL66 = 14,11 Aqu Rx.
(Hiroshima/Nagasaki midpoint is 14,37 Leo)


Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 10:25:00 -0600
Subject: Re: TL66

there is one more I forgot to mention:

the massacre at Wounded Knee, 29 Dec 1890 in the morning:

Sun = 7,54 Cap
TL66 = 7,06 Cap
(same place as Hitler's Moon/TL66)


Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 13:47:13 -0600
Subject: Hylonome and Pylenor

Diana died at 2:00 GMT of August 31, 1997. Let's see the transits over Prince Charle's chart (corrected for precession):

tr. Moon = 16,13 Leo
birth Pluto = 16,34 Leo (rising)
birth 1996TL-66 = 16,37 Aquarius (another example of TL66 devastation!)


Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 19:16:15 -0600
Subject: [crp] Re: Pholus and charisma?

Richard Nolle's site has the data for Clint Eastwood, taken from the "Gauquelin Book of American Charts", 1982. It says May 31 1930, 5:35 p.m. PST (+8h):

Moon = 1,43 Leo
TL66 = 1,31 Aquarus
Node = 2,12 Taurus.

I have always found TL66 suggesting destruction and desolation. In this case, I feel it is a good description of Clint Eastwood characters: always killing someone and causing deaths around him. Even in "The Bridges of Madison County", the guy and the woman end up emotionally devastated, to be united many years later in their ashes after death. His most famous characters ("Pale Rider", "Unforgiven", etc.)  are always of a tough avenger.

Moon/TL66 is also exact in the charts of Hitler and Pinochet, which I mentioned here recently.


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 15:24:49 -0600
Subject: Re: Quotations - Bergman

... Ingmar Bergman... born July 14, 1918, in Uppsala, said time 12h...

Sun = 21,11 Cancer
TL66 = 22,14 Capricorn Rx.


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 16:47:01 -0600
Subject: Bhopal

I have consistently seen TL66 very focal in charts associated with massacres: Hitler, Pinochet, Nixon, Wounded Knee, Oklahoma, Hiroshima/Nagasaki...

I feel that "devastation" is a good word for what I have observed.

Here is another striking example. In "Time Magazine" of 17 Dec. 1984, Vol.124 No.25, p.51, one can read the exact time at which the chemical accident at Bhopal, India, happened, killing more than 3000 people, and leaving other 3000 critically injured, 15000 people having had to receive treatment: 00h56m in the night of December 3, 1984, which corresponds to 19:26 UT the day before:

Moon = 7,46 Aries
TL66 = 8,27 Aries Rx.


Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 15:58:11 -0600
Subject: Re: Centaurean symbolism - TL66

... so perhaps, with these slow-moving and far away asteroids, we have a good tool to measure this remote and traumatic dimensions of experience more easily, by means of very "simple" astrology.

A body like TL66, with a period of 789 years, going to the remotest distances and coming only as close as Neptune, has something very primordial about it, pertaining to ancient times and to the origins of the world out of chaos. Perhaps this is why TL66 seems to be related to "devastation", or a dissolution of matter: a return to the origins, to primordial chaos and begetting, to an "uroboric" --or embryonic-- state.

It is, in a way, as if life stops, as if time stops.

The primordial titans have already been assigned to other far simpler and ordinary asteroids and Moons. Perhaps the name of TL66 is to be found in the Celtic myths of the origins of the world --or the underworld... I know someone here long ago proposed the name "Gaia", but I cannot feel this name related to TL66, because this is a Nemesis-type object.

Anybody knows other names proposed for this object?


Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 11:47:06 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Re: Centaurean symbolism - TL66

<<... Apparently, this is the account of Hesiod. C. Kerenyi puts it like this:

<<First arose Chaos. Then arose broad-breasted Gaia, the firm and everlasting abode of all divinities... likewise Eros... From Chaos are descended Erebos, the lightless darkness of the depths; and Nyx, Night. Nyx, in love with Erebos, bore Aither, the light of heaven, and Hemera, the day. Gaia, for her part, bore, first of all and as her equal, the starry sky, Ouranos... she bore the great Mountains... she bore also the desolate, foaming Sea, the Pontos. And all those she bore without Eros, without mating.
<<To Ouranos she bore, besides the Titans and Titanesses, also three Kyklopes: Steropes, Brontes, and Arges. These have an eye in the middle of the forehead, and names that mean thunder and lightning. To Ouranos she also bore three Hekatoncheires --giants with a hundred arms and fifty heads: Kotos, "the striker"; Brireos, "the strong"; and Gyes, "the bemembered".>>

and as I keep reading, I find Typhon or Typhoeus, a dragon, son of Tartaros... So my bet for TL66 would be one of the Kyklopes, or perhaps Typhon. As a signature of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Typhon is a good description.


Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 11:44:33 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Re: TL66

Reading the Kerenyi book, I find some deities that "feel" as very good candidates for objects like TL66, TO66, and QB1:

<<Then Gaia revealed to the new gods the secret of victory [***over Kronos***]. On her advice they fetched from the depths, from the outermost edge of the earth [***this is a good astronomical description of these orbits***], the hundred-armed ones, Briareos, Kottos, and Gyes...>>

--these "hundred-armed ones" look like a perfect description of the most notorious and largest cubewanos, like TO66...

<<...they strengthened them with nectar and ambrosia, the drink and food of the gods [***these slow moving minor planets are strong!***), and Zeus called upon them to show their gratitude by joining in the war against the Titans. Kottos promised, in the name of the three, that they would do so. Battle was re-engaged. Gods and goddesses stood marshalled against each other. But the new allies had three hundred hands. In these three hundred hands they sized three hundred stones. With these deluge of stones they overwhelmed and sealed their doom...>>

--Intuitively, to me this sounds like a description of the cubewanos, and the largest among them, like TO66, or the most prominent, like QB1. The cubewanos are different from the plutinos, which I feel proper should be named after all the deities of Hades and the underworld. The scattered-disk objects like TL66, 1996PW, 1999TD10, and possibly SN55, "feel" to me a little different. The only one of these I have a feeling for is TL66 (you can see my "Notes on TL66" in my web site), and I feel there enough evidence to call it "Typhon".


Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 08:11:34 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Re: mythology

... What I have come to think is that this is up to the astronomers' commission that gives names to the new objects, whether they want to remain Greek-biased or open themselves --and all astrologers after them-- to names from other cultures.

You can read in Zane's site part of a letter from Dr. Marsden where he says it has been decided to name plutinos after under-world deities and cubewanos after creation deities. (I had forgotten about this reference and found it again yesterday). And since they have been so open to suggestion from the public from many years already in the non-orthodox naming of asteroids, I guess they will be open to all kind of suggestions and may be willing to accept them.

But some of these "archetypal" objects are of a different category, because they represent a new type (or types) of objects, completely unknown to astronomy --and to mankind--, constituting milestones in the history of solar system astronomy, and essential in the understanding of its origins and evolution. I believe that they are part of a totally new paradigm in our understanding of the solar system, and, from our perspective as astrologers, a totally new paradigm in astrology. They are not seen in the same "importance" category as the thousands and thousands of regular asteroids: they represent something new, and for the moment they are very few (I mean objects like TL66).

For these reasons I believe astronomers will have the prerogative in the case of TL66 and the like, and will put more effort in naming these objects in a way that is consistent with their role in the solar system. If they are going to use Greek mythology or not, we will have to wait and see. But I find it significant to see how there may still be perfectly consistent beings of Greek mythology that are still unused and that represent very well the role of these objects.

Apart from that, in my case, it is more an exercise in imaginative thinking and of enjoying myself with it.


Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 18:30:19 -0600
Subject: The Amritsar Massacre

On the afternoon of April 13, 1919, in the city of Amritsar in the Punjab (74e53/31n35) British General Reginald Edward Harry Dyer ordered his men to block the only exit of the enclosed plaza and to open fire to a protesting gathering of about 10,000 people. After having shot 1750 rounds of ammunition for 10 minutes, he left the place with his men, leaving 400 unarmed civilians dead and 1200 wounded without any medical attention.

He was later relieved of his command and returned to England where he was received as a hero by his admirers who presented him a purse of thousands of pounds and a jewelled sword inscribed "Savior of The Punjab".

Do you like him? This is re-enacted in "Gandhi".

He was born October 9, 1864, in Murree, India, and died July 23 1927 in Long Ashton, near Bristol, England. All the data is taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica. I will assume "3 p.m." as a reference point (the Britannica says "that afternoon"):

Sun   = 22,24 Aries
LD31  = 22,33 Aries (a retrograde Mars-Pluto linker/crosser)
Vesta = 22,46 Cancer
Hebe  = 22,18 Capricorn
TL66  = 23,38 Capricorn

Moon = 0,54 Libra
QJ1  = 0,53 Libra (an Uranus-Mars crosser/linker like Damocles)

Mars          = 28,39 Aries
death Pylenor = 27,42 Aries
death TL66    = 28,24 Capricorn
death Sun     = 29,31 Cancer (assuming Noon GMT)

birth Sun    = 16,27 Libra
birth QB1    = 17,31 Libra
death Nessus = 17,55 Aries

birth TL66     = 25,56 Sagittarius
birth Chariklo = 25,11 Gemini
death Chariklo = 25,20 Gemini
death Pholus   = 26,04 Sagittarius
death Node     = 26,43 Gemini
death TF35     = 26,38 Virgo

See how much is involved with the node when he died, how consistent is the presence of TL66, and how he died exactly at his Chariklo return, 9 years after the massacre he had ordered.


Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 12:22:04 -0600
Subject: [crp] Typhon / TL66

Another synonym I found is: typhon = whirlwind, waterspout.

In Spanish, btw, there is no difference between "typhon" and "typhoon", both are "TIFÓN" (=tromba, tornado).

Check out this about the word "typhoon":

<< The Arabic word is tufan, which is used habitually in India for a sudden and violent storm. Lane defines it as meaning 'an overpowering rain, . Noah's flood,' etc. And there can be little doubt of its identity with the Greek [Greek Text] tufwn or [Greek Text] tufwn [But Burton (Ar. Nights, iii. 257) alleges that it is pure Arabic, and comes from the root ''going round.'] This word [Greek Text] tufwn (the etymologists say, from [Greek Text] tufw, 'I raise smoke') was applied to a demon-giant or Titan, and either directly from the etym. meaning or from the name of the Titan (as in India a whirlwind is called 'a Devil or Pisachee') ''waterspout,' and thence to analogous stormy phenomena. 'Waterspout' seems evidently the meaning of [Greek Text] tufwn in the Meteorologica of Aristotle ( [Greek Text] gignetai men oun tufwn . [Greek Text] k. t. l.) iii. 1; the passage is exceedingly difficult to render clearly); and also in the quotation which we give from Aulus Gellius. The word may have come to the Arabs either in maritime intercourse, or through the translations of Aristotle. It occurs (al-tufan) several times in the Koran; thus in sura, vii. 134, for a flood or storm, one of the plagues of Egypt, and in s. xxix. 14 for the Deluge. [HOBSON JOBSON: THE ANGLO-INDIAN DICTIONARY PAGES 947-948] >>

Now , from my material, keep in mind the meaning of  TYPHON and check out this:

- accident at Bhopal, India: Moon = 7,46 Aries TL66 = 8,27 Aries Rx.
- the massacre at Wounded Knee: Sun = 7,54 Cap TL66 = 7,06 Cap
  (same place as Hitler's Moon/TL66)
- Hiroshima Sun = 13,08 Leo TL66 = 14,14 Aqu Rx.
- Nagasaki Sun = 16,07 Leo TL66 = 14,11 Aqu Rx.
  (Hiroshima/Nagasaki midpoint is 14,37 Leo)
- Oklahoma bombing Sun = 29,06 Ari TL66 = 29,41 Ari
- Hitler Moon = 7,09 Cap TL66 = 7,02 Cap.
- Twin Peaks TV series release Sun = 19 Aries TL66 = 19,52 Aries
- Clint Eastwood Moon = 1,43 Leo TL66 = 1,31 Aquarus
- Richard Byrd Moon = 5,59 Cancer TL66 = 5,26 Capricorn
- Richard Nixon Sun = 19,24 Capricorn TL66 = 18,44 Capricorn

my tentative preliminary keywords for 1996TL66/Typhon are: avenger, death, bombing, destruction, blast, massacre, ashes annihilation, devastation, nothingness, desolation, remoteness, non-human, escathological, apocalyptic, purgatory, revelation, a higher synthesis of life and death.

