The Virgin and Mother Earth

Following is an ongoing series of meditations and commentaries on the spiritual meaning of "praying to the Virgin" and of "mother earth". It is written in the form of an extended exercise, with emphasis on organic observation and thinking in the way described by Rudolf Steiner.

Originally this was meant to be a description in very simple terms of an approach to experience I have practiced for over 30 years on a daily basis, due to my professional work as a psychological astrologer. This approach has evolved over time, I have observed it, questioned it, and sharpened it considerably.

My experience is obviously limited, but I use it as a small, tiny window from which to understand through imagination, inspiration, and intuition what Rudolf Steiner sometimes says that I feel is similar --obviously in kind not in scope-- to what I experience.

Nevertheless, I had never put it in writing, and first I offered only a small outline to illustrate how one could approach one aspect of the Marian cult that is directly accessible to physical observation. The challenging and disqualifying replies encouraged me to write extended comments on the nature of anthroposophy, so I started the adventure of putting into more authoritative words the result of my experience, and explain better the approach that I had outlined.

I feel the need at this point in my life to review and clarify my own concepts, and believe and hope that putting these in writing may be of help to others. It has been an adventure because I have never seen it taking shape conceptually like this, and the mental focus necessary for doing it has resulted in a spiritual awakening.

Often the language and the resulting concepts sound "so Christian" or Catholic, and this is something I contemplate myself with wonder and gratitude. To me it is like a journey where I am exploring what is inside my soul, and I have tried to use words and concepts that will be meaningful and useful to everybody.

The material is organized in the form of meditations or commentaries. The first part (Nos.1-19) is focused on "the Virgin" and on the methodology of the exercise, followed by the meditations and commentaries on "mother earth" (Nos. 20-23 so far):

Juan Antonio Revilla
San Josť, Costa Rica
April 2010

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