I know these words sound extreme and almost only negative, but this is what I can back from my findings. Because of the way TL66 began to make itself evident to me, I am tuned mostly to its "mundane" or collective side. There are other alternative interpretations that can be done from a more individual or psychological angle.


Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 20:46:46 -0600
Subject: Re: Re Typhon

... I don't think there can be doubts that TL66 is very strongly linked to mass destruction. But this, to my way of thinking, means that it will be found also at the exact opposite pole, that of a higher "cosmic" or spiritual integration, like the peace that comes after the storm, when, after the physical has subsided or has been dissolved, the spirit expands and permeates everything with a higher light.

I think there are important differences between mass/collective and individual experience. At the individual level, the power of TL66 can be experienced in a different way. There are also differences between a transiting and a radix position of TL66.

The "very large wings" of TL66's orbit especially favour these types of opposites, like a magnified Pluto, which is always joining the opposites.

But rather than talking in theory, I want to see concrete examples. The following may (or may not) be significant. What do you think?:

It is well-know that the Thirty Years War ended with the 2 treaties of 1648 called "the peace of Westphalia". The second treaty in Osnabrück October 24, 1648, effectively terminated the war over all of Europe. If we take 12h GMT as reference, we finds:

Sun = 1,47 Sorpio
Mercury = 5,40 Sorpio
1996TL66 = 10,57 Sorpio
Venus = 11,56 Sorpio

Here Venus conjunct 1996TL66, close to Sun and Mercury "isolated" in just 10 degrees could be an apt symbol for this peace, which one could interpret as the peace that comes after the whirlwind has passed... or as the "redeeming" light of TL66.

During the whole period of the war (23 May 1648 to 24 Oct 1648), 1996TL66 moved from 6 Scorpio (the position of Mercury above) to 11 Scorpio (the position of Venus above). Pluto, although it is in 10 Taurus in 1618, moved on to 9 Gemini in 1648.

This seems to make TL66 more significant in terms of the War, unless one assumes that astrology measures only cause and effect and that the chart of its end cannot be used as radical of the war, only a radical of the peace... using this chart as a radical for the War is equivalent to using the death chart as a radical of the person instead of the birth chart.

this is a quote from the Britannica: <<It was a characteristic of the Thirty Years War that many of the contending armies were mercenaries, many of whom could not collect their pay. This threw them on the countryside for their supplies, and thus began the "wolf-strategy" that typified this war. The armies of both sides plundered as they marched, leaving cities, towns, villages, and farms ravaged.>>


Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 08:38:45 -0600
Subject: Re: Pluto/1996TL66 

From 24 Oct. 1948 to 2 May 1958, Pluto and TL66 are continuously in opposition, from 16,25 Aquarius/Leo to 29,48 Aquarius/Leo. The opposition becomes exact about twice a year 1948-1958 (19 oppositions), which means that everybody born 1946-1960 has them in tight opposition.

3 conjunctions in 1747/8:
27,54 Sco   20/12/1747
27,40 Sco   29/ 5/1748
27,28 Sco    3/10/1748

one isolated conjunction in 1699:
8,25 Leo    1/ 7/1699

oppositions in 1668/69
28,07 Sag - Gem    17/ 1/1668
28,54 Sag - Gem     8/ 6/1668
29,56 Sag - Gem   11/12/1668
1,16 Cap - Can     2/ 8/1669
1,46 Cap - Can    28/10/1669

11 oppositions 1603-1608, from 16,49 Libra/Aries (11 Jun 1603) to 29,25 Libra/Aries (27 Feb 1608).

In conjunction 3 times in 7 Libra in 1481/82
7,36 Lib     26/10/1481
7,24 Lib     22/ 3/1482
7,11 Lib     11/ 8/1482


   23,46 Pis - 19/ 3/1083
   23,07 Pis -  9/11/1083
   28,14 Lib/Ari - 18/10/1117
   29,46 Lib/Ari - 31/ 5/1118
    0,14 Sco/Tau -  6/ 8/1118
    9,49 Gem - 12/ 5/1161
   12,43 Cap/Can - 19/ 2/1191
   13,17 Cap/Can - 20/ 5/1191
   14,47 Cap/Can -  8/ 1/1192
   15,59 Cap/Can - 13/ 7/1192
   16,54 Cap/Can -  3/12/1192
   23,54 Lib - 14/11/1241
   23,00 Lib -  5/ 5/1242
   22,33 Lib - 24/ 7/1242
    3,31 Sco/Tau - 15/11/1367
    4,36 Sco/Tau -  2/ 4/1368 
    5,35 Sco/Tau -  3/ 9/1368 
   13,40 Sco/Tau - 12/ 2/1379 


Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 16:30:14 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] Pluto/1996TL66

Since the exact opposition means that everything ascribed to Pluto would also be part of the action of TL66, the difficulty is to separate them, at least in this age group (1948-1959 --I am part of it too). Probably using charts of this period to know what TL66 means is going to be very tricky, or TL66 would come out very Plutonian.

Of central concern, in my opinion, is differentiating the action of these 2. Perhaps TL66 will help us clarify the meaning of Pluto. For example, for many years, I related the apocalyptic and cosmic nature of Bruckner's 9th symphony to Pluto, but now, it is not Pluto what comes to mind, but TL66, and very strongly, even though I have not been able to demonstrate it with concrete data in Bruckner's case. There are parts of the last movement which  to me speak of "the moment of escathological revelation", very similar to a passage in Mahler's 10th Symphony's adagio (also an unfinished composition inspired by the imminence of death), called "Purgatorium", the main quality of it is the "standing still of time", "the Gates of Death", etc.

The generation we are referring to was born during the scariest period of the Cold War, when the imminence of thermo-nuclear war inspired some of the most horrifying science-fiction stories. This was the time when the "Nuclear Covenant" was established, which in many ways seems to be a thing of the past now, thanks, in my opinion, to the momentous political action of one man in Russia who was inspired by higher spiritual hierarchies at a time when politically Ronald Reagan and associates (Bush, Thatcher) had plunged one part of the world into the Dark Ages.

Of course I am talking of Gorbachev, who, BTW has an exact opposition Sun/1996PW, an "oortoid" with an orbital sweep far beyond TL66 and which, unlike TL66 which always keeps itself in the periphery, in the "nothingness" of the desert or the ice, comes really close to the Earth, like a one-visit comet that changes history forever.

In Alan Parker/Pink Floyd's film "The Wall", maybe one can see the difference between Pluto and TL66, since I feel that the film relates exclusively to Pluto, not TL66. I feel that TL66 is more apocalyptic, while Pluto is more related to "the Wall". Anyway, this "wall" is, astronomically speaking, the Neptune gravitational barrier.

I also have in mind as a good guiding light Jonathan Dunn's reference to TL66 and the idea of absolute power (Hitler, Pinochet). TL66 literally goes far beyond Pluto (the smoke of the holocaust?). For example, Pinochet is directly responsible for many killings, tortures, kidnappings, new-born stealings, etc. Perhaps TL66 is related, as you say, to "the aftermath" of all this, the "pax romana", the extreme psycopathic/imperialistic arrogance which makes some people feel they have the right or "mission" to kill those who are inferior --or to send troops or money or arms to kill them, as many "good child-loving" American politicians do. Pinochet (Moon exact opposition to TL66), considered that comunists were "sons of bitches" and would not care what ever happened to them (this is a specific Spanish official eye-witness account which was part of the accusation --sadly mocked by the English government-- brought up by a Spanish judge about a year ago).


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 08:59:53 -0600
Subject: [crp] TL66 transits to the UK chart.

Using the 1801 chart --the chart of the British Empire and of British imperialism--, transiting TL66 opposition the radix Moon was active in 1913-1914-1915 (Moon in 19,26 Cancer). Since WWI started in 1914, there is no need to say much regarding the meaning of this transit... although 1913 looks intriguing.

But as you know, I only work with precession-corrected transits. After applying the correction this time discrepancy dissolves and everything comes into place (i.e., in order to make the search with an ephemeris, one needs to look at transits to a Moon position near 21,01 Cancer). The results is (I mention the direct passes only):

first = around April 1915
second = around February 1916
third = January 1917
fourth = November 1917
last pass (stationary direct in 21,26 Capricorn) = October 1918.

As you can see, this transit --precession-corrected or not-- seems to deal with WWI very precisely.

Let's check now the transit of TL66 conjunct the UK's natal Sun:

Tropically, this transit occurs in 1896-1897-1898-1899, while sidereally (i.e., with precession-corrected transits): 1899-1900-1901. In September 1902, TL66 was stationary (precession-corrected) only 0,35' from the radical Sun.

Queen Victoria died in January, 1901, and the Boer War in South Africa started in 1899 and ended in May, 1902. I would like to quote something about the Anglo-Boer War:

<<In the beginning, the British expected an easy victory. It was inconceivable to them  that two small states (the Orange Free State was forced into the war by an alliance with the Transvaal) could hope to survive against one of the great powers of the world. Quantitaively, it was obvious that the full weight of the British Empire would eventually crush the two republics, but the watching world was to be astonished at the resolution, courage and tenacity of the Boers in defending their fatherland. By the time the conflict was over, it had cost the British 98,000 casualties, including 7000 dead, from an army of about 500,000 men. The Boers raised 35,000 men, lost about 5,000 dead, while 26,000 of their women and children perished of endemic diseases in various concentration camps established by the British.>> ["South Africa. Land of Challenge".  by Maurice Tyack and T.V. Bulpin. 1976]

The book I quoted, in the same page (p.100), gives an interesting piece of data:

<<The British were asked to answer by 11 October  1899, otherwise the Republic would have to regard the actions of the British as a formal declaration of war. The British made no reply to this message, and at 17:00 hours on the date specified, the Anglo-Ber War, or South-African War, commenced.>>

According to T. Shanks International Atlas, South Afrika was then 1h30m ahead of Greenwich; this gives:

Moon = 10,16 Cap
TL66  = 10,34 Cap


What do you think? What can one conclude about the nature of TL66 from these very focal contacts?


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 09:46:46 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] more on the Anglo-Boer War

I wanted to check the figures I quoted (500,000 British troops, 98000 casualties, 7000 dead, and on the Boer side 35000 troops, 7000 dead, 26000 women and children died in the British concentration camps), so I went to the Britannica:

In the U.K. article:

<<It was the most expensive of all the 19th-century "little wars" with the British employing 450,000 troops of whom 22,000 never returned... The South African (Boer) War led to demands not only for greater "efficiency" but for more enlightened social policies in relation to health and education.>>

what a hypocritical way of saying things! Let's see if the article on South Africa tells us more:

<<Kitchener [the British commander-in-chief] responded with brutal retaliation against the non-combatant civilian populations and initiated a scorched-earth policy. The farms of Boers and Africans alike were destroyed, and the families of Boer guerrillas were rounded-up and placed in concentration camps. More than 20,000 Boer women and children died in the carelessly run and unhygienic camps.>>

This was what the British did when TL66 transited their natal Sun, in a war marked by an exact Moon/TL66 conjunction identical to the one of Hitler.

Kitchener, of course, was made a Lord and is considered a hero by the British.


Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 15:26:26 -0600
Subject: [crp] the Cuban missile crisis

the closest the world has ever been to a direct U.S.-Soviet nuclear war was during the "Cuban missile crisis", in October-November 1962.

this, in my opinion, is well accounted for by the Jupiter/TL66 conjunctions that year. (The text and the chronology are taken from

Jupiter conjunct TL66 4,47 Pis - 18 April 1962:

--->"Late April 1962: While vacationing in the Crimea, across the Black sea from Turkey, Khrushchev reflects on the Turkish missiles and reportedly conceives the idea of deploying similar weapons in Cuba. Soviet sources have identified three reasons that might have led Khrushchev to pursue the idea seriously. The deployment of missiles in Cuba would: (1) perhaps most important, increase Soviet nuclear striking power, which lagged far behind that of the United States; (2) deter the United States from invading Cuba; and (3) psychologically end the double standard by which the United States stationed missiles on the Soviet perimeter but denied the Soviets a reciprocal right."

Mars square TL66 16 July 1962:

--->"July 15, 1962: Around this time, Soviet cargo ships begin moving out of the Black Sea for Cuba with false declarations of their destinations and reporting tonnages well below their capacities. Aerial reconnaissance of the ships in the following months showing them "riding high in the water" would confirm that the vessels carried unusually light cargo, typically a sign that military equipment is being transported. "July 17, 1962: Raúl Castro leaves Moscow after two weeks of secret talks with Nikita Khrushchev and other high-ranking Soviet officials on the scheduled deployment of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba. Although aware of the military make-up of the Cuban delegation, the fact that no public communiqué is issued after the visit leads the U.S. intelligence community at first to believe that the mission had failed. Upon his return to Cuba, Raúl Castro tells a gathering that neither internal uprisings nor exile landings are a threat, only a U.S. invasion, which, he said, "we can now repel."

Jupiter (retrograde) conjunct TL66 3,28 Pis - 9 October 1962

--->"October 8, 1962: Cuban President Dorticós, addressing the U.N. General Assembly, calls upon the United Nations to condemn the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba. Near the end of his address, Dorticós declares: <<If...we are attacked, we will defend ourselves. I repeat, we have sufficient means with which to defend ourselves; we have indeed our inevitable weapons, the weapons which we would have preferred not to acquire and which we do not wish to employ.>>"

---> October 14: a ballistic missile and a launching site reported by the U2's.
---> October 22: President Kenedy announces the Naval blockade to Cuba. The U.S. prepares for war (DEFCON 3).
---->October 24: DEFCON 2 for the first time in history.
---->"October 28, 1962--6:00A.M.: The CIA's daily update as of 6:00A.M. reports that Soviet technicians have succeeded in making fully operational all twenty-four MRBM sites in Cuba. Construction of one nuclear bunker reportedly has been completed but none are believed to be in operation."
--->"October 28, 1962--9:00A.M.: A new message from Nikita Khrushchev , which effectively terminates the missile crisis, is broadcast on Radio Moscow. Khrushchev declares: <<the Soviet government, in addition to previously issued instructions on the cessation of further work at the building sites for the weapons, has issued a new order on the dismantling of the weapons which you describe as 'offensive,' and their crating and return to the Soviet Union.>>".

Jupiter stationary direct 2,49 Pisces, TL66 3,17 Pisces, 29 October 1962

comment: Note how close this corresponds to the change of direction of Jupiter's motion over TL66, after being retrograde and later stationary on top of it (max. separation 0,28') during the duration of the ordeal.

Jupiter last pass over TL66 in 3,12 Pis - 3 November 1962.

--->"November 4, 1962: John McCloy lunches with Soviet negotiators at his Stamford, Connecticut, home. Vasily Kuznetsov says all missile sites constructed by the Soviet Union were dismantled as of November 2." ---> November 20: the U.S. is satisfied with the U2's reports and lifts the naval blockade.

NOTE: there are other aspects involving Uranus, Chiron, Hylonome, and Pylenor. I have ignored them here by concentrating only in 1-) the conjunction, 2-) the symbolism of TL66 that associates it to the threat of U.S./Soviet nuclear war, 3-) the relationship of Jupiter to the political "balance of power" when in aspect to Pluto-like TL66, and 4-) the proximity in time between the exact aspect and the chronology. The very detailed chronology, as I mentioned, is in


Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 19:16:19 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Jupiter/TL66

Here are all the conjunctions between Jupiter and TL66 since 1900:

    12,57 Cap - 22/ 4/1901
    12,51 Cap - 12/ 5/1901
    11,51 Cap - 18/11/1901
    18,43 Cap -  2/12/1913
    26,55 Cap - 23/12/1925
     6,56 Aqu - 19/ 1/1938
    19,19 Aqu - 14/ 2/1950
     4,47 Pis - 18/ 4/1962
     3,28 Pis -  9/10/1962
     3,12 Pis -  3/11/1962
    22,07 Pis - 23/ 2/1975
    15,05 Ari -  5/ 5/1987
    15,05 Ari -  5/ 5/1987
     8,46 Tau - 30/ 3/2000
     5,07 Gem -  5/ 7/2012

As you can see, triple conjunctions like the ones of 1962 are rare, and happened only in 1901... unless we take the 2 conjunctions in 15 Aries of 1987.  The conjunction of Feb. 1950 is not far from the beginning of the Korean War, also the direct result of U.S.-Soviet "war games". Although the War began in June 25th of that year, not February, the North Korean invasion south of the 38th parallel was "carefully planned". It is probable that, if we can get a chronology, there is something significant we can find starting around February.

The same can be said, in terms of "balance of world power" of the also isolated conjunction in January 1938, and probably that of December 1913, happening 6 months before the start of WWI.

Of 1938 the Britannica says:

<<... the Austrian chancellor was bullied by Hitler into acceding to far-reaching demands (February 12, 1938), but subsequently decided to conduct a plebiscite in Austria on the issues.  Hitler acted quickly to avert this, German troops occupying Austria March 12, 1938, the day before the plebiscite was to be held.>>

Then followed Czechoslovakia, and later in 1939 Polland, which officially started WWII.

Perhaps, one conclusion one nay draw from this is that Jupiter/TL66 relates to the "war games" of world powers, the expansionist agendas of IMPERIALISM, the planning, the "chess boards", etc; in other words, it is a sort of "ideological phase" (and face) of TL66. In this respect, comparatively, Moon/TL66 may be the actual death-toll, the desolation, the "massacre".

I post the complete list 1900-2018 in case someone wants to give it a shot. There was one conjunction, for example, this year 2000. But we must remember that the only time when there was another similar triple conjunction was In 1901.

As was advanced by Jonathan Dunn in his idea of "absolute power" regarding TL66, there seems to be a relationship between TL66/Jupiter --at least as shown here-- with imperialism.


Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 01:21:57 -0600
Subject: [crp] Jupiter/TL66 - 1938

The Jupiter/TL66 conjunction was exact February 19, 1938 at 11h52m GMT (in 6,56 Aquarius).

One clear correlation, in my opinion (besides the one I mentioned about Hitler's expansionism), was the production of Sergey Eisenstein's film "Alexander Nevsky", with music by Sergei Prokofiev. This film, a classic, was released in the Soviet Union in 1938, and is clearly related to the same thing: it tells the story of the decisive defeat, by the Russians under Alexander Nevsky, of the German invaders (the "Teutonic Knights"),  during the famous "massacre on the Ice" on a narrow channel between Lakes Chud (Peipus) and Psko:

<<Alexander's victory was complete and the German advance was arrested for centuries. On the 5th of April 1242 the very existence of Russia was saved. Once again those who were present at the battle thought they saw heavenly armies appearing to bring aid to Prince Alexander.>> [he was canonized by the Russian Church in 1547] [ref:]

Prokofiev produced music of outstanding quality. <<the film represented a blend of images and music into a single rhythmic unity, an indissoluble whole>> (Britannica). Later Prokofiev made a cantata (op.78) out of the film score. Some of the subtitles are expressions of TL66: "the battle on the ice", "the field of the dead". You hear some very shattering music, and the use of brutal percussion (also TL66 characteristics); "the field of the dead" in particular, an elegiac song for mezzo-soprano, is a haunting and dark piece that one never forgets (I'm listening to the cd as I write this).

The film was a success in Russia, since it came at a time when Stalin and the whole country feared the worst from Hitler. (I don't have time now to compare the positions in the chart of Prokofiev, Eisenstein, and the historical Alexander Nevsky. I will do that in later message).

There is another very significant event in terms of TL66. Recall that the conjunction happened in 6,56 Aquarius. On October 30, 1938, was the famous "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast by Orson Wells, an event that made history because it created such a collective hysteria in the U.S. The chart for this event can be seen, for example, in "American Astrology", p.18, October 1989, taken from "The Chronicle of the Twentieth Century". It is made for 8:00 P.M. EST, 40n45/73w57 October 30 1938. This gives:

Sun = 6,57 Scorpio
1999TD10 = 6,55 Scorpio
1996TL66 = 6,43 Aquarius

... a fascinating configuration, which illuminates the meaning of TD10, and is seen being "entrenched" by the point of the Jupiter/TL66 conjunction at the beginning of that year.


Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 22:35:54 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] 2 Dec 1942 - Trinity

... the trial explosion at Trinity. (11:29:44 GMT July 16 1945, 33n38 / 106w24)

I have always felt that Pholus refers to the image of "overflowing" (like in "rapture" or simply a dangerous flood). The Asbolus connection, I would say, is more associated with the suspense, the secrecy, the "density" of the Manhattan Projetc itself, it is also the nuclear fission inside the atomic pile or inside a cyclotron (related to Pluto)... but it is probably Pholus what describes the image of the ignited atmosphere. At least, the comparison or metaphor of the Sun is evident in the astrology of Trinity:

Pholus = 22,42 Cap r
Sun = 23,33 Can
1992QB1 = 23,53 Cap

It is telling to see that at Hiroshima at Nagasaki, it was TL66 that was "comparing itself" with the Sun... a very literal image of the dragon Typhon and the Beast of Apocalypse. But in Trinity it was Pholus what was being unleashed. The presence of QB1 seems to deal with the "new awareness" concept, which I think would be more natural for a very circular orbit like that of QB1.

Another aspect of Pholus that I would see here is that of the "military intelligence operation" and the "offensive weapon" which was the whole idea behind the bomb. The bomb was made to be used as a weapon (Pholus), but it was so terrible (TL66) that the whole world came to be "under its feet" (your image of the "absolute power" related to TL66)

The whole period --instead of just the events-- is probably like a transition of power from Pluto to TL66. Pluto is the death and the power, while TL66 is the apocalyptic perspective, the escathological "revelation". It is evident to me that only some of the people who were involved in the project at that time, and saw the trial explosion, were really aware of the terribly horrifying and frightening thing that they had produced. For most others, then and now, it was a more intellectual thing.

This makes me want to re-check the chart of Oppenheimer, who incarnated and suffered this awareness.

I don't have the exact birth time of Oppenheimer. I only have that he was born "in the night" (p.11 Peter Goodchild "Robert Oppenheimer, Shaterer of Worlds" Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1981;  p.3-4 P.Michelmore "The Swift Years" N.Y.). These references invalidate the Church of Light references to 8:15 a.m. found in the Zodiaval Zephyr's database (If any of you knows a better reference for the time --not another astrologer-- please let me know). The date is April 22 1904, New York. He died February 18, 1967, in Princeton, New Jersey. As a reference, I will use a birth time of 8 p.m. EST.

It is not surprising to find the Sun conjunct CF119, an "enhanced version" of TL66:

CF119 = 2Ta00
Sun = 2Ta27

His Moon is about to square this Solar conjunction:

Chiron = 0Aq01
Hidalgo = 0Aq03
Moon = 0Le19

This Sun/Moon square probably marks the division inside of him. The Chiron/Hidalgo opposition is his persecution and the accusations of collaboration with the Russians (he was found guilty), while CF119 seems to be here the "I am become death". Astrologically, the chart says: "I am become CF119".

On Dec 2 1942, Asbolus was transiting his natal Pluto, and at Trinity Mercury his natal Asbolus:

natal Pluto = 19,08 Gem
2-Dec-42 Asbolus = 18,55 Gem r

natal Asbolus = 18Le58
Trinity Mercury = 18Le47

This, as you recall, is exactly the pattern in the case of Enrico Fermi (born September 29 1901 at 7:00 p.m. in Rome -- ref: Gauquelin/Rodden)

Now, keep in mind his expression "I am become Death" and "I am the shatterer of worlds", and check the chart of the Trinity trial explosion which triggered these images in his mind (the Trinity positions are precession-corrected to his time of birth):

Trinity TL66 = 14Aq01
Trinity Moon = 14Li04
Trinity Ascendant = 14Ca14
natal TL66 = 14Cp33

If my calculation of the Trinity angles is correct, his natal TL66 is EXACTLY at the descendant there, "shattering" the Moon!


Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 11:23:55 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Trinity - Hiroshima - Nagasaki

>(11:29:44 GMT July 16 1945, 33n38 / 106w24)

Since the time of this event is known with such precision, we can take the angles for granted (something which is seldom the case) and check the mundane positions, those that are dependent on the locality. I will use 3 types of coordinates: Placidian proportional semi-arc equatorial projections, Campanus "mundoscope" prime vertical projections, and the "oblique longitudes" of the Topocentric System ("ascensional plane" ecliptic projections):

Sun = 12,25 Aries (i.e., 12 degrees into the 30 degrees of the first house)
Pholus = 12,51 Libra
TL66 = 12,34 Scorpio

Campanus Mundoscope:
Sun = 8,51 Aries (i.e., 8 degrees into the 30 degrees of the first house)
Pholus = 9,24 Libra
TL66 = 8,17 Scorpio

Oblique longitudes:
Sun = 12,26 Cancer
Pholus = 12,51 Capricorn
TL66 = 12,32 Aquarius

See how TL66 becomes part of the configuration in an inconjunct from the 8th house, something which is not evident from the use of ecliptical projections alone. The normal zodiacal positions are:

TL66 = 14,35 Aqu r (out of orb)
Pholus = 22,42 Cap r
Sun = 23,33 Can

NOTE: since the different coordinate systems cannot be used at the same time, methodologically I consider this testimony more indirect. I cannot use it as primary and over-ride the zodiacal positions, because I have based all my work on zodiacal positions. Zodiacally, the chart insists on the Pholus/QB1 signature, the same as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki charts insist on the Sun/TL66 signature.

I thought it would be useful to be able to consider these last two together, as a unit, which is what they are historically speaking. There were differences in the design of the bomb (The Hiroshima bomb was made of uranium, the one of Nagasaki was made of Plutonium, like that of Trinity). The positions of the Davison time-midpoint chart speak for themselves:

Nessus = 8,34 Tau
BU48 = 8,47 Aqu r
TD10 = 8,49 Sco
Moon = 8,36 Leo

Pluto = 10,01 Leo

TL66 = 14,13 Aqu r
Sun = 14,37 Leo

This puts in evidence that there was a New Moon right in the middle of the 2 bombs. The new moon was in 15,06 Leo, and in my opinion, the complete dominance of TL66 is clear. Of interest is the fact that, mundanely, the Sun and Pluto are in exact conjunction in the Davison chart:

Sun = 23,06 Leo
Pluto = 23,04 Leo

Sun = 18,07 Leo
Pluto = 18,08 Leo

Which altogether can be seen as a probable Sun/Pluto/TL66 signature of the "nuclear menace" and the dangerous and idiotic (Pholus) "Dr. Strangelove" madness that has ruled the minds of world politicians and the military for half a century.

I remember a King Crimson's song from 1969 named "Epitaph": "The fate of all mankind... is in the hands of fools!". Fortunately, thanks to some genuinely good-willed politicians, the view is not that grim now as when that song was written, despite the retarded mentality behind such things as the (euphemistic) "Strategic Defense Initiative".



Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 08:12:41 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Abimael Guzman and "Shining Path"

Here is another typical example of TL66 -- the negative, murderous side, Hitler and Pinochet style.

You probably have heard of "Sendero Luminoso" in Peru, a Maoist communist guerrilla organization famous for its brutality against the Peruvian peasants.

"Although the extent of Shining Path atrocities and the reliability of reports remains a matter of controversy, the organization has been frequently accused of particularly brutal methods of killing. According to a 1988 report in the Los Angeles Times, "the insurgents hung the women on a wall and hacked them with knives and machetes before slitting their throats."

"Shining Path 'has bombed police headquarters and municipal offices, gas stations and middle-class apartment buildings, think tanks and public schools. It has paralyzed the country with so-called armed strikes, and set fire to bus drivers who defied its orders to stay at home on strike days. It has murdered peasant families and leftist leaders. Most often, victims are killed in full view of their family or community. Sometimes they are hanged and sometimes shot, but often an execution-squad member — in many cases a woman — delivers the coup de grace with a knife. [...] Sometimes a man who has just finished casting a mandatory vote in a national election will have the finger with the telltale electoral ink hacked off.' Alma Guillermoprieto, 'Letter from Lima: Down the Shining Path,' The New Yorker, 8 February 1993"

The founder of Sendero Luminoso is Abimael Guzmán, who was finally imprisoned for life in 1992. His birth chart can be found in an article on him by  astrologer Mario F. Raskovsky:

"... born the 3 of December of 1934, to Hs:02:29:02 p.m. EST (+5) in Mollendo, Arequipa, Peru. (Rectified by Fundacion Centro Astrologico de Salta)"

No source of the birth time is given. I use 14:30 EST and obtain:

Node = 2,29 Aquarius r
Moon = 3,32 Scorpio
TL66 = 3,33 Aquarius
Apogee = 3,54 Leo r



Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 09:42:24 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] Oppenheimer and TL66

The words of Oppenheimer citing the Bhagavad Gita when he saw the trial explosion at Trinity on July 16, 1945 are well-known:

"I am become Death,
The shatterer of Worlds."

These are paradigmatically TL66. I examined the TL66 / Oppenheimer connection in a post of 23 Dec. 2000:

Oppenheimer was born in the night on April 22, 1904 (see the reference in the above post). The Trinity explosion was at 11:29:45 U.T, 33n40'31" / 106w28'29" (Jornada del Muerto region in the Northest corner of the Alamogordo Bombing Range, New Mexico).

TL66 = 14,35 Aquarius r (tropical)
Moon = 14,39 Libra
Ascendant = 14,46 Cancer
Oppenheimer's birth TL66 = 15,08 Capricorn (precession-corrected)

Remember also that...

Sun Hiroshima explosion = 13,08 Leo
Sun Nagasaki explosion = 16,07 Leo
midpoint = 14,37 Leo/Aquarius
1996TL66 = 14,14 and 14,11 of Aquarius respectively.

I found today a site with a fuller account of Oppenheimer's words and a commentary that I want to quote because I think it describes the essence of  TL66 (="Typhon"), how it can represent things so opposite:

[begin quote]
"If the radiance of a thousand suns
Were to burst at once into the sky,
That would be like the splendor of the Mighty One...
I am become Death,
The shatterer of Worlds."
As the gigantic nuclear cloud mushroomed up to the stratosphere followed by a doomsday roar, Oppenheimer continued with the verses in which the Mighty One reveals Himself:
"Death am I, cause of destruction of the worlds, matured and set out to gather in the worlds there"   -  (Bhagavad Gita XI 12-32).
Then and there, Oppenheimer symbolized a most extraordinary conjunction - the juxtaposition of Western civilization's most terrifying scientific achievement with the most dazzling description of the mystical experience given to us by the Bhagavad Gita, India's greatest literary monument.
Oppenheimer's spontaneous conjunction of a Hindu mystical poem with a nuclear explosion was of great symbolic significance. Nowhere in Western literature could he have found an almost clinical description of mystical rapture that also fits the description of a nuclear explosion in the outer world.
[end quote]



Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 08:00:22 -0600
Subject: [Centaurs] TL66: Buzz Aldrin

I have always wondered how is TL66 acting in the case of Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin. His time of birth is classified as "AA" by Astrodatabank, which gives: January 20, 1930, 14:17 (-5h), Glenn Ridge, N.J. (40N48 / 74W12). This gives:

Sun =  0,02 Aquarius
TL66 =  0,25 Aquarius
I was an outsider. I was the egghead from academia who got in because the rules had changed. While I looked for validation from my fellow contemporaries, I instead found jealousy and envy. I did not find team spirit. This led to dissatisfaction, an unease. What I felt was depression. There were also family situations developing at that time. My life was moving in one direction, and my family was going in the other. That eventually led to a divorce and the split up of the family. But there was another trait that had been hidden. Everyone was drinking, and I was too. This led to periods of self-evaluation and concern. What am I doing? What is my role in life now? I realized that I was experiencing a melancholy of things done. I really had no future plans after returning from the moon. So I had to reexamine my life. I also had a genetic tendency toward alcoholism. [Both of his parents suffered from the disease.] That eventually reached its peak in 1976 and 1977. Recovery was not easy. Perhaps the most challenging turnaround was accepting the need for assistance and help. Looking back at it now--with over 22 years of sobriety--this was probably one of my greatest challenges. But it has also been one of the most satisfying because it has given me a sense of comfort and ease with where I am now

another interview:
... But it was Aldrin who provided the more poetic pronouncement: "Magnificent desolation."
"Desolation" describes Aldrin's life in the years that followed Apollo. While many of his colleagues entered business, he returned to military service -- but no one knew quite what to do with him. In 1971, Aldrin was made commander of the test-pilot school at Edwards Air Force Base. "A highly prestigious position," he says dryly, "if you were a test pilot. But I wasn't." Buzz had always enjoyed his Scotch, but now began drinking heavily. A series of accidents at the school were blamed on "supervisor error." Aldrin felt squeezed. He began to lose control. Depression and alcoholism beset him, and his license to fly was revoked: a staggering blow to the lunar module pilot of Apollo 11. After hitting rock bottom -- at one point putting a pistol to his head -- Aldrin pulled himself together and sought counseling.
Life in the Aldrin household was not idyllic. Buzz's father was called back into service during the war. “He served in the South Pacific and Europe; and retired as a full Colonel,” says Aldrin. “His visits home in those days were always short and, it seemed to me, rather remote. While he was a dedicated and interested father, he was never the type to take me outside for a game of catch.” Aldrin’s mother suffered from periodic depression and a dependency on alcohol. In the often closed society that was suburban post-war America, such afflictions were rarely discussed openly. Buzz’s early adulthood became marked and scarred by his mother's withdrawal and her inability to provide emotional support. Aldrin inherited his mother's shyness...
... Meeting unprecedented celebrity and scrutiny, he felt isolated and vulnerable. “I’d never been an extrovert,” he says, “and speaking in public caused me considerable anxiety.” Worse was to follow. In 1971 Aldrin left the space program and returned to the Air Force... and found his return to be unsatisfying. What he didn't fully comprehend at the time was that he had been slowly falling into depression since his return from the moon. Aldrin was predisposed to the condition, but unprepared for it. His maternal grandfather had committed suicide years before due to depression. In 1968, shortly before he walked on the moon, Aldrin’s mother also chose to end her life. Of that time he says, “In the last years of my mother’s life she had been listless and unhappy, except during family gatherings when grandchildren were around. But she no longer had a strong will to live and I think something within her must have welcomed release.”
Aldrin began taking antidepressants and thought he had his problem under control, but soon his depression deepened and was complicated with alcoholism. In 1972 he retired from the Air Force. For the first time, since his days at West Point, he began leading an unstructured life. “I no longer had opportunities defined and lined up for me,” he says. “Now it was up to me to find those opportunities. That dilemma, combined with my depression and alcoholism, did not help me in restructuring my life. I loved space exploration ­ and that program had been put on hold with NASA…indefinitely.”
Aldrin’s mid-life crisis forced him, at the age of 41, to stop and examine his life. When he was young, his father expected him to set goals. After he accomplished one, he was encouraged to set another, ever bigger one. Now, he was forced to decide what he wanted out of life. “My entire adult life had been spent either in the Air Force or with NASA,” he says, “It was a circumscribed and insulated life. In 1972 I decided to leave the nest that had provided me my security and fame.” “I worked hard to find significant activities to keep my very active mind interested.”
Aldrin got therapy, exercise, and took medication. The second, and most important, phase of his life had begun, a phase which would take even more dedication, imagination and courage than he had to summon so far. "This mid-life crisis' he says, "has taught me to have patience, perseverance, and an evolving faith that helping others is a means to helping oneself. It is my devout wish to bring emotional depression into the open and treat it as one does a physical infirmity.”
Aldrin’s dependency on alcohol took longer to conquer, but in 1978 he established sobriety. Since those dark days, Aldrin has written four books, including his early autobiography Return to Earth. “The title of that book is significant,” he says. “The difficult part of my life was not going to the moon, it was what I had to face when I returned.”

... there is another angle to his depression after returning from the Moon that I think is worth considering: could it have been *triggered* by the landing having been a fake?



Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 14:58:28 -0600
Subject: Re: [Centaurs] TL66: Buzz Aldrin

These phrases are extracted from the texts quoted:

I was an outsider.
a genetic tendency toward alcoholism.
Magnificent desolation.
no one knew quite what to do with him.
felt squeezed. He began to lose control.
Depression and alcoholism beset him
mother suffered from periodic depression and a dependency on alcohol
marked and scarred by his mother's withdrawal and her inability to provide
emotional support
felt isolated and vulnerable.
shyness... speaking in public caused me considerable anxiety.
maternal grandfather had committed suicide years before due to depression.
Aldrin's mother also chose to end her life.
depression deepened and was complicated with alcoholism.
a circumscribed and insulated life.
what I had to face when I returned.


